2 Days in Bangkok, Thailand (Day 10-11/11)

We arrived in Bangkok at 5 AM via 4 transport transfers from Vang Vieng, Laos. The journey started with a VIP van to Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge where we processed the exit from Laos. As soon as we got off the van, we were ushered by a staff from Soutchai Travel. He gave us instructions on what to do and gave us a sticker. Before getting on the connecting bus, he told us that the sticker will be our identification of the Soutchai staff at the Thailand side. The bus to Nong Khai was quick. When we got off, a staff approached and ushered us at an office near a 7/11. We were given our tickets and instructed to wait for the bus at 8 PM. Since it was still 7PM, we had enough time to eat and bought a Thailand sim. We all thought that we would be riding the same sleeper bus all the way to Bangkok but we changed sleeper bus at Nakhon Ratchasima. At 5 AM, we arrived in Mo Chit Terminal 2 in Bangkok, Thailand. We only paid once for all the rides. The ticket was bought in Vang Vieng via Soutchai travel for 270K LAK, around 1600 PHP.

Taxi to Mahannop
Because it’s very early, there was no other transport in sight but taxis. Unfortunately, the driver doesn’t understand English. When we showed him the AirBNB receipt for the address, he proceeded to call our host to our suprise. But even after talking to Danielle, it took him a while to find the place. From that experience, we decided it is our best interest not to take taxi in Bangkok unless necessary. We will have more control if we take public transports.

Early Check-in Not Possible
When we arrived, our room was not yet available but we were able to deposit our big backpacks so we decided to start our tour early. Started it with breakfast in Bangkok.

Street Food Noodles
Our rule was if we were really hungry, we would not be adventurous and eat in the streets. But when I saw the yummy looking noodles at an alley stall, the rule was forgotten. Good thing the noodles were really good. We just used sign language to communicate.

What we did in Bangkok
Like the previous countries, I didn’t really OC on the itinerary. So I was quite surprised that our place where walking distance with the tourist spots. The blessings and luck were so abundant in this trip. Everything was perfectly laid out. Just thankful. 🙂

Armed with google maps and the husband’s awesome grasp of directions, we went around checking the places in the “Rattanokosin Cultural Route” then did a walking tour to Wat Phra Kaew.

Wat Phra Kaew and The Grand Palace
And like Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace, we didn’t had an idea that the place was huge. We had fun taking pictures and listening to it’s history via the audio tour. Unfortunately, the audio tour is limited to 2 hours only so we weren’t able to listen to them wholeheartedly in between photo shoots.

Around 1 PM, our host texted that our room was ready but we were still busy exploring. By 4 PM, we had enough. Who wouldn’t? Most tourists will have stayed there for around an hour but we stayed for 5 hours. Just wow! When we left Migo mentioned that a guard commented that he was wondering what we were doing inside since he saw us in the morning until the afternoon. Most tourists stayed only for an hour. LOL

The Rest of Day 1
When we left the grand palace, we were very exhausted so we decided to not walk all the way back. We took the tuktuk and paid 100 BAHT. After checking in, we took a bath and decided that we had enough wander for the day. We slept then went out to dine with a friend. The night ended with us playing board games at a board game cafe just like what we did in Hong Kong.

Bangkok Day 2
We woke up late. By this time, we felt we needed the extra sleep. After checking out and left our bag, we went to visit “Wat Pho” and had lunch inside. But it was evident that we had enough fun since most of our time were spent eating. The husband seeing me exhausted decided we just need to visit the “musts”. After checking some spots, we decided to call it a day and walk all the way back to the guest house. We lingered for a while to charge our phones. By 6 PM, we were ready to go. We rode a bus to the train station bound to the airport.

Bangkok Pics Here!

Booked: Indochina Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Sharing our trip at Tripzilla was good because I was able to learn a lot from the people’s comments. While I find our trip just within our budget, I realized that it may have been too much for others. Our budget was 100K excluding the flight fare and accommodation (pre-paid). We spend only 8OK for 4 countries which makes it 20K per country (10K/person/country).

