The Leechy Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental Day 1/2

Right after finishing the fees, we got ready to go. Excitement were evident as we almost forgot to pray and do a warm-up. Good thing someone brought it up. Since there was no space on the road, we decided to just pray and do a warm-up as soon as we find a spot.

The uphill road! With no warm-up, this was a struggle.

The trek to the actual start was a pain. It was about 1 KM of uphill struggle from the hospital to Ladlad Resort. I was having a hard time that even the witty #hugot signs on the way wasn’t able to take my mind off the breathlessness. In my thoughts, I was silently regretting why I pursue the trek. With my reverie, I didn’t notice the group took a left turn inside “Elena” Resort. And as soon as I caught up with the rest, I hear them complain about the entrance.

Pay issue at Elena Resort.

Pay Trouble Round 2: Remember the entrance fee at The Hospital? Elena Resort asked us to pay just by passing through. It was only Php20 but we were disappointed. Why is this necessary? We are just passing through.

Prayer just before getting into Ladlad Resort.

So the guide led us out as if sending a signal that there’s another way. Before proceeding, we first gathered in prayer. And I loved my new role – the prayer leader. Glory to God for the newfound confidence. Thank you Lord!

Another pay ruckus at Ladlad!

Pay Trouble Round 3: We thought that there’s really another way to pass through without paying but when we went into “Ladlad” Resort, same thing happened. We were asked for entrance just by passing through. Yet unlike “Elena”, “Ladlad” settled on a bulk payment of Php100 for 14 pax not including the guides. To settle hastily, Pete owned up the payment.

So what’s happening? Why were we asked with multiple entrances? What’s the permit for? The permit should have covered it. Yes, the entrances were not big but was it legal? Surprise payments are just uncool.

The forest entrance guided by Mr. Carabao!

We walked right away as soon as we were done paying. Beyond “Ladlad” resort was a small clearing and then into the forest.

Asa dapit magsugod ang leech kuya? (Which part will the leeches appear Big Bro?)

Someone asked as we inched our way farther from the clearing. The guide answered that it has started already. My heart dribbled. The face your fear moment has finally began.

Wild, wild wet. That’s why leeches love it here maybe?

Hello Little Suckers

When I hear the guide’s statement, I felt my heart skipped but I couldn’t care much as I was already panting at that time. In my thoughts, my consistent steps were more important than minding the leeches. But is it?

First major leech encounter here at the creek!

We had our first major leech encounter at the creek. The husband asked me if I saw any leeches on him. I said no but as soon as I turned around, one of our companions shriek as she found one leech on the husband’s face. The husband then looked at me with a quizzical expression. Of course I was sure there was no leech when I checked. Sneaky little suckers!!!

Good thing we still have time to pose even after the scare. 😀
Aside from the leech issue, there’s this-super-need-of-upper-body-strength-parts too. T_T Go, go Miga!!!
More kapyot moments!

Almost 2-Hour Leech Exposure

After a while of walking through the leech-infested forest, the shriek had become normal. I saw the husband getting braver in taking out the leech on his own. And maybe because he’s so sweet, he was also a leech favorite. There were 2 more instances of leech landing on his face. And thankfully, maybe because we were all paranoid, the leeches never succeeded in sucking our bloods. We took them out before they were able to penetrate on our skins. Everyone participated in looking at each other’s back for leeches, very commendable companions indeed. All hail Tribu Iskwatters!!! Thank you so much for being an awesome comrades!

Don’t let my smile fool you. 😀 Hadlok na kaau ko ana na naay leech sa akong sapatos. Leech paranoia!

Leech Lunch

At 12 PM, I was famished. I kept asking the guide if we were halfway. He said were not even to a quarter yet. As I checked the time, I realized we’re only just walking for about 2 hours. The total estimated time was 5-6 hours but at the rate of our pace, we were behind. We were supposed to target eating at “The Platform” where the leeches were gone.

Still 1 hour to go before the no leech area but we were famished so we had to endure.
And as if on queue, just when I put down my bag for lunch, them suckers suddenly appear.

We only took a 30 minute lunch break. While eating, we were still on the lookout for them little suckers. We left the lunch site at 12:30, by 1:00 PM we arrived at the platform. Surprisingly! Relief washed over me when the guide announce that the leech trail ends at “The Platform” and that we were half way thru after almost 3 hours of walking.

Kamang gyud tehhh!
The women were leech-checking on the background. Sweet!

And Finally My First Leech Touch

Finally, the PLATFORM! Leech-freeee! That’s what I thought.
Cramp stop for Jill but Big Bro is just awesome!

