Summer in December at Solea, Mactan

Christmas for us is spent with each of our families. When we got married in 2015, as much as we would like to celebrate with just the two of us, it doesn’t really make sense since our family is just near. Christmas Eve is spent with my family in Uling, followed by Christmas lunch or dinner with the husband’s family++. This year was not an exception despite the pandemic.

Pajama Themed CHRISTmas 2020

And because there were less escapade for us this 2020, we thought of a beach trip for December. The initial plan was to drive somewhere south but since Mactan Resort rates are significantly lower and Solea was suggested as a venue for friend’s reunion, it was a wrap!

Ganisiya gengs with mini-Iannie!

Check out this review of Solea Mactan Resort on Google Maps.

I discovered Google maps review in 2020! Instead of posting in my FB or IG, I started posting my comments of the places we visited in Gmaps. It felt appropriate there as it was intended for reviews. When sharing my main purpose is to have a place to look back where I have been. FB and IG is a good place but it has lost it’s touch for me. Seeing posts of people sharing their vacation and where they have been makes me cringed. I think the months of reading why social media is bad finally got to me. Whenever I saw people sharing, I automatically think that they are bragging or how badly they want for other people’s approval. I maybe am projecting but it doesn’t feel good to be thinking of that while I am still doing what makes me cringe.


We paid a little more than we would usually spend for a room but it was worth it. At 6K, we had a room good for 3 adults with buffet breakfast already. I love the look of Solea too. Escape at any Mactan Resort was not really a thing to me considering that before it would cost between 10-15k for overnight. I would rather go somewhere far with the amount but now I know why.

I’m actually very interested in checking out other Mactan resorts. Already thinking of a staycation for our 6th wedding anniversary. 😀

What We Did in Solea?

We arrived very late on the 1st day. Check-in was 3PM and checkout was 11AM the next day. Upon leaving, I thought of how nice it would be if we just arrived earlier. My friends were there for the day use which started at 9AM until 5PM only. Since we arrived late, they just actually enjoyed 2 hours of the day use. Despite that, it was still 2 hours well spent. We just focused on swimming for the 2 hours but they stayed until 7PM to consume the consumable part of the 2500 for 2 pax.

When my friends left, we proceeded to dinner. At 1500, the dinner was awesome. The kimchi rice overwhelmed. We took the leftover at our room and ate it at lunch the next day at my brother’s house. It’s super “sulit”.

To cap the night, we visited the rooftop bar to claim our welcome drinks. We had a choice of calamansi and a shot glass of rhum. We took 2 shot glasses and a calamansi. We ordered mango shake for Unyara as well and 2 bottles of san mig apple. It taste very different now after almost 2 years. I was hesitant to drink since Unyara is still very much breastfeeding but what’s a bottle and a shot glass, right?

Goodbye Solea

Whenever we do overnight, the day after was the hardest as most checkout is at 12PM and we usually wake up late. Solea’s checkout was actually an hour earlier. Compared to normal check-in/checkout time, both are 1 hour later and 1 hour earlier so if you want to save time, it’s better to arrive early and just check the place while waiting for the check-in. They have tons of awesome nooks to take pictures on but since we are pressed with time, we just do the basics.

I woke up at 7AM but it still took us until 10AM to be out of the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, we quickly checkout the sea and swam. When it’s almost 11AM, we left the room for checkout without changing. After checkout, we continued swimming and just change at the comfort room. We left Solea around 1:30PM as I have a schedule to meet the contractor in charge of my brother’s house’s renovation.

Pandemic Measures

Measures are in place and even if the resort is big, there are places with crowd still but I personally think that everyone was as careful as we are too. We are very thankful to God for the awesome time. Thinking about that escape now still makes my heart flutter. Praise you Jesus!

1st Swimscape Out of ECQ in Tabuelan, Cebu

When the husband mentioned that after we visit his parent’s home last August 30, we would spend 1 September weekend on a beach, I had 2nd thoughts. Even if Mandaue City has long been in GCQ, relaxing was never an option as our family believes that God always protects but we have to do our part too.

I was very firm in not taking risk but since it’s the husband’s birthday weekend, I relaxed. After all, between me and him, I’m really the “laagan” so this request to travel is a rare request – something that I cannot ignore. Despite prior agreement, the husband must have felt my doubts so the follow-ups were more of a joke as if weighing if my yes is still a yes.

On the 1st weekend of September, I took the liberty to look at my news feed and noticed that there were posts from the beach. Told the husband about it and he commented how it’s okay already just as long as we follow the protocol. With that, I barely noticed how my work week was as I was really looking forward to our escape. Yet even on the day, lots of prayers were thrown still and until we were safely settled in our accommodation, I was very discreet.

When guilt crept in, the thought that this is really not just all for luxury as aside from going to the beach, we made arrangements for Lanie to visit her family in Asturias as well. Unyara’s minder has missed her children a lot already from not having to visit them starting April. When the husband shared that Lanie might be able to go home on our weekend escape to Tabuelan, it was a wrap. Lanie’s excitement peaked at Friday night. She was not able to sleep at all. While we were all busy that Saturday morning, I made sure we brought our quarantine pass and my company COE in case of checkups.

The Drive, Per Town Checkpoints & COVID Measures

When I shared our trip in Facebook, some friends messaged me asking about the checkpoints and if we were checked. Not sure if it’s really the norms but we were not checked all throughout every checkpoints. I don’t know as well if it matters that we are coming from Mandaue City and not Cebu City where COVID cases are high.

When the husband researched on where to go, we carefully avoided Cebu City as last August 30, when we visited his parent’s home in Labangon, a checkpoint in city health asked us for our border pass. As we have none, we were told to secure on our next visit to Cebu City. We didn’t really have the time on weekdays to get that border pass so we kind of avoided Cebu City at all costs.

Heard about Tabuelan before but didn’t really take it as something that I would like to visit as it’s on the other side of Cebu. When the husband shared that it’s just 2-3 hours travel, I was confused. He explained that there’s a road connecting Sogod and Tabuelan.

The road from Sogod to Tabuelan is awesome. It’s wider than the high way. If not for the heightened alert of COVID, I would have asked the husband to stop and have a quick photo. Oh well there’s always a next time. Whenever we are going outside our home, I always make it sure to have less or no other contact in between at all. Point A to point B travel is still the best practice in this uncertain times. And of course, even though it’s a hassle, we still make it a practice to take a bath right after going home from an outside trip or errand. Also, make sure to pick a resort with COVID measures. So glad, Therrish has that.

The Accommodation

Didn’t really ask the husband where we would stay but I scoured the look of Maravilla beaches just so I have an idea. When I saw the post of sugboph about Tabuelan, I was very impressed. Considering it’s the beach, I expected a native accommodation. Therrish Beach