We find our trip just enough but to those who find it steep on the budget here’s a list of tips and tricks in which they can compromise while we decided that they are must-haves.

One of our biggest expense is the accommodation since we have them all pre-booked in AirBNB around 2-3 months before the date. While I am adventurous and a daredevil, the husband wanted a sure place to stay. He couldn’t imagine us jumping from place to place without a proper accommodation at hand. Also, we have a listing in AirBNB. Using it as our main platform for accommodation is paying it forward.

Tip: In all of the four countries, there were lots of accommodations everywhere. If you are feeling brave, just booked only your starting country since you might need it at the immigration or use other platforms other than AirBNB and see if you can find a much better deal.

Jumping from one country to the other is expensive. We’ve spent around 14K. These were all land trips since I wanted to experience the border crossings. Call it crazy but Indochina wouldn’t be the same had we flown all over. Lol Expensive and battering but worth it. We were able to experience traveling in different modes of transport plus we had a chance to immersed with the locals too. You can check on the table for our fares and cross check it with flights. You might find a better deal than we did. The table had time duration too.

Also, Laos was super stretched. It was crazy going there from Vietnam. Most of the itineraries I saw on the net exclude Laos.

There was miscalculation on the flight too. It would have been nice if we started from HCMC, Vietnam to Cambodia to Bangkok and then end in Laos. But we weren’t really thinking of the itinerary when we booked.

Tip: Don’t include Laos in your itinerary. Vang Vieng is not to be missed but you can do a trip to Laos separately. On this trip, we missed Luang Prabang so maybe you can include it in yours. In Laos alone, we’ve spent around 11K+ so if you exclude it, it’ll be cheaper.

When I made the plan, I only allocated around 8K. What happened was it ballooned to almost twice. Instead of just eating in the streets, we splurged a little. Ate at cafes and some to our heart’s desires. Lol I’m a fan of thrift eating too but we’ve saved enough to eat nicely so why shouldn’t we?

Tip: Don’t eat at cafes. Be adventurous always and eat always in the streets. 

Tours and Private Transportation while checking Spots
I’m an avid DIYers but when you only have a day to spend on a city, you can’t help but splurged on the easy way or else you will be spending your day unwisely. Besides we only have 11 days of travel in between these countries. We need to make use of our time wisely.

Tip: Haggle to the max. We didn’t really haggled much for ours. 🙂

The 40K is not all spent in Indochina trip only. We spent around 15K+ in our Manila lay-over. Look at our gdocs detail to see everything that we spent per country. Also we splurged a little in buying stuffs like couple shirts and souvenirs which were not actually part of our plan. Hehe

Tip: Be firm in your budget. Don’t be tempted with couple shirts and unique skirt (wore them on our 1st day in Vang Vieng). Don’t even think of buying souvenirs even if they are too cute. Don’t give tips and the likes. Hehe We spend 9k on these extras. 

We planned this trip for almost 8 months since we booked the ticket on December 31, 2015. I’m an OC planner and always try to make travel cheap. But maybe this is not cheap enough. Haha

Tip: Next time on your next travel, make the itinerary first before the ticket. The greatest lesson I learned from this trip is to plot your itinerary first before getting a ticket especially if you plan on a multi-country route.

So is our trip expensive? Depends on whose perspective. But we’ve always been cautious travelers and we planned for things wisely. We are not some millenial traveler. For us, this is enough and money well spent. If you ever find a much cheaper version, do let us know. 🙂

Open our planning doc for more details. Just added a new sheet “Expense_Details” that has the day-to-day spending because we’ve been getting inquiries about entrances and etc.

I actually have all the data in my ever note since everyday on travel before sleeping, we tracked how much we were spending to make sure we were on track. 🙂

Cheering on you,

Booked: Indochina Backpacking Itinerary + Expenses (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand)

I wanted to do this post after I narrated the everyday adventure but the thought of knowing how poor have we become won’t let me rest. Haha! I didn’t even want to go out since we arrived on Thursday because of it. LOL But the husband was unusually restless. He went out on Friday and begged me to joined him on a movie with friends on Saturday (Train to Busan). All throughout, I felt like I was there but not really there. All I wanted to do is just sit down and track our damage, which I did this dawn. Slept around 3 AM just to get it all laid out. (Yeah, OC!) I wanted to write a post immediately but I remembered piktochart. I can’t make a post without it.