Every time a leech attached itself to me, I would quickly asked the husband to get it off me but after “The Platform”, we relaxed. It was then that I almost had my first leech blood. Good thing I noticed right away as it attached on my right middle finger. Since the husband was far, I had to pluck the leech myself. It was so soft it grossed me out but I feel brave to have done it. Hurray! Miga version 2! Braver and leech-remover! LOL

The countable selfie with the rest of the group since we were on the tail. Poor Migo & Miga. I mean poor Miga and awesome Migo for the all out support!

Next 3 Hours

Water source almost 2 hours away from the Platform.

The next half of the journey was leech free but noticeably harder. More steep ascents. There was even an almost vertical climb that sucked all my energy away. We passed by a water source and then it was more uphills. By this time, I was already very exhausted. No more pictures until the overlooking part when the guide said that the camp is just an hour away.

We caught them before they descend to the camp site.


When the guide showed us the view of the camp, my energy suddenly surged back. I imagined the future happiness and has totally forgotten the past exhaustion.

Can you see the camp?

Hello Tinagong Dagat

However, the descent to the camp is not at all easy but you will totally forgot all the pains the moment you step into the ultra big camp site. It’s maybe the biggest camp that I have been to and the prettiest too. We step into the end of the camp at around 4:30 but we camp to the other end. It took us some time to reach the other end.

Mossy rock just before the camp!
Women pose at the mossy rocks. Missing 2 of the 5 other ladies on the team.
More women photo ops!

R&R at Tinagong Dagat

The Camp!
And while the husband got busy putting up the tent, I busied myself checking on leeches haha. And yes, it’s PINK domination! Hahaha

I planned to rest immediately as soon as we finished putting up the tent but surprisingly, my energy has gone back to normal when we were done setting up camp. Instead of resting, I just took pictures instead. But because Tribu Iskwatter men were awesome, dinner was prepared by them so I had the chance to doze off. Yay! Thank you so much again Pete and friends!!!

Setup camp!

We were then woken up for dinner. After dinner, we did socials led by Gil where “our motto” was the headache of the night. It was an awesome way to bond and get to know each other more. Of the 16 people including the guides, we only knew 5 (Van2x, Carl, Gil, Jill, Pete). But after the socials, our bond strengthened more as we played “Werewolves”. I’m once again the dispensable “Villager” who surprisingly survived until the very end. Yayyyy! The villagers won over the 2 cunning wolves, Jill and Pete.

Lights off at 10 PM right after a game of Werewolves and agreeing to miss the Sulfatara. I’m all for missing it as waking up at 5 AM was too much. It would have been awesome if we camp there for 2 nights to have ample time to visit Sulfatara for half day then rest and play in Tinagong Dagat. I don’t mind camping there for two nights really.

Plus there’s an awesome tent light too. USB-powered lights? Buy it with us for only Php 1200.

Stargazing Finally!

Despite the unprepared body and the threat of leeches, the trek to Tinagong Dagat was awesome. God has indeed blessed us with so much. No rains as we trek and camp for the night. For the first time, we were able to use the stargaze functionality of our tent. Tinagong Dagat was Tn2’s first major camp. Hurrayyyyy!

And before dozing off to dream land, I murmured a prayer of thanks to Father God for being so awesome and prayed for a safe descent. And yes, prayer granted the day after. Stay tune on my next and last post for Tinagong Dagat. We went to “The Ruins” too! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing and reliving my memories of Tinagong Dagat.

Till the next post and please if you have anything to say, comment away. 🙂

The Leechy Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental Day 0/2

So What Do You Think is The Story of How I Ended My Hiatus?

LEECH, no pre-climbs and the threat of menstrual cramps were 3 of my major concerns in trekking Mt. Mandalagan. Yet despite the reservations, my will is bigger than my fears. We already missed Mandalagan in 2013 because I was on a company trip in USA and the then-boyfie-now-husband didn’t want to go without the annoying me. Sweet! So without further ado when the opportunity presents itself, I shared it to the husband. Since I received Christ, being a good and submissive wife has become a goal. Nowadays, unlike before, instead of deciding on my own right away, I consult my husband (aka Migo) first.

Migo has been wanting to resume trekking for a while but I have been too busy with other things. Our company trekking club went to Tres Marias on the Freedom long weekend but he understood that I needed to rest and recuperate now that the events at work has come to an end. He had fully supported my June hiatus, the social media sabbatical and my desire to pursue Jesus in his own ways.

So when he expressed the desire to join the trek to Mandalagan, I agreed despite my fears. Thanks to a good friend for sharing the info and to another friend who responded positively to our interest.

So the story of how I ended up going to Mandalagan despite my hiatus is a love story. People trek mountains for different reasons. As for me, it has always been love. My love for adventure and my love to my oh so awesome husband who empowers me to face my fears – this time, LEECHES in Mandalagan.

Will get to them leeches later but first…let me take you back to…

Day 0 Friday

The plan was to meet at North Bus Terminal at 3:30PM so we took a leave to prepare. We plan to pack earlier but as usual, we ended up cramming and even forgot to charge our powerbanks which makes the husband very uncomfortable.

