Sole Prints

Trekked Naupa
Trekked Lanigid
Travelled to East Asia (Hongkong + Macau) -> Migo&Miga’s 1st Int’l travel & wedding anniv trip
Trekked Mago Peak
Trekked Kandungaw
Cleanup Climb in Babag + Chalet
Trekked Tres Marias, Biliran
Travelled to Southeast Asia (Cambodia + Vietnam + Laos + Thailand)
Trekked Naupa
Trekked Osmeña
Fun-trekked to Sirao
Trekked Canlaon: The 2nd time (Last climb before the wedding)
Trekked Osmeña (first climb as Mr. & Mrs Julio)
Trekked Babag
Trekked Alto Peak (Miga Only)
Trekked Hambubuyog
Travelled to Ronda (Anniversary Trip)
Trekked Lanaya
Trekked Sirao
Trekked Mauyog & Manunggal
Cleanup Climb in Kapayas
Trekked Buhisan
Trekked Osmeña
Trekked Malindand
Trekked Lanigid
Trekked Kandungaw
Outreached in Sirao
Trekked Kan-irag (Apo Pre-climb)
Holy Week in Bantayan
Trekked Kan-irag Day Trek (Apo Pre-climb)
Trekked Mt. Apo
Trekked Kan-irag (The Engagement)
Traveled to Siquijor (Anniversary trip, 1st time outside of Cebu duo adventure)
Outreached in Babag
Trekked Mt. Lanaya
Trekked Mt. Kan-irag
Travelled to Bicol Region (Cam Sur + Caramoan + Mayon)
Trekked Mt. Pulag
Temporary Work in USA
Travelled to Bohol
Trekked Osmena Peak
Trekked Talinis Peak
Travelled to CALABARZON (Batangas + Enchanted Kingdom + Baguio)
Trekked Canlaon
Travelled to Central Luzon (Pinatubo + Capones + Nagsasa + Anawangin)
Trekked Osmena Peak
Travelled to Metro Manila ( Intramuros + Ocean Park + Enchanted Kingdom + City Tour)
Travelled to Northern Mindanao (CDO + Camiguin + Bukidnon)
Travelled to Dumaguete
Beached bummed in Alcoy
Beach bummed in Malapascua
Beach bummed in Moalboal
Travelled to Bohol
Travelled to Bantayan
Travelled to CDO


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