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Sunny Birthday in Baguio (Day 2)

I was serious in praying that the sun would visit the next day but I didn't hope much. Not wanting to ruin my mood otherwise. I woke up early...pretty excited because it's my 26th birthday. 🙂 When I went out of the room, greetings were thrown. I was in a light and festive mood. Took a… Continue reading Sunny Birthday in Baguio (Day 2)

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Baguio in the Rain (Day 1)

The 6-hours travel from Manila wears everyone out so after settling down, everyone decided to sleep. It was just around 7 AM. I negotiated the driver to pick us at 11:00 AM for our brunch. We were so tired the breakfast was forgotten.  But sleep was elusive to me. It's as if I've just awakened-in-a-normal-bed and… Continue reading Baguio in the Rain (Day 1)

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To Baguio with Love

It was love at first. The weather, the sights and everything Baguio has to offer were all I imagined it to be except one...the RAIN. Argh! But hey, I should be thankful...not everyone was able to experience Baguio in the rain. Hmmm! Just imagine the photo shoots in the pouring rain...AWESOME! Not to mention the… Continue reading To Baguio with Love