Manunggal Camp with a 27 Month Toddler

Despite the pandemic and the still uncertain times, we choose to see beyond and appreciate the outdoors just like what we did on the 1st weekend of 2020 – we opened it on a camp at Sirao Peak with closest of friends.

2020 Welcome Flashback @ Sirao Peak with a 15 Month Old Toddler

Pamilya Outdoor Mandatory Pic before leaving Sirao Peak! So sad that we can’t do it again anytime soon as Sirao is permanently close for visitors. Just thankful that we were able to have this picture.
Pamilya July with Ate Lanie & Uncle AG. This is Unyara’s 2nd camping. She’s just a day before her 15th birth monthsary.
Unyara with her awesome outdoor Ninangs – Ninang Liz and Ninang Maria! We will see them again today! Hurray!
Ninang Analyn’s Familia

Last 2020’s opening the year camp was our only camp of 2020. We didn’t realize how timely it was that time. That’s why, we decided to do an opening of the year camp again for 2021 while it’s still peaceful. And because our favorite mountain is no longer available, we need a new favorite.

Ready. Set. GO!

Unlike our very elaborate meal plans and over OC organizing, since the long outdoor holiday, bringing our own meal has been the norms. We just make sure we have some company and that’s it.

Manunggal in the Rain

It’s our 2nd time in Manunggal but a first in the rain. And like I always say, every camping experience is different especially when the weather is different. I love Manunggal before but I love it more in the rain despite the “landslide” scare.

The invite to camp was sent to “Pamilya Outdoor”. We were so thankful that 2 of Unyara’s Ninang accepted the invite. It has been a while since we saw each other – specifically the 2020 camp at Sirao. Lol After last weekend’s escape, we think that despite the Covid times, we can still insert camping every now and then. Yohoo!

Camping with a Toddler

It’s not really as hassle as people might think. Like her parents, Unyara is a natural. She loves the cold and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She loves to explore and chase animals especially chickens. I think the only adjustment that we had to accommodate Unyara is the carrying but even that is not a hassle at all since I have my trusted baby wear.

Foggy morning in Manunggal!

Look at her clinging to me. When we left the camp, she dozed off comfortably in the baby wear while I was busy catching up my breath uphill.

What are you dreaming baby love?

I can’t wait for the time that she would want to walk but I really don’t mind carrying her for as long as she wants even if it meant missing my good old pink backpack which is already “portered” by Unyara’s yaya. 😀

Pamilya July represent starting from my cousin in black, the husband, Unyara and me and Ate Lanie! Unyara is still very much in dreamland.

How much is camping in Manunggal cost?

As we took punky (Suzuki Celerio) to carry 4 adults and a toddler, we don’t know how much for the habal2 but the husband refilled gas worth Php500. Overnight parking is at Php60.

There are 2 camp options in Manunggal. If you don’t mind a 10-15 minute walk, you can camp free at Magsaysay monument. It saves us Php100 each because we choose not to option 2 – Camping at the camp provided by Baguio De Cebu Eco Adventure.

Aside from saving, the cliff camp doesn’t look very inviting in the rain. Since the monument is a little below, we assumed it wouldn’t be as cold. The monument camp was perfect as aside from the not-so-cold camp grounds, Nanay Bebang was awesome too. She welcomed us into her home. Hurray!

Thank you Nanay Bebang, Tatay Francing, Ate Rose & family for the warm welcome. It certainly made a difference on a cold camping weekend! Plussss, we are really grateful that camping at your “tugkaran” is freeeeee! Hope to see you again soooooon!

It doesn’t really cost much to have a memorable weekend. Taking the whole family camping is just cheap!!!

Pamilya Outdoor++

Aside from enjoying nature, camping is a venue for me to reconnect with friends. I’m very grateful to God for Liz and Maria’s life. It’s been almost 7 years since that memorable outreach in Camotes back in 2014. I’m so happy that we are part of each other’s personal journey too. They were at my wedding in 2015 and has become Unyara’s Ninangs. Last 2020, Maria introduced us her BF last 2020 new year camp which is now her husband after their union last December 30, 2020.