Today everything is ready. 🙂 I had an initial accounting on Friday while the husband was playing board games. I noted that we spent around 25K per person, almost the same amount with our Hongkong-Macau trip for 5 days but I forgot to include the flight fares and accommodations which were already paid plus our expense in Manila and some ATM charges. In all, we spent around 40K per person – that’s everything already. 10K less than my estimated 50K pocket money only. I actually thought we spent bigger since we had some extra splurges like the souvenirs and shopping which were not part of the estimates. Haha! See the details here. Everything is plotted – schedules, itinerary, expenses, transpo & accommodation.

Was it worth our money?

Of course! It was worth every penny. The joy of wanders is totally overwhelming. Much more to me since I loved everything about the trip since the planning. And being able to achieved everything that was planned is totally mind blowing. I attribute it all to God, to the good people of the place we’ve been to, especially to the husband who has been very supportive in everything. Once again, the Lord has shown me that nothing is impossible if you only put your mind and heart into it. People thought it was crazy – 4 countries in less than 2 weeks? Who’d do that? We JUST did. Crazy Couple, are we not?! o_O

Where’s the awesome pics?

As much as I wanted to share it now but this blog’s storage is unfortunately full already. And it might take some time to select favorites with an almost 8 GB of pics from Day 0 to Day 12. The husband did post our Go Pro selfies on his Facebook. That would be for now. Will find a way in the coming days. Hehe! Stay tuned. 🙂

The Itinerary

I had a very detailed itinerary in our planning board but on our next trip, I think I will adapt the new plotted itinerary found in our updated board. Putting in just the goals of the day is way better that OC-ing everything with time limits. Flexibility is much more fun. Also, I loved it that every time we arrived at a new place, the husband would just ask our target place to visit and then he will searched it on his maps and find a way to get us there either walking or bus or train. Well, you could do this if you have a very reliable and direction-savvy husband or travel partner especially if you are like me who is only good at planning but zero in directions and map reading. Hahaha!

Day 0 Cebu->Manila, Manila->Siem Reap
-Flight to Manila (unfortunately Cebu Pac doesn’t have Cebu->Siem Reap. Right now, there are only 5 international destination that can be reached directly in Cebu: Singapore, Hongkong, Taipei, Incheon, Tokyo-Narita. Maybe, we’ll have Singapore or Taipei next. The husband and I had a consensus not to do Korea and Japan anytime soon. Will blog about it on the coming days.)
-8 hours of lay-over
-Flight to Siem
-Late night hostel checkin
-Slept at Khmere’s Place

Day 1 Siem Reap, Cambodia (Currency spent: USD-cash on hand)
-Sunrise @ Angkor Wat
-Bayon, Baphoun, Royal Enclosure, Terraces of Elephants
-Bantay Kdei, Ta Phrom, Sunset @ Phnom Bakeng
-Night bus to Phnom Penh

Day 2 Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Currency spent: USD-cash on hand)
-Early arrival in PhnomP
-SLA early check-in
-Killing fields 9-12 AM
-Toul Sleng 2-4 PM
-Royal Palace
-Independent Monument
– Buy tix to PP & Laos
-Slept @ SLA

Day 3-4 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Currency spent: VND-withdrawn)
Day 3:
-Checkout at SLA at 7AM
-Early departure to HCMC
-Checkin at Rich’s Place
-Afternoon & night in HCMC
-City walk to riverside & etc
-Book Cu Chi tunnel tour
-Slept @ Rich’s Place

Day 4:
-Checkout at Rich’s at 6AM
-Breakfast outside
-Left the big packs
at VietWay Tours
-Cu Chi Tour 8-230PM
-Bus back to PPenh 400 PM
-Arrive 10PM, slept
at Village Hostel

