Give Back: A Love Project in Sirao!

00 Group Pic

NCR Trekkers in cooperation with #LifeAtNCR and YPRO (Young Professionals Reachout Organization) brought love to Sitio Upper Langob, Sirao, Cebu City on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

46 volunteers participated. 32 of which trekked from Baogo to Upper Langob, 11 rode the jeepney and 3 on the service vehicle provided for the event. The gift boxes were divided up amongst the 2 vehicles.


01 Prayer
Prayer just before leaving Gaisano Talamban.

Assembly for the trekkers was at Gaisano Talamban at 9:00 AM. By 10:30, after a little GTKY (Getting To Know You)  and prayer, 28 trekkers proceeded to Baogo via Motorcycle. The remaining 4 trekkers caught up with the rest at the mini-falls after lunch and at the store.

01 Trekkers
28 Trekkers! From L-D-R: Elijah’s, Dianne’s, Edulleen’s, Joshua’s and Kring’s Group.

At 11:00 AM, the trek started after the warm-up and assignment of group leaders. There were 5 mini-groups led by Kring, Elijah, Edulleen, Dianne & Joshua.

At 1:00 PM, while the trekkers were having lunch at the mini-falls, the jeepney with the riders left the assembly area at JY Market.

02 Ways
Buhis-Buhay moments of the route!
02 Falls
View of the falls, group picture & lunch above the falls!
04 Ways
After lunch, few minutes before the store for the outreach.

At 1:30 PM, the trekkers arrived at the Basketball Court. 30 minutes later, the riders arrived. The program proper started after the registration of kids.


05 registration
Unloading of gifts and registration!

At 2 PM, the jeepney arrived with the gifts and the riders. Registration of the kids followed.  The program proper started with a prayer led by Ray Llesol followed by a quick GTKY exercise for the trekkers & kids led by Analyn Sarte.

Opening prayer & GTKY!
Hello Kids!!!
Hug & say “Merry Christmas”!

To foster camaraderie & friendship between the kids & trekkers, the group was divided into 4 teams. They were tasked to name their team and present a group cheer. After almost 30 minutes of practice, the 4 teams were ready.

09 practice
On-The-Spot Cheer Practice. From L-R, T-B:   Mocking Jay, Team Onyok, Face Stylers, Team Pura

They presented in the following order: Mocking Jay, Face Stylers, Team Onyok and Team Pura. The judges were Diane’s group. Team Pura emerged as the best among the 4 competing teams. After the competition, distribution of gifts followed.

10 presentation
Cheer Presentation!
11 distribution
Gift Distribution To Kids!

The kids were given a bag with school supplies and a loot bag with goodies. 62 bags with school supplies were given. 40 adults received a gift basket.

12 distribution
Gift Pack Distribution to Parents!
13 awarding
Cheer Champion, Team Pura and the 2 Most Participative Kids: Johna & Ramil
14 Closing
Closing & group picture!

The program ended with the closing remarks by Mr. Herbert Villarante, after the awarding of the cheering competition winner and the 2 most active kids.


The outreach ended at 5:00 PM just in time for the Fiesta Novena. 6 of the participants went home aboard the company ride with the remaining gifts. The others went on to visit Sirao Peak while the others stayed at the foot to camp for the night. The remaining items were scheduled to be distributed to the children of the utilities staff and security guards of NCR.

After outreach trek to Sirao Peak!
15 Going Home
Day Trekkers!

Thank you to all those who supported the event. Till our next outreach. 🙂

Outreach Summary

Day 01: December 10, 2015 – Putting in the contents of the Gift Bags

Packing Day 1 02
Day 01: Gift Bags Production
Packing Day 1
Shopping in style!

Day 02: December 11, 2015 – Wrapping the gifts & picture takings

Packing Day 2 01
Day 02: Loot Bags Production & Gift Wrappings
Packing Day 2 02
More boxes from utilities. Yay!
Packing Day 2 03

December 16, 2015

Turn-Over 01
Preparing of the gifts for the hand-over
Turn-Over 02
The hand-over with the representatives of facilities, guards & utilities


