Get Involve

Once in a while, you asked if you could join in our adventures especially trekking. Well, you can. 🙂 Most of the time, we just notify you one by one. Nowadays, it gets a little hassle so we have created a group just for that.

You can join but we can be quite picky so before you do so, send us a message first at our facebook page, Migo & Miga.

The group is a closed group. We want it to stay that way so we will be choosy in membership. LOL No message means no approval. So here’s the facebook group: The Wander (full) Life. Hope to communicate with you there fellow adventurers! 🙂

Requirements to join:
Nothing for now just the hunger for adventure and the thirst for a company of like minded individuals. And ohhh, give us a short introduction about yourself. Please include the link of your blog (if you have one). The most important part is the answer to the question: where did you know about our blog? It’s that easy. Weeeeeee! We’ll be expecting you!!!