Since the bus leaves at 6PM, we decided to leave the house at 4PM to charge some more. But that too wasn’t enough. It led to the husband’s comical search for power outlets every place we went. This has been our mishap last trek too. I hope this wouldn’t happen again. Must add in the list.

Somebody is happy upon seeing the charging station at North Bus Terminal.

We were the last ones to arrive at 5PM. We didn’t really know who we are going with but when I saw 3 other familiar faces, I felt at peace. I don’t really mind trekking with strangers but there’s comfort in familiarity. Unlike before, I didn’t went into full mode chatterbox, which happens rather often lately. Nowadays, I find it more appealing to just wait for people to talk to me than do the reaching out first. I still love connecting to new people but now with reservations. I don’t want to come off as a show-off and a braggart which was mostly tied to friendly and extroverted people. 😦 But the change was not really about how people will see me, I have been over that already, it’s because of my desire to learn how to listen more than talking. Jesus values listening more than talking so I’m trying my best to learn the art of observing and listening first before opening my mouth. It was only when the bus left that I asked for the names of those that I met for the first time.

The trip to Toledo City took more than 2.5 hours. Migo dozed off while I spent my time writing on my personal blog. I expected it to be posted before the signal went off at Naga but the words just kept on coming. Thankfully, it was done just before the bus stopped at Toledo port.

After receiving our ticket and terminal fee, we were told to be at the ferry by 9PM. Since it was already 8:45, we all agreed to buy takeout at Mcdo. We were at the ferry by 9PM uncomfortably munching on our takeouts and somewhat regretting why we didn’t buy burger instead. The seat numbers weren’t followed so we ended up taking the bench next to the trash can and too close together. Pfft!

Hello San Carlos City

The ferry ride took almost 2 hours. Because I didn’t want to drain my phone, I decided to sleep but the seat was very uncomfortable so I only managed to dozed a little. We arrived in San Carlos City at 11:15 PM. 15 minutes after, we went back to the bus and it departed to Bacolod City.

Bacolod City First Timers

This was our 3rd trek in Negros Island. When we trekked in Mt. Canlaon, we arrived in San Carlos City and then Canlaon City. For Mt. Talinis, we arrived in Dumaguete City.

Day 1 Saturday

I was quite surprised with Bacolod especially the big and airport feels Ceres Bus Terminal. We arrived at the old Terminal at 2AM. We waited for our other companions and then rode a tryke to Ceres Bus Terminal where we catch a short rest before the terminal operation resumes at 5AM.

To The Jump-Off in Patag, Silay City

The bus terminal was awake at 5AM. After washing our face and enduring the cold at the airconditioned comfort room, we were ready for the next stop: Silay City. We arrived in Poblacion, Silay at 6AM after 30 minutes of travel from Bacolod City. We settled and had breakfast at #HugotSizzlers.

Patag is still an hour away from Poblacion. To save the fare, instead of hiring a private vehicle, we utilized the commuter jeepney instead. We only pay for Php45 for the trip but we had to wait 45 minutes for the jeepney to be filled.

The Hospital, Patag (Jump-Off)

The jeepney left at 8:15. By 9:15, we were at the hospital where we got our guides. We haggled to only have 1 guide as 2 of our companions were from Negros and they are quite familiar with the trail. Unfortunately, the tourism insisted that we should have 2.

Compared to other guide fees which was mostly Php500/day, Tinagong Dagat guide fee was Php750/day. We were already uneasy by the guide fees more so when they asked us to pay for the entrance fee, we were baffled why we had to pay when we only went their to get guides but they insist that we should pay. T_T

We thought that was our only “pay” trouble. We thought wrong. Stay tuned on the next post as we finally start our trek and leave the Hospital but before ending this post, let me tell you a story about the hospital.

About the Hospital. Back in 2013, I remembered one of our hiking friends told us that the hospital was kind of haunted. I was especially excited to see it. To my surprise, the hospital was now turned into rooms for the guests who want to swim at the pool beside it. Hehe! No more ghost feels for me. Lol

An Overnight Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan via Patag – Campuestohan Traverse

See below the ITINERARY AND EXPENSES, story to follow.


Day 0
Permit/Fax: Php300

The Adventurers before leaving the camp.