Day 5 Bus from HCMC, Vietnam ->PP, Cambodia ->Vientiane, Laos (Currency spent: USD, LAK-withdrawn in Pakse, Laos)
-Checkout at Village Hostel
-Van to Stung Treng 4AM
-Arrival in Stung Treng 12PM
-Van to Pakse1230PM
-Arrival in Pakse 500PM
-Night bus to Vientiane 830PM

Day 6 Vientiane, Laos (Currency spent: LAK)
-Arrival in Vientiane 7AM
-Early checkin @ Sing’s
-Rest & lunch after
– Buy tix to Vang Vieng
-Visit Buddha Park
-Riverside & night market
-Slept at Sing’s

Day 7-9 Vang Vieng (Currency spent: LAK-withdrawn in Vang Vieng)
Day 7:
-Checkout @ Sing’s
-Breakfast at karenderia
-Departure to VangV 9AM
-Arrival in VangV 1PM
-Checkin @ Nouth’s
-Rented a bike and do a tour
-Slept @ Nouth’s

Day 8:
-Free breakfast
-Join a half-day tour w/
Ziplining, Caving & Tubing
-Rent a motorbike
-Trek to Phon Ngern
-Dinner & tried a Lao Massage
-Slept @ Nouth’s

Day 9:
-Free breakfast
-Motorbike to Blue Lagoon
-Checkout @ Nouth’s
-Left VangV @ 1PM
-Dinner while waiting for bus
-@ Sleeper bus by 8PM
-Slept @ bus

Day 10-11 Bangkok (Currency spent: BAHT-withdrawn in Nong Khai)
Day 10:
-Arrive in Bangkok at 6AM
-Early checkin not possible
-Left bag and do an early
temple visit @ Royal Palace
and Wat Pra Kaew
-Checkin at 3PM, slept
-Free dinner @ 7 PM
-Visit a board game cafe
-Slept @ Daniele’s

Day 11:
-Woke up late.
-Free brunch
-Checkout & left bag
-Visit Wat Pho
-Back to pickup bag
-Dinner @ airport
-Left bangkok at 12AM

Day 12 Flight out of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
-Arrive in Mla at 4 AM
-Checkin at The Wings
-Slept until 12PM
-Free brunch
-Checkout at 1:30 PM
-Left Manila at 4:00 PM
-Home by 5:00 PM
-Dinner at Bigby’s til 10PM

-Able to withdraw VND, LAK & BAHT
-Affordable internet sim in Laos & Thailand
-All bus tix were bought on the day & were able to pick new sked thus extending
wander time.
-Tried a lot of means of transport
-Eat at street foods & cafes alike
-Able to bike & motorbike in Vang V
-Able to trek in Vang V
-Meet new friends in Cu Chi & Vang V tour
-Achieved the 4 country target with no bus sked aberrations & etc
-No bad experiences in people and etc
-Able to navigate on our own via maps
-Amazed by The Wings in NAIA 3
-Awesome trip!!!


Category Cost
PRE-PAID (via credit card) ₱18,831.40
Accommodations ₱8,029.00
Transport in between cities ₱14,736.00
Expenses* ₱46,993.95
Per person cost ₱40,280.68

Documents here:

Indochina in 11 Days (Cam-Vie-Lao-Tha) Infographic
Trip Details (Schedules, Itinerary, Expense, Transpo, Accommodation)


Date Place Link to Stay Cost /Person (US$) Total Cost (US$) Total Cost (₱)* Notes
1 8/20 – 8/21 Siem Reap, Cambodia Khmere’s Place US$10 US$20 ₱942 Sat Night, Booked
2 8/22 – 8/23 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Local Riverside Guesthouse US$10 US$22 ₱1,036 Mon Night, Booked
3 8/23 – 8/24 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Rich’s Place US$13 US$15 ₱705 Tue Night, Booked
4 8/24 – 8/25 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Khmer Village Hostel US$10 US$20 ₱960 Wed Night
5 8/26 – 8/27 Vientiane, Laos Singsanti’s US$13 US$15 ₱802 Fri Night, Booked
6 8/27 – 8/29 Vang Vieng, Laos Lao Valhalla Bungalows & Restaurant US$25 US$25 ₱2,641 Sat,Sun Night, Booked
7 8/30 – 8/31 Bangkok, Thailand Daniele’s US$15 US$15 ₱943 Tue Night, Booked
TOTAL US$96 US$132 ₱8,029