Missing this empowering women alreadyyyy! Can’t wait for our next camp. I think it’s just right that we don’t chat as much as recalling our adventures is always best done at “socials”. 😛

Speaking of “socials”, unlike before, I no longer impose on it but we kind of do a “social”. The husband introduced card games. And if I didn’t put Unyara to bed for sure, the favorite “Resistance” would have been introduce.

The husband explaining the rules of “No Thanks”.

As I’m a mom already, I appreciate it a lot how my husband took the lead in sharing his games. It really bonds the group. And even if I wasn’t able to join all of the games, I’m very happy that we still have socials. After putting Unyara to bed and calming her, we asked her supports to stay at our tent while we went back to the “socials” hall where we enjoy talking until the midnight.

Family pix after the little miss’s “sapot” moment
Tent selfie inside our tent.

Goodbye Magsaysay Monument

There were only 5 tents when we set up camp but it grow to 10 in the morning. During dinner, a group of 6 people arrived. And just when we start playing, 4 of Maria’s friends arrived. She didn’t thought that they would be able to join us because of the rain. In all, there were 17 campers at Magsaysay monument.

After breakfast, we broke the camp at 8:30AM. We took a different path back. It was more scenic than the one we trek down to the monument.

Pamilya July with the newly weds!
Mandatory group picture!

By 10AM, we were back at the top. The news that the road was blocked saddened us but only for a while. We used the free time that we have to talk about our past adventures. After 2 hours of talking, Maria and friends decided to walk and scout the road. We followed an hour after.

Group picture before Maria & friends’ departure
Waiting for the road to be cleared!
We really thought they were Brgy people assisting on the road blockage. Haha!

By 3PM, after a lot of prayer and some waiting, we were safely out of the Balamban hiway. Hurray!!! For a video recall of our adventure, watch the video!!!

Climbing Mt. Mauyog & Camping in Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu

The birthday boy on top of Mauyog!

It was maybe 2 years ago when I made a list of mountains to be conquered locally within Cebu. That time, I’ve had more outside of Cebu climbs than within. To increase and explore Cebu more, along with Kapayas, Mauyog and Manunggal were on that list. But as time flew like my other lists, they were forgotten.

When NCR Trekkers decided to climb Mt. Mauyog last July 25-26, I was very excited. I remembered the list. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side. I’ve been on an on/off sickness for the month of July and August. The decision to let go of exciting activities was so hard but I had to. What made it more sadder was one of my closest manghud-from-another-mama was celebrating her birthday on that trek. I wanted to be there. But everyone was strongly against it. I just had to let go.

My hibernation was killing me but I felt that resting was the only option I had. The day after my birthday despite not feeling too well still, on the invite of a close friend, I decided that I had to break free. That climb really helped me to get back on track. To make up for the times lost due to sickness, I planned to catch up with what I missed.

Catching up was hard. I’ve been into a lot of organizing but planning a trek just had that added stress. I had BRB before and now that they have mellowed, NCR Trekkers adopted me. Sadly, they’ve been there already. I would have continued loathing and dumped Mauyog totally if it wasn’t for Liz. The husband is always supportive in everything but when it comes to us trekking alone together, it’s a no-no. He had his reasons and though I don’t completely understood them, I supported it.

Lately, I don’t fancy over planning that much anymore so as long as I have the basic, I’m good. But the husband kept on bugging me to check this and that. As usual, his negativity and backup-up thoughts annoyed me that I almost cracked and abandon the plan. Good thing I didn’t pursue it. I wouldn’t have known how beautiful Mauyog is. 🙂

3 Happy Pigs!!!
3 Happy Pigs!!!

Mauyog – Manunggal via Sunog Trail

September 05-06, 2015

120/pax V-Hire Ayala to Cantipla
150/motor Cantipla to Awayan (2 motor/3 pax = 100/pax)
500/group Guide (Robinson 0907 928 3940) Awayan-Mauyog-Manunggal (500/3= 167/pax)
120/pax V-Hire Manunggal Corner to Ayala
Total: 507/pax