Till our next project! 🙂


Jay – Adviser; Tats Abellana – Preps Manager; Kring Julio – PRO; Analyn Sarte – Finance; Merriam Camposo – Registration; Arnold Jerodiaz – Documentation
Site Visit: Jay Chan
Transpo: Tats Abellana, Jay Chan
Shopping Team: Kring Julio, Analyn Sarte, Merriam Camposo, Charmaine Balmes, Tats Abellana, Randy Patalinghug
Food Team: Michelle Cuandot, Evan Abenoja, Joshua Bacalso
Packers: Kring Julio, Analyn Sarte, Merriam Camposo, Tats Abellana, Randy Patalinghug, Michelle Cuandot, Joshua Bacalso, Carlyn Malingin, Camia Resnera, Ciedel Abuyog, Chaola Velarde, EmJay Sayco, Michelle Dan Sitones, Cee Jay, Lau Sanchez, Chi Dinoy, Arvil Benlot, Rio Lagura, Eloise Enriquez, Elaine Elorde, Keila Verano, Aimee Villanueva, Kat Toylo, Rachel Cruzpero, Aldriech Pierras, Dianne Nuevo
Photographers: Arnold Jerodiaz, Michelle Cuandot, Edulleen Talledo, Norman Salomon, Mark Julio

Details of the project is published here!

Outreach Climb @ Mt. Babag w/ Tribu Lapukon & Friends

Today, I help make it happen, making an almost a hundred kids beamed in delight as they munch on the food and drink we serve for lunch. It was heartwarming. The 2-hour walk and climb that we had to endure to reach the place was a little hard and tiresome but it was all worth it. Seeing so many smiling and giggling children as they line up and receive their gifts were euphoric. I definitely will join again. 🙂

YPRO and friends didn’t have their yearly sharing. Being a little busy at work and personal, I just had to let go of the yearly habit. Hope next year will be different. This year was supposed to be our 5th gift giving. 😦 Instead of totally giving in to my hectic schedules, I asked a number of friends if they knew people organizing sharing activities. I badly wanted to join. I couldn’t keep still. A friend at my climbing group told me about a yearly outreach in his previous workplace’s climbing group. And so he introduced me to Tess.

I didn’t really mind the thought of going in alone but my friends are into these stuffs as well. Unfortunately, the first schedule was December 13. It was our close friend’s wedding. No matter how I want to join, I couldn’t be absent in Corie’s wedding. I love her too much not to be part of a new chapter in her life. I had to chose. But as if the gods heard my un-prayered thoughts, the schedule was moved. I didn’t have 2nd thoughts of going. I just had to even if I partied until 12 AM after the wedding.

I was actually a little scared since I only have 3 hours worth of sleep. The call time was 7 AM but I had to think it was 6 AM ’cause I don’t want to keep them waiting. Despite the late notice, I had 4 other friends who planned to go. But it ended with just me and Charina. We arrived at Guadalupe church at 6:30 AM. While eating our breakfast bought at Jobe, Charina called my attention. She saw another climber. And as usual, I act without thinking and immediately assumed he was with Tess. Haha! Turns out he is from another group. Awkward  but of course, I made it through. “Miss baga gyud diay ka ug nawng!”. Charina said with a smile after the guy left. So I told her about the times that I had to make the first steps to know people. It is not easy but you have to think that others find it hard too. If nobody will break the ice, then you’ll go through life wondering how that awkward first step put you a step farther.

It wasn’t really that hard at all. I feel that every Mountaineers have this sort of connection. He even told us the story of his Apo trip. And of course, I did too. But not really the juicy detail that’s in here. Just some.

Pics at the start of the trail. Napu drop off!

I’ve never been to Babag. It was Charina’s first climbing activity. Her spirit is determined but I know from experience that sometimes, determination and will is not everything in the mountains. You have to be physically fit in all aspects. I have no doubts on Charina but it was my first and I had doubts. My climbing group has a bad experience in Babag. From their stories, I knew they underestimated the climb by starting it late in the afternoon but still it didn’t change the fact that I don’t know anything about Babag at all. It feels scary.

Charina has a backpack. It was a little heavy cause she brought school supplies  for the children. It makes me more scared cause I know how hard it is to carry things uphill. Good thing, another guy from another group offered to carry it for her. Wew! Something was lift off my worries list. I was tempted to have mine carried as well but it was lighter than my usual pack so even if I’m worried I know I can do it. But just in case I couldn’t, of course, I have a backup plan. 😀

The first hour of the trek was just plains and a little uphill. I had no qualms but I kept on asking Charina of her well being. Oh well aside from I tend to be motherly at times, it’s her first time. I kept talking and talking and talking to  keep me off my worries. Haha! I think it works. 😀

The next hour was the assault. It was definitely an assault. Charina tried on my backpack. I was happy. It’s good to have another girl power in the team, hoping for a new recruit. 😀 I told her to tell me if it’s too much. She did after a while but I sure did catch a lot of my breath having that pack out of my back. 🙂

Charina with Tito and Tita!
Charina with Tito and Tita!
Broke my nail. Huhu!
Broke my nail. Huhu!
This is where the real assault start. The "habal-habal's" drop off point.
This is where the real assault start. The “habal-habal’s” drop off point.
Charina starting to carry my backpack!
Charina starting to carry my backpack!