*US$1 = ₱48


Date From To Transportation (Ticketing/Bus) Travel Time (hrs) Cost /Person (US$) Total Cost (US$) Total Cost (₱)*
1 8/21 (Sun), 22:30 Siem Reap, Cambodia Phnom Penh, Cambodia Night Bus (Cambodia Angkor Express) 7 US$18 US$36 ₱1,728
2 8/23 (Tue), 08:00 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Day Bus (Phuong Heng (Sun Leang)) 7 US$15 US$30 ₱1,440
3 8/24 (Wed), 16:00 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phnom Penh, Cambodia Day Bus (Phuong Heng (Sun Leang)) 7 US$15 US$15 ₱1,440
4 8/25 (Thu), 4:30 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Stung Treng, Cambodia Van (Sun Leang) 7 US$65 US$130 ₱6,240
8/25 (Thu), 12:30 Stung Treng, Cambodia Pakse, Laos Van 5
8/25 (Thu), 20:30 Pakse, Laos Vientiane, Laos Sleeper Bus 11
5 8/27 (Sat), 9:30 Vientiane, Laos Vang Vieng, Laos Day Bus (Yortdoy Service) 4 US$5.50 US$11 ₱528
6 8/29 (Mon), 13:30 Vang Vieng, Laos Udonthani, Laos Van (Southchai) 6 US$35 US$70 ₱3,360
8/25 (Thu), 20:30 Udonthani, Laos Nakhon Ratcha, Thailand Sleeper Bus 7
8/30 (Tue), 3:00 Nakhon Ratcha, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sleeper Bus 3
TOTAL 64 (2.67 days) US$153.50 US$307 ₱14,736

*US$1 = ₱48

Basically, above are the details that you will need if you ever want to do what we did. But maybe you can find a better option than do a crazy all day travel from Vietnam to Laos. You can also scrap Laos altogether like this itinerary.

When we book this trip, we didn’t really thought about what we will do. We just booked the cheapest flight that we found. Haha! You can do better. 🙂 That’s if you are willing to gamble like what we did here since basically, I didn’t find the same itinerary of what we did when we planned this. LOL Laos was the odd one out but I really wanted to visit Vang Vieng. No regrets though because Vang Vieng is way better than what I have dreamed of. 🙂

Finally this is it. 🙂 I will try my best to continue writing the everyday happenings but most of the non-personal details are already here. You can ask me anything if you have more questions about doing this adventure. If you ever thought about doing this, listen to that voice.

No matter what other people tell you, doing what you love is the best thing in the world EVER! Go and seize it. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE so make the most out of it. 🙂 You can’t bring possessions to your grave but memories live forever.

Cheering on you,

Migo & Miga

This post is at TripZilla’s Blog. Shared also at TripZilla Philippines Facebook Page.

13D12N of Adventure – an Instagram and Facebook Recap

Before continuing the story of our Indochina adventure in Vang Vieng, Laos – our longest city stop, let us reminisce the adventure with our everyday updates. Instagram updates were done by the wife (me) and super amazed that the husband voluntarily joined the fun by posting in his Facebook page. Hurray! I have Pokemon Go to thank for since if not for it, the husband surely wouldn’t get a mobile internet and a new phone. Haha!