Roll Call (from Left):
Harold, Pete, Kathy, Alfred, Rhea, Kring, July, RJ, Jill, Van, Carl, Andoy, Shie, Guide 1, Guide 2, Gil

17:00 North Bus Terminal
– Be early to secure a seat.
17:50 Departure to Toledo
– Fare/Pax: Php375 via Ceres (w/ CR)
20:30 Toledo City
20:45 Get off the bus
– Told to be back at 9PM so we just bought take out at Mcdo.
21:00 At the Ferry
21:30 Departure to San Carlos City
– Ticket and terminal fee was provided by the Ceres conductor before leaving the bus. Things were left at the bus too.
23:15 Arrival in San Carlos City
23:30 At the bus, departure to Bacolod

Day 1

02:00 Bacolod Old Terminal
02:45 To Ceres Northbound Terminal
– Fare/Pax: Php30 via tryke
03:00 At Terminal
– Sleep until 5:00 AM (Preps)
05:30 To Silay
– Fare/Pax: Php16 via Ceres Bus
06:00 Poblacion Silay City
– Breakfast @ #Hugot Sizzlers
– Wait for Alfred. Permit was forgotten.
– CR breaks
– Buy lunch pack at Mercado.
07:30 At jeep to Patag (Commute)
– Fare/Pax: Php45 via passenger jeepney
– Waiting for other passengers
08:15 Jeep Departure
09:15 Hospital – Tourism
– Guide Fee: Php750/day
– Guide Fee/Pax: Php250
– Entrance: Php10
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Platform
16:30 Tinagong Dagat
18:00 Dinner Preps
20:00 Dinner
20:30 Socials
22:00 Lights Off

Day 2

05:00 Wake up call
06:00 Breakfast Preps, Break Camp
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Left Tinagong Dagat
13:00 Campuestohan
– Food Share/Pax: Php87
15:00 ETD to Bacolod
16:00 ETA in Mercy’s Talabahan, Bacolod
16:30 ETD to Ruins
– Fare/Pax: Php150
17:00 The Ruins
– Entrance/Pax: Php100
19:00 ETD to Ceres Terminal
– Fare/Pax: Php25 via Tryke
– Dinner
– Fare/Pax: Php410 from Bacolod to North Bus via Escalante – Tabuelan
21:00 ETD to Ferry
23:30 ETA Ferry Port
– Fare/Pax: Php130
00:00 ETD to Tabuelan Port
03:00 ETD to North Bus Terminal
05:30 Home Sweet Home

Permit/Fax: Php300 paid 1 to 2 weeks before the trek
Fare/Pax: Php375 from North Bus to Bacolod City via Ceres (w/ CR)
Fare/Pax: Php30 from Bacolod Bus Stop to Ceres Terminal via tryke
Fare/Pax: Php16 from Ceres Terminal to Silay City via Ceres Bus
Fare/Pax: Php45 from Silay City to jump-off in Patag
Guide Fee/Pax: Php250 paid at Hospital
Entrance Hospital: Php10 paid at Hospital
Food Share/Pax: Php87 group food sharing (Day 1 Dinner, Day 2 Breakfast, Lunch)
Fare/Pax: Php150 from Campuestohan to The Ruins
Entrance/Pax: Php100 The Ruins
Fare/Pax: Php25 via Tryke from The Ruins to Ceres Terminal
Fare/Pax: Php410 from Bacolod to North Bus via Escalante – Tabuelan
Fare/Pax: Php130 Ferry from Escalante to Tabuelan

Day 0 Dinner Php100
Day 1 Breakfast Php50
Day 1 Pack Lunch Php50
Day 2 Snacks Php100
Day 2 Late Lunch Php150
Day 2 Dinner Php50

GRAND TOTAL: Php2500 (total estimated max budget. Just bring Php3000)

GUIDE DETAILS (Guide is provided by Tourism office on the day in Hospital, Patag, Silay City)
Note: 1 guide per 10 pax, in excess mandatory add 1 guide
– Guide Fee: Php750/day/pax

High@9: Anniversary Weekend at BE Resorts, Mactan

The 2 weekend of hiatus and house arrest has finally ended this weekend as we celebrated our 9th anniversary by the beach at BE Resorts, Punta Engaño, Mactan.

It was our 2nd time to celebrate at a resort in Mactan. The 1st time was back in 2011 when we celebrated our 3rd anniversary as Migo&Miga at Alta Cebu in Cordova. Like the 1st, it was also the boyfie-now-husband’s pick and surprise anniversary gift. Just awesome!

Day 1

We arrived late in the afternoon. After settling, we went picture-taking and took a bath at the infinity pool. The room has 2 queen beds. I love that the windows are glass and the blinds could be fully-opened to let the natural light in. Our view from the window was Movenpick hotel and the harbor beside it.


We brought 2 board games for the night but while having dinner at Salt, the resort restaurant, I was having a bad headache. The husband had to run to the car to get paracetamol. After dinner, I am in no condition to play. With a reluctant heart, the husband lets me sleep.

Day 2

Since I retired early the night before, I was already awake by 6 AM but the husband begged to extend sleeping hours. We ate at 8:30 AM at the function room for the buffet breakfast. By 10:30 AM, I swam alone as the husband had some personal ache to attend to.

