Trek Out, MuayThai In!

Say hello to my favorite sweat-ener, MuayThai! Now that our trekking spree is on a 3 weekend vacation, I lost the reasons not to. Oh well, I really planned not to but this morning was harder than yesterday. I felt so uninspired and bloated. I'm being super un-meish. But now, thanks to MT...I'm SOOOO BACK!… Continue reading Trek Out, MuayThai In!

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Advextreme: ATV to Mayon Lava

Unlike wake boarding, I wouldn't put the ATV adventure to my bucket list even it is just as awesome because I really wanna do it again. But before that I should learn how to use the breaks first. Haha! It was my first time and was scared to suck so I choose to be on the last. Unfortunately, the arrangement… Continue reading Advextreme: ATV to Mayon Lava

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Bucketlist: Wakeboard

Actually it wasn't on the list but the experience was so awesome that it is bucketworthy. And being on the list means, I'll never do it again. It was good. Yes. Heart pumping. Yes. Awesome. Didn't I just mention it? But it is not something for me. Realized it when I couldn't do it again… Continue reading Bucketlist: Wakeboard