Here’s the day-to-day activity from our albums & linked to the blogs:

Day 0 – Flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 1 – Temple Hop in Siem Reap, Cambodia & night bus to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Day 2 – Historics in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Day 3 – Day bus to HCMC, Vietnam & night life

Day 4 – HCMC, Vietnam & bus back to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Day 5 – Multi-transport to Vientiane, Laos

Day 6 – Vientiane, Laos

Day 7 – Vang Vieng, Laos
Day 8 – Vang Vieng, Laos
Day 9 – Vang Vieng, Laos & multi-transport to Bangkok, Thailand
Day 10 – Bangkok, Thailand
Day 11 – Bangkok, Thailand & flight to Manila
Day 12 – Manila, Philippines

Will update this post as soon as I’m done writing the remaining activities from Day 7 on wards.

Here’s the 28 insta pics that summarized our activities everyday since August 20, 2016 (the wife’s 30th birthday) to September 01, 2016 (the husband’s birth day count down at 10. birthday on September 10!)


In Facebook:


Our trip in numbers:

10 leg of transports,7 accommodations, 6 wandered cities, 4 border crossings, 4 flights, 2 stop-overs

How poor have we become?

Will post soon. 🙂

Travel Tips: Packing For A 2-Week Trip on a Carry-On

Packing can be a  no-brainer but NOT to us. It’s one of our main struggles. Last time in Hong Kong & Macau, the husband exceeded the carry-on limit so we tied the sleeping bags to my bag. We were only traveling for 5 days then. From that travel, I realized that not having a check-in is both cheap and mobile. We didn’t have down time waiting for our luggage. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were on the go.

When I told the husband we don’t have a check-in for Indochina trip, he was anxious. It made me anxious too thinking I may have underestimated an almost 2-week travel. But the articles online comforted me that it is achievable with the right planning and mindset. I was done packing last Saturday. Thankfully, everything fits inside my small back pack.

Here’s how I did it:
1. Make a list of what to bring.
2. Decide at least a week-worth of clothing. – I brought 2 each of (short, leggings and skirt), 4 shirts, 2 blouses, a dress and a jump suit.
3. Do a dress rehearsal and make sure the clothes you bring can be mixed and matched.
4. Check if you can do laundry.
5. Bring only what you need.
6. Roll and compress. – Early this year Migo bought a compression/organizing bag, Gobi Hobo Roll. I was just amazed that it can contain all my clothing. The best part is that it only occupies the main compartment of my carry-on bag so I still have room for snacks and other stuffs in other compartments.
7. Choose the right bag. – Last year, I bought a 50L bag thinking it would be the perfect bag for this trip but since it was heavier and with more room, I’m afraid that I can easily exceed the carry-on limit if I used it. I choose my 40L Racini bag instead.

Documents here! 🙂
Packing in progress!
Packed and ready to go!
Pink stuffsssss!

Brought my belt bags as well for the important stuffs that needs to be guarded all the time. 😀

11 Days, 6 Cities, 4 Countries – The Wanderfull Life in IndoChina

Feeling artsy today so instead of putting it into words, I thought of making an info graphic. I’m rather pumped up with the detailed excel planning sheet too but will share it after the trip. 🙂

Here’s what’s inside our planning board:

  1. Plotted – You can see the sked in calendar type.
  2. Aug20_Aug24_CamVie – Detailed itinerary of Cambodia & Vietnam with the accommodation, transpo details and directions.  It’s basically our manual.
  3. Aug25_Aug28_Lao – Detailed itinerary of Laos (same template of #2).
  4. Aug29_Sep01_Tha – Detailed itinerary of Thailand  (same template of #2).
  5. Transpo – Plotted are the legs of our transpo and the amount per leg.
  6. Accommodation – All accommodation details are here.
  7. Reminders
  8. Preps&ToDos
  9. Clothes&Meals
  10. Checklist

What’s the best part of travel for me?

EVERYTHING. I love the planning and the execution but unlike before, I don’t obsess in following through everything. I have become flexible especially when it comes to travelling with the husband. I’m the researcher and the husband is the explorer. I have always wanted to travel alone but God wants me to do it with the husband instead. I couldn’t be more thankful because I’m SUPER BAD with directions.

So what makes us decide to travel to IndoChina?