And then we reached the place. We saw other climbers on the mango shade. The mango tree has a platform over it’s branches. I couldn’t resist climbing it. There I meet a new face. I forgot his name. Maybe it was Coran? LOL But he’s from the company of a new face I’ve known from our previous Apo climb. Asked him if he knew him. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He was so gay telling me about his group. Even showed me their cool banner. That is after I laughed at the name of their group. It was “Hubo” which means naked in vernacular. I even asked his number. Oh well now that I remembered, I have 3 numbers added on my phone book. 😛 I’m totally is the girl. 😛

The kids are all ready.
The kids are all ready.
Yummy foods waiting for us when we arrived. Wew! The mango was so sweet.
Yummy foods waiting for us when we arrived. Wew! The mango was so sweet.
Charina with the kids!
Charina with the kids!
Tribu Hubo's Banner
Tribu Hubo’s Banner
Hello new face!
Hello new face!
Tribu Hubo Members
Tribu Hubo Members

And then I got busy with helping and forgot about them. Charina and I were a team. And I felt as if they considered us part of their team as well. We helped in almost everything. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I sure hope Charina feels the same.

Smiling for the camera!
Smiling for the camera!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Busy as a bee!
Busy as a bee!
Busy! Busy! Busy!
Busy! Busy! Busy!
This was after I arranged the giveaways!
This was after I arranged the giveaways!

While Wilma and Anne are busy with the program, the others prepare the giveaways and the food. I am amazed at how Tess did the tasking. Haha! Maybe I should be more like her. It kind of remind me of a friend’s bad experience in a volunteer organization. She talked about how the execom seem to boss around. I wanted to tell her that I usually do bossing too since it makes people do things. But today, Tess just proved me wrong. 🙂

There were games and prizes. And everyone seems to enjoy their part. We started the program at around 11 I think so the sun was burning hot. I didn’t actually remember how hot it was until I feel the burning sensation in my face and nape. Oh boy! My face and nape still feels hot when touching them now. Waaaaaa! Hopefully the sun burnt skin wouldn’t peel off until Thursday. Huhu! I don’t want to attend our company party with that face. 😐

The kids with their packs!
Posing for Ate Kulit!
Busy with their presentation plan!
Aileen with the kids preparing for the presentation
My favorite kid! 😀
Giving packs in progress!
Me and my friends!

After we wrap-up the party with the kids, we started our own party as well. I just had my first boodle fight. Yahoooo! The “lansang” and “hipon” were yummy. I believed I ate more than I had to but it was so yummy, I didn’t mind the extra pounds. Wahaha! And then it was time to go! I really have so much fun. I hope to join with them again. 🙂

Me in action! Plastic is my role. :P
Me in action! Plastic is my role. 😛
Aileen handing out the lates!
Aileen handing out the lates!
Charina in action!
Charina in action!
Wilma & Tess gicing foods.
Wilma & Tess giving foods.
Getting ready to feed the kids.
Getting ready to feed the kids.

As a challenge, I will list the new names I have today. 

  1. Henry – the guy I assumed from Tess’ group, the one I called out when we had breakfast at Guada church.
  2. Wilma – I forgot the time when I actually knew her name but I feel a good vibes from her immediately. 😀
  3. Anne, Lorraine, Aileen – asked their name on the trail. There was a 4th girl. Sorry it totally goes off my mind again. 😐
  4. Athan – he offered to carry Charina’s backpack.
  5. Tito Emil(?) and Tita Lorde(?) – Mistook them for a couple. My bad. Oh no, when I called them Tito and Tita, or Kuya and Ate, their names totally goes down the drain. Bad! Bad me.
  6. Julius – he hitch hike with us in Tito’s ride. He has an awesome go pro. I hope I have nice pics there. 😀
  7. Sister, Brother and Father – Oh gosh! I remembered I asked their names but totally forgot about them. My brain capacity is betraying me again. I again mistook the sister and brother as couples. Bah! Lesson learned. Do not immediately assume things. Huhu!
  8. Gru – the foreigner!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone. 🙂

So that’s it. Happy to have returned from my hiatus with this story of my outreach and a climb. Love! Love! Love! Good vibes!

The food is almost ready!
Boodle! 🙂

More pics at my page! Post by Kring’s Place. Enjoy! 🙂

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