Day 1
9:30 ETD Cantipla via V-hire
11:00 ETA Awayan
12:00 Lunch on clearing before Sunog Gym
13:00 Mauyog foot, left backpack
13:40 Mauyog Assault
15:00 ETD Manunggal via road
16:40 Manunggal
17:00 Setup Camp
19:30 Lights Off

Day 2
05:00 Prepare Breakfast
07:30 Break Camp
* 749 steps to Memorial Bldg
08:30 ETD Manunggal
10:30 ETD Van to Ayala
11:30 ETA Ayala

Day 1 Lunch Packed
Day 1 Dinner Cream of Mushroom Soup, Pre-cooked Chicken heated on top of rice
Day 2 Breakfast Soup leftover, Fried leftover rice, Curry noodles & Spam
Day 2 Lunch is back in the City @ Rico’s Lechon

Despite being an hour and a half late, keeping Liz fuming while waiting in Ayala terminal, we were able to reached Manunggal before sunset. Started our trek at Awayan where we met our guide, Robinson. He is a 4th year HS student of Tabunan Integrated school who sidelines guiding on the weekends. We started crossing on a river and in order not to wet our shoes, we had to take them off before crossing since there was no bridge or stones to hop into. We were lucky because we were able to say hello to Robinson’s parents and younger brother as well.

The Robinson's Family with the Sr. & Jr, the Mom & the youngest brother who was too shy for the camera!
The Robinson’s Family with the Sr. & Jr, the Mom & the youngest brother who was too shy for the camera!

The 3 eager trekkers posing with their shoes getting ready to start the ball rolling!!!
The 3 eager trekkers posing with their shoes getting ready to start the ball rolling!!!

Kuya Iping, our habal2x driver chats that this river separates Cebu City & Balamban. Right now, we were still in the Cebu City side - Awayan. The other side is Sunog which is already part of Magsaysay, Balamban.
Kuya Iping, our habal2x driver chats that this river separates Cebu City & Balamban. Right now, we were still in the Cebu City side – Awayan. The other side is Sunog which is already part of Magsaysay, Balamban.

After an hour of walking, we decided to have lunch at a clearing, an hour away from Sunog gym. The trail was mostly uphills where you will see locals’ houses every now and then. When you reached Sunog gym, you will then follow the road to the foot of Mauyog.

I think this has to be Liz signature pose...oblation! Feel the air!!!
I think this has to be Liz signature pose…oblation! Feel the air!!!

Photo ops just before the clearing where we had lunch!
Photo ops just before the clearing where we had lunch!

Migo's lunch time seat!
Migo’s lunch time seat!

On the way up after lunch.
On the way up after lunch with the view of the Mango tree where we ate our baon!

Yay! Water source! Bin refilling our bottles!
Yay! Water source! Bin refilling our bottles!

Finally time to rest...10 minutes away from Sunog gym!
Finally time to rest…10 minutes away from Sunog gym!

Roof of the gym and the house with the store where Migo & I eagerly shared a bottle of Mirinda to quench our thirst. Yay! This marks the next part of our trail, following the road to the foot of Mauyog.
Roof of the gym and the house with the store where Migo & I eagerly shared a bottle of Mirinda to quench our thirst. Yay! This marks the next part of our trail, following the road to the foot of Mauyog.

We left our backpack at the store and proceeded to climb the peak of Mauyog. Just like every assault, it was mostly uphills and since it was raining in the morning, it was very slippery. We were extra careful in each strides.

Up, up they go as I struggled to breath in between my strides! Ah! Uphill just sucked!
Up, up they go as I struggled to breath in between my strides! Ah! Uphill just sucked!

The winding road!
The winding road!

Hello Mauyog!
Hello Mauyog!

The husband taking a pose with Mauyog when we arrived at the foot.
The husband taking a pose with Mauyog when we arrived at the foot.

Finally it was time to part with our pack! Yay!
Finally it was time to part with our pack! Yay! Liz & I’s pack stayed together while the husband was placed on the other chair.