Oh well, I have my own reasons, a whole lot of them. The husband is just game. He is the best husband in the whole universe so yeah, he just always supported me in everything that I wanted to do. 😀

So now, it’s 11 days to go. And I’ve been itching to pack my bags already. A countdown to travel and to your 30th birthday is an ultra amazing journey. Enjoying it everyday. =)

This is the “Plotted” sheet.

new-piktochart (1)

Booked: 14 Days To Go Before The Wander Full Life in IndoChina!

One more Friday and the next is the start of another adventure – leaving for our 10+ days of trip for IndoChina on the day of my 30th birthday. In 2011, while suffering from a quarter-life crisis and was utterly envious of peers getting engaged and having a baby, I created a dream – 3030dot5. It was a dream to travel to 30 places in Cebu (my hometown), 30 provinces in the Philippines (my home country) and to 5 countries. At that time, it was too ambitious for someone who barely had enough to buy a decent cellphone. But I was so down I needed something to hold on. I didn’t know how I would achieve it, I just knew that I wanted it.

From my countless blogs full of complains and angst (some are migrated in justkring but most were left forgotten), I decided to create another one. This time, it was for the 3030dot5 project. I started revisiting my pics and realized that compared to what I thought, I was actually not super “luoy” after all. By the time I started, I was down to 20.27.5. The 10 places in Cebu where mostly company outings and gatherings. The 3 places in PH where Migo-paid trips every year since we started in 2008. And of course, no countries.

Around May 2011, without really doing anything about my dream, I read about a peso sale in AirPhil. With no 2nd thoughts, I book not considering how I would raise the money to spend for the trip. The only thing that’s clear to me is that I had to be able to support myself. The trip was a blast. I was able to achieve my first triumph in wanders. It was both my first organized and paid trip since I started working in 2007. Then the rest was history. The last update of my now defunct blog was on “01/31/13” and I had been at “8.16.5”.

On April 2013, I was chosen as one of the 10 employees to travel to our company headquarters in Duluth,Georgia, USA. It was another God’s gift. From then on, God’s graces and blessings continued to pour in. And just this March, the husband and I had our 1st international trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I don’t know where I am now at my 3030dot5 dream but I felt an overwhelming accomplishment. Everyday I am grateful for that fateful day in 2011 that started everything. It was a wake up call to start seeing my life as a gift and not a nuisance. And instead of always looking at the other side of the fence, I started to nurture what’s in my fence. As a child, I was always envious because I had nothing then decided not to be because I am with beauty and brains and then envious again because everybody is settling down at 25 while I was still struggling. It all changed when I started to see things differently and stop looking at what others have. It all started when I realized that there’s just so much in life. That not going with the flow can also become a source of happiness.

Now at 29 and currently looking forward to our longest adventure and realization of a dream, I am much more confident of the things to come. But being confident doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stop planning and OC-ing everything. Haha! A while ago, I just polished all our IndoChina plans. And despite all the plannings that I’ve done especially our DIY wedding, I still get amazed at how a plan could make you feel empowered and inspired. 14 days to go and I’m just glad that the plans are in place now. All I have to do are my dress rehearsals and other stuffs. Hahaha! Need to focus on what to film on a go-pro. LOL

More updates of our IndoChina planning soon. Stay tuned!

Booked: The Wanderfull Life in IndoChina Soon!

25 days to go before IndoChina! Wew! I’m feeling the pressure of both excitement and fear. We just had our 1st International trip in Hongkong and Macau last March but this would be our longest travel EVER. Just thinking of what to pack inside a carry in luggage is crazy.

I might have underestimated it a little because I didn’t get a check-in baggage to the husband’s surprise. Haha! Oh well, we’ve always been unconventional, this trip wouldn’t be any different.


Where We Plan To Go

As a researcher and crazy as I am, I have prepared an option of 6 itineraries but even that weren’t enough ’cause we settle with the 7th. Lol There’s just soooo mannnyyy things that I wanted to do. Good thing I had a reality checker. Hello husband! 😀

So where do we go? We’ll start in Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit the infamous Wats. We really don’t mind that it’s super popular just as long as we see it up close. Then leave on an overnight bus to do a city tour in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our 4th night would be in Saigon or HCMC, Vietnam. From Saigon, that’s where most of our issues lie.