Breakfast Buffet!
Swimming time!
At the infinity pool!

Home Sweet Home

At 12:00 PM, we checked out and stayed until 1 PM to take more pictures before leaving the resort.

So how’s BE Resorts?

The beach front is awesome. I’m a little surprise the sea is awesome too. I love the general feel of the hotel. It’s very emaculate and clean with it’s white exterior. The custom made chairs on the beach front is very picturesque too. However, the just 4 feet infinity pool made me re-think of coming back again. Swimming is just not the same if it’s not deep. Also, the loud noise coming from the events at Chateau by the sea was disturbing.

Thank you husband!

Over all, it was another weekend well spent. Much gratitude to the husband’s thoughtfulness. It is unbelievable that we would turn 9 on Wednesday, June 21 cause it’s as if our love and fire for each other hasn’t aged one bit.

Anniversaries over the years

1 2009:Dessert Factory
2 2010:Gerry’s Grill
3 2011:Alta Cebu
4 2012:Aranos
5 2013:Online (Miga is in the US)
6 2014:Siquijor
7 2015:Ronda
8 2016:Tres Marias
9 2017:BE Resorts

Interested to have a relaxing beach weekend at BE Resorts? Check their prices here.

That’s all folks! Hoping you had an awesome weekend like we did. And don’t be a lurker again please, let us know what you think on the comment below. Till the next trip!

God bless!

Long Weekend Ahead. So Where Are You Off To?

If not for the hiatus, we would have been busy preparing for a trip or a trek today. Though I’m in no regrets, I just can’t help but feel the spirit of wander as many of my friends will be enjoying the holiday else where. I’m praying for their safety. May the Lord’s protection be always upon them as they will enjoy the majesty of Biliran’s Tres Marias and the adventure that is Siargao.

Safe treks and trips friends! 🙂 Enjoy and indulge in the beauty of nature while being amazed at how awesome the creator of such majesty.

And because I’ll be spending the long weekend wander free, here’s a look back of how I have spent the month of June in 2016. But before that, here’s an outlook of our June 2017.

June 21 is the husband and I’s anniversary. So most of the time, we would stay put on the 2nd week of June as I prefer our wander on the weekends before and after our anniversary. This year, I didn’t have anything planned as I am on a self-imposed hiatus with a bit of laziness but just last Monday, we were blessed with a trek on the last weekend of June. Hurray!!! And last Tuesday, while I was looking for something at the husband’s bag, I found his surprise for our anniversary. LOL It really caught me off guard. His thoughtfulness never fails to amaze me. And though I found the surprise earlier just like the journal that he bought for me last Christmas, the impact is still the same. Just grateful to God for Migo. 🙂

Advance happy 9th anniversary to us Baby Love Migo My Love So Sweet!

We will spend the weekend before our anniversary in an overnight chill at BE Resort, Mactan. Then the next weekend will be spent conquering Mt. Mandalagan together. Yay! Thank you Lord!!!

And this is how June 2016 weekends were spent…

1st Week: Cleanup Climb in Babag, Cebu

2nd Week: Freedom Climb in Lanaya, Cebu

3rd Week: Major Climb in Tres Marias, Biliran

4th Week: CBGS Summer in Sogod, Cebu

3D2N of Beach & Board Games in Badian, Cebu

Migo&Miga while waiting for the van to take us back to Cebu City.

And just like that, Summer 2017 has ended. It has been a busy April & May for the husband and I but majority of the activities were mine. The last weekend of May were his idea. Going with the Cebu Board Gamers on a 3-day escape to the beach was something new but I’m glad I did. It was the kind of much needed relaxation that resets me back to awesomeness. Yay!

So what can you do in Badian, Cebu? Aside from the famed Kawasan Falls, there’s the white sand beach too. 

We had an awesome time with the beach and board games plus a side trip to Kawasan. It was indeed the best way to end the busy summer. 🙂

Trip Details

Beach & board games in Badian
May 26-28, 2017

Thanks to Victor & Ana for organizing


Victor, Ana, Kring, July, Je, JP, Kyle, Verne, Lem, Nina, Paul, Ina


  • May 26:
    9:00 Assembly Jollibee, Escario
    9:30 ETD Lambug Beach Homestay
    13:00 ETA Gaisano Moalboal (Lunch)
    14:00 ETA Lambug Beach Homestay
    15:00 Beach & Board Games
    18:00 Dinner
    20:00 Beach & Board Games

  • May 27:
    8:00 Wake up
    9:30 Breakfast
    10:00 Beach
    14:00 Lunch
    16:00 Kawasan Falls via tricycle (Php100 round trip)
    19:00 ETA Back to guest house
    21:00 Dinner
    22:00+ Board Games