Before we reached the peak, we pass through a clearing. Robinson said other trekkers camp there. It looks cramped but maybe if the grasses were cut, it would look better. We stayed for some time to harvest guavas. A lot of guava trees grow in the clearing. Most of them are bearing fruit. I have this thing for wild guavas and so is Liz. We climbed a tree while the husband stayed on the ground. He was not a fan.

Robinson posing under the guava trees!
Robinson posing under the guava trees!

Halfway there!!!
Halfway there!!! The husband chilling while Liz & I are busy with the guavas.

After a while Robinson said it might be good to just get more guavas on the way down so we proceeded to the peak. Liz kept talking she would ate her guavas at the peak. I planned to as well but as usual, the view got me so excited. All I could do was marvel and take pictures of the beauty of Mauyog. It was just amazing. Feeling so proud that we all did it. 🙂

Happy kids on top of Mauyog!
Happy kids on top of Mauyog!

Migo & Miga poe!
Lovers in Mauyog!

The very cool formation of the peak!
The very cool formation of the peak!

And but of!
And but of course…me!

Going up and down the peak from the clearing was quite tolerable except for that part where we had to climbed up and down a rock. The rock was wet and slippery. Robinson tied rope for us to hold and supported us. Going up was easier than going down.

We stayed in the peak for a while. On the trail, the sun has always been shy but it shone brightly while we were on top giving us a fogless view of the beauty down below. After the rope part, Liz asked Robinson if we could go ahead to the guava clearing. On the thought of guavas, I bolted my way downwards. Haha!

While we were getting more guavas, the drizzle started. I commented just how lucky we were for not getting this on top. We all decided it was time to go. I obliged since I already have a pocket full of guavas too. 😀

Migo & Lizzy while waiting for their turn to go up!
Migo & Lizzy while waiting for their turn to go up!

Robinson setting up the rope!
Robinson setting up the rope!

When we reached the foot, Mauyog was already covered in fog. We took our group picture and proceeded to resume trekking after buying some stuffs at the store.

We left the foot of Mauyog at 3 PM walking through patches of cemented and uncemented road with alternating up and down. The uphills were hard. Robinson kept on offering to carry my backpack. I might have looked very pitiful but I wasn’t that spent really or maybe it was my pride that kept me from giving it to him. Haha! After almost 2 hours of walking, we finally arrived at Manunggal. By 5 PM, we setup camp and bid goodbye to Robinson.

Our goodbye pose to the already foggy Mauyog!
Our goodbye pose to the already foggy Mauyog!

We were the only campers in Manunggal. After settling down, we prepared dinner. By 7:30, we decided it was time to rest. The husband didn’t have games with him. I wasn’t expecting we’d reached the camp that early as well so I didn’t thought of it. We called it a night, my earliest lights off so far. Haha! At 9 PM, I was awakened by voices. Another group has arrived. It was a restful night. By 5 AM, I was up and energetic. Weeee! We were ready to eat our improved breakfast menu with fried rice, spam, soup & noodles by 6:30 AM.

Hello Manunggal!




Setting up camp!

All set and ready!

The camp in Manunggal was beside the memorial monument. You will need to walk a foot path downwards from the new memorial hall. Yesterday, while going downwards to the camp, the husband asked if I counted the steps. I told him we would count it on the way up. It was quite a fun exercise. We’ve managed to go up in 20 minutes and surprisingly I didn’t quite feel the uphill strain.

We left Manunggal at 8:30 AM via the executive road and walked leisurely while stopping to some guava trees on the road. There were so many guava trees that Liz had a plastic for her harvest. By 10:30 AM, we were out in Transcentral hiway. Luckily, we were able to ride a van almost immediately. Lunch was at Rico’s lechon. Our yummiest lunch after the trek ever!!!! Weeeeee!

Group pic before leaving Manunggal camp!

The long and winding road to Transcentral hiway!

Liz posing for the view with her plastic of guavas!

More guava trees along the road.

Coke stop. Still an hour away from the hiway!

And then finally…were out in the open!

The V-Hire passed by right after this pose!

Because the 4th pig wasn’t able to join us, our lunch menu was jeopardized. It’s alright, we had a much better feast. 😀

The adventurers!!!

Till the next mountain!!! Yayyyyy!

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