We just settled the final decision last week but I got so swamped I didn’t had the time to continue booking accommodations. Hopefully, I can continue this week.

Instead of going to Hanoi from Saigon via train then Hanoi to Luang Prabang which would cost us 36 hours for each leg, we opt to go back to Phnom Penh, arrive early at night, find a place to crash and ride the early bus to Ventiane. Do an overnight stay in Ventiane and then Vang Vieng – the land of my dreams!!! Haha! It’s brightside‘s fault why I really wanted to go. Weekend in Vang Vieng is a page in my dream book. I don’t want to miss it ever. 😀

After Vang Vieng, we will ride the bus again to Udonthani, Thailand. Why Udon? Because it has direct access to Vang Vieng. I don’t wanna go back to Ventiane anymore. Since we will be stopping by at Udon, might as well spend a night there. The last stop is Bangkok and it’s the longest too. We both agreed it that way since after jumping from city to city, we need to recuperate before going back home.


Our itineraries will need some final touches. Can’t wait for the weekend to do that. But I do hope I’ll have time before the weekend though. Yay! IndoChina here we come!!! Weeeee!

Travels in 2016

As summarized here, it has been quite a while since our last touristy trip outside of Cebu. 2015 was mostly spent on trekking. Last 2014, we had a grand time motorbiking Siquijor on our 6th anniversary. After that, we went on a hiatus.

Migo & Miga’s DIY Pic in Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

We were supposed to resume travels after the wedding but we were blessed with so many treks. We didn’t have a choice but to enjoy the blessings. 🙂

This year, we made it a point to include travel in our goals. Inorder to seal the deal, we booked tickets as soon as they went on sale. Booked a multi-city ticket that starts in Cambodia and ends in Thailand via Cebu Pac’s yearend sale. Finally, the long overdue travel to Asia would soon come into fruition. Yay! The best thing about it is leaving on my birthday. It’s gonna be an awesome start to my 30th year in this world! Weeeee! But of course, our honeymoon trip is the best of the two since it will be the husband and I’s first trip abroad. Plus it’s on our wedding anniversary. Hooray!!!
And because of these trips, we are trying to tone down our expenses and focus more on saving which means no more taxis, binge-eating, mood-induced shopping and even my fitness allowances are gone too.

Last year we had our wedding to think about. This year we had our travels. By 2017, it’s gonna be babies or…a trek in Nepal. Everyday is getting more awesome, alright!!!

How about you? What are your travel goals this year?  Will 2016 be a TRAVEL year for you as well? Let’s exchange itineraries. 🙂

Should Vang Vieng, Laos be On Our Itinerary?

Last December, the husband and I were finally able to booked our ticket to an Asia travel. Yahooo! We were thinking about it for some time now but got bumped with other priorities. After getting hitched last year, we got tangled into many things. We totally forgot the honeymoon. And yes, this is definitely not a honeymoon. Our trip to Hong Kong and Macau will be – this coming March. 🙂

This travel will be a realization of a dream and our first escapade longer than 5 nights. We were quite excited especially me. In my excitement, I hurriedly outline our itinerary. A recent post in Bright Side inspired me to include Vang Vieng in our target destination. Our itinerary sans Vang Vieng is already crazy – with A LOT of bus rides. With Vang Vieng, it’s foolishness.

Vang Vieng, Laos (pic from Bright Side)

But it seems so reachable. We are going there so might as well make the most of it. I’m pretty anal when it comes to planning. Day by day, I try to read something about our destination. It was then that I stumbled unto the bad history of Vang Vieng, written in 2012, almost 4 years ago. Reading it makes me hesitant to include it on our list even if there are posts that says that it’s pretty safe there now. Hmmm!

How about you? Are you planning to travel to Laos? Will you include Vang Vieng in your list? Need advise.

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