  • May 28:
    8:00 Wake up
    9:30 Breakfast
    12:30 ETD Cebu City
    14:00 Barili Milk Station
    16:30 Cebu City

Meal Plan:
May 26 Dinner: Grilled Fish, Spaghetti, Rice
May 27 Breakfast: Ham, Omelette, Fried Rice
May 27 Lunch: Lechon, Kimchi, Lumpia
May 27 Dinner: Pancit, Grilled Pork, Rice
May 28 Breakfast: Reheated Grilled Pork, Lumpia

Php 2K all in.
Inclusions: Accommodation, van transport round trip, 5 meals++

Lambug Beach Homestay
Snaps of the trip

Day 1 – May 26, 2017 (Friday)

Day 2 – May 27, 2017 (Saturday)

Day 3 – May 28, 2017 (Sunday)

29 Cebu Trekking Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

I have this uneasy feeling of numbers not ending in “O” but if I keep looking for the last entry that would make this list a 30, I’m surely gonna end up putting this post in a draft indefinitely. You are welcome to guess just how many unfinished posts in my drafts right now. Phew!  So before you start going through the list, make sure you keep tabs on the entries. Who knows, your favorite trekking destination might be the one to complete me…I mean my list. LOL

So here we go…let’s start with…

The 14 Destinations We’ve Been To Sorted By Proximity from Cebu City

Braced yourself because what you are about to read are excerpts of the climb stories. Prepare to be taken 2 years backwards since 2015 was our best Cebu trekking year. We were supposed to take a leave of absence from adventuring this 2017 for the baby project but because of hormonal adjustments, we might have to re-align our plans. In 2016, we didn’t do much of local trekking as well since travelling abroad was our priorities. At the start of this year, I was also busy leading our 1st company wide fitness challenge.

By June, things will gonna change at work. I’m planning to leave my post as an Ambassador and will try to push going in the office for work only. This list will be the next goal. Yay! As I was doing this, was quite surprised that the trekking destinations in Cebu has grown. I ended the 2015 on a photobook of my 10 Cebu Trekking destinations. Added 4 in 2016. 🙂

Group A: Northbound from Liloan to Catmon

04 R Lanigid

On my first visit in Lanigid, I have cited 10 reasons why you should. In February 2016,  I’ve visited twice and find more reasons why it’s fast becoming my favorite. 🙂 1. It can be day-trekked half-day. Last February 24, 2016,  Cebu Charter Day Holiday, along with 2 other NTC officers and 3 friends, we went to… Continue reading

The plight of Osmeña Peak has been heartbreaking to us who have seen it’s beauty before trekking has become somewhat mainstream. It’s sad and disappointing. Lately, more and more beautiful mountains or spots in Cebu has fallen into the hands of human nature – selfishness, carelessness and no love for the environment. We’ve seen some and… Continue reading

03 L Kapayas

The beauty of Mt. Kapayas’s peak is famous so are tales that scares neophytes from wanting it on their “to climb” list. Last September 24, 2015, Sunday, I must have been thinking too much about how hard it is that I was a little disappointed. Contrary to how I thought it would be, Kapayas was just perfect. It’s… Continue reading

Group B: Central which does not involve going to South Bus or North Bus Terminal

We visited as part of the cleanup climb last June 2016.

04 L Babag

Mt. BABAG This was my 3rd day trek in Babag and the 2nd trek with a purpose. The first was an outreach climb in December 2014 where we made at least a hundred kids happy. The 2nd was a Sunday trek as a pre-climb for a major trek in Alto Peak. I heard a lot… Continue reading

The day after our eventful day trek to Bocaue was an awesome Sunday – the last weekend of January. The husband spoiled the Miga by giving in to her cravings of green banana and salted fish. My, my…yumminess and movie is love. Everything is perfect until she moves her legs. Uh-oh!  The pains which were… Continue reading

01 R Sirao Peak

April 1st – or April Fools’ day is celebrated around the world last Saturday but to the amazing Women in NCR (WIN), no fooling around since together with Boom Boom Pow and Suweighsize Squad, 2 teams from ITS Fitness Challenge (IFC), they went to conquer the popular Sirao Peak in Busay, Cebu City led by NCR Trekker’s Club… Continue reading

02 L Manunggal

02 R Mauyog

  • Mauyog, Balamban (1) – No Camping Space (can be trekked paired with Manunggal)

It was maybe 2 years ago when I made a list of mountains to be conquered locally within Cebu. That time, I’ve had more outside of Cebu climbs than within. To increase and explore Cebu more, along with Kapayas, Mauyog and Manunggal were on that list. But as time flew like my other lists, they… Continue reading

Group C: Southbound from Naga to Ginatilan

05 R Naupa

It hasn’t been a while since knowing that Mt. Naupa has become a mountaineer’s destination. Seeing pictures of other mountaineers of the campsite puts me in awe. I wanted to be there and experience the beauty for myself. So last weekend, January 24-25, we finally took the time to climb Mt. Naupa as part of… Continue reading

01 L Osmena Peak

Less crowded Opeak. Perfect hike weather. No-hassle travel. I can attribute these serendipitous conditions to 2 things. First, there was a typhoon brewing in Luzon that weekend. And second, there’s currently a moratorium for canyoneering activities, which is a large tourist draw. With these two combined, it might have repelled the usual weekend warriors away. This seems like a Schadenfreude moment, 2 unfortunate events led to my perfect weekend trek situation. hahaha… Continue reading

Dalaguete has always been known for Osmeña Peak but unbeknownst to many, there is another camping destination that can be reached via Dalaguete too. NCR Trekkers visited Dalaguete again last November 28-30, 2015, this time the mighty Osmena was not our purpose but the less trodden path that leads to Kandungaw Peak in Maloray, Dalaguete.… Continue reading

05 L Lanaya

No trek is ever the same even if you’ve done it many times. This was my 3rd trek in Mt. Lanaya. Yet each and every time is a different experience. And if I were to pick the best, nah, I’ll pass. Last Saturday, June 11-12 2016, is as good as the first (2013 via Legazpi – Lumpan)… Continue reading

03 R Hambubuyog

The Pre-Climb early this year a friend had just known about my trekacapes so she asked me if I am interested to join the trekking club in our company. I was hesitant for reasons but I left my options open. By February, my celebrity sched had finally stabilized. I then schedule a climb for my… Continue reading

The 15 Destinations We’ve Planned To Go Sorted By Proximity from Cebu City

This 15 trekking destinations should keep me busy starting June. Yay! But will need to focus on just one trekking in a month since I will start planning to join a ministry in Citichurch too. Plus, unlike before, the husband and I planned to at least have a weekend every month to just laze around. Want to join us on our treks, comment below or message me in Facebook. 🙂

Group A: Northbound from Liloan to Catmon

Manghilao, Danao

Group B: Central which does not involve going to South Bus or North Bus Terminal

Jaclupan Trail

Group C: Southbound from Naga to Ginatilan

Calbasaan, Minglanilla

Puting Bato, Toledo

Tagaytay Hills, Toledo

New Bucao, Toledo

Bandilaan, San Fernando

Lantoy, Argao

Tiposo Peak, Argao

Takliad, Argao

Merkado’s Peak, Dalaguete

Bandera Peak, Dalaguete

Casino Peak, Dalaguete

Ablayan Peak, Boljoon

Your Turn: Did I miss your favorite destination on the list? Let me know on the comment below to be added. Also, our group are always welcoming to new adventurers. Don’t hesitate to drop me a hello to be added on the notification list. Climbing mountains is always fun with everyone. 🙂

PS: If you see me in the mountains, don’t hesitate to say hi. I would love to know more adventurers like you. 🙂


Kring (Get to know me more!)

H(e)aven in Hagnaya, Cebu

I’ve lived in Cebu all my life and have once aimed to visit each municipalities and cities and enjoy what they have to offer. Been to quite a handful but not in the north. If I were to choose, south is always the place to go. Yet last holy week for 3 days starting the Holy Thursday until Black Saturday, I was enjoying a little piece of h(e)aven in the north.

Hagnaya Beach Resort in Hagnaya, Cebu was the venue of the successful Citichurch’s Recharge Camp 2017. The resort is nice but below are reasons why you should add and checkout Hagnaya Resort for team building and summer getaway:

  • The place is huge with lots of amenities for team building activities like basketball, pingpong and billiards. With over 250+ participants, the resort was still surprisingly spacious.

  • The place is pretty and picture perfect. Upon entering the gates, the first view that you will see is the well-manicured park with 4 huge animal replicas surrounding the fountain. Across the park is the social hall that can accomodate maybe 200-500 seated guests. Walking toward the sea from the gate, you will pass by the pool, rooms and then the restaurant. There are about 20+ rooms in different sizes.

  • Beyond the restaurant where Recharge camp 2017 meals were served is a long stretch of baywalk – the perfect spot for sunrise and photo ops.

  • It is kid-friendly. Overlooking the baywalk is a mini-park with swings and seesaws that will make children happy and adult alike.

  • The food is awesome. The camp meals were served in buffet and not once did I feel unsatisfied.

So that’s the main reasons why you should check the resort plus if you are like me who fancies sleeping in the tent, they have a space for camping too. Who wouldn’t fall for that?

Aside from being recharged by the camp activities, the place has recharged me too even if I wasn’t able to swim. Walking in the baywalk at sunrise is the best part of staying in the resort. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? It’s summer friends. It’s the perfect time to getaway. When you do, put Hagnaya Resort on top of the list. You won’t regret it!!!

While at it, you could also check my learnings at the recently concluded recharge camp. It’s really not bad to enjoy but it’s more rewarding to enjoy with God’s presence. Hurray!!!

Cheering for your perfect escape,

Dreams Do Come True

The first quarter of 2017 is almost done but the 2016 recap is still in draft. Wew! Time to catchup. These days, I hardly have time to write anymore but if I’m not gonna do it, I’m sure I would hate myself 2-3 years from now. 😊

If there’s a line that would best describe our 2016, that would be:

Dreams do come true.

Indeed they do. All we wanted was to focus the year with travel  but we were blessed with so muchhh more. In 2016, we were able to experience wanders and achieve our goals too. Just thankful.

Here’s the list of the awesome things in 2016 starting with Laag then Katkat then Dula and our personal developments:

  1. Treks within Cebu (JanFebAprMayJun), out of Cebu (Jun) and out of the country (Aug).

2. Travels within Cebu, out of Cebu and 2 out of the country (MarAug):  (1) Wedding anniversary in Hong Kong and Macau (2) Welcoming Miga’s 30th on a 2-week adventure in Indochina (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand).

3. Hosted an awesome table top day with the Cebu Board Gamer’s at Maxwell Hotel (Apr), went to a board gaming summer weekend in Sogod (Jun) and a Christmas event at a house in Mactan (Dec).

4. Miga attended a young adult ministry and joined Volunteer in Cebu outreach (Feb), found Godly friends with the formation of NCR Ladies Life Group (Jun), started the Women In NCR presidency and revisited her jewelry making hobby (Jul), lost her Tatay (Oct), increased family visits and events, went on a social media diet and started pursuing the Jesus life style (Sep – Dec).

5. Migo bought Raspberry Pi and installed KODI (Feb), finished watching firefly, watched new series: Dark Matter, Community and Expanse. Acquired 10+ new board games. Found a hobby, kite flying. New phone in July ’cause of Pokemon Go, not a bandwagoner.

Best Day Trek Ever @ Bocaue Peak via 5 Towers

The day after our eventful day trek to Bocaue was an awesome Sunday – the last weekend of January. The husband spoiled the Miga by giving in to her cravings of green banana and salted fish. My, my…yumminess and movie is love. Everything is perfect until she moves her legs. Uh-oh! 

The pains which were a little worse the night after the trek subsided already but the memories of an-unexpected-day-trek-turned-night-plus-walking-in-the-rain still hadn’t. It was too much to just brush off. Why?

Here’s a number of reasons why it’s called the BEST DAY TREK EVER!!!

1. The weather was perfect for a climb. Cloudy and a little drizzle from time to time but not enough to get us wet. Perfectly awesome to prevent Mr. Sun from scorching us. Wohoo!!!

2. We had a good number of hikers, around 20ish. 6 of which are day trekkers. We belong to the day trekkers but we carried as much as the night since we brought our banana bed (Violi) and kite (Octi) along. Part of the reason why we opt to day. We’d be super crazy to bring Violi and Octi along with our normal overnight packs. But the wife did thought about it. 🙄 Plus the wife is reunited with blogger friends and known new ones too. They even had a reunion pose. 💟💝💖

3. It’s a new peak for us. NCR trekkers went to visit Bocaue last year but we were in Indochina. Mr. President promised to guide us if we wanted to visit but after the trip, we decided to focus on other things. We were more than happy to have Bocaue as our kick-off peak for 2017. Hurray!

4. Violi and Octi in Bocaue. Ever since the wife enjoyed lounging with the recently purchased banana bed (Violi), she considered bringing it to the mountain despite the husband’s rolling eyes. At 2 kg, it was the same weight with the tent but that time, since it was day hike, the tent was not needed. Other stuffs were left to giving a room for Octi as well.

5. Ultra Day Hike. Bocaue via 5 towers was crazy. It was a long hike. We arrived at the peak after 5 hours of walking. Then, we spent at 2-3 hours of trek going to Chalet with the drizzle. It even rained hard as soon as we arrived in Babag. We were forced to walk in the rain bearing the burden that not all of us had rain coats and headlights. T_T

We were pretty spent when we arrived in Chalet. God answered our prayers when the Kuya Store owner offered to get us motorcycles saving us the walk from Chalet to Temple of Leah. Hurray.

It was indeed another awesome trekacapade worthy in the books of the Wanderfull couple Migo&Miga.


8-9AM Meetup at Guadalupe Church
10AM Jump-off at Napo Basketball Court
10:15AM Start trek via Babag trail
10:45AM Start 5 towers trail
12:30PM Lunch after the 3rd tower
1:00PM Resume Trek
3:00PM Bocaue Peak
4:45PM Start trek to Babag
6:00PM Babag
7:00PM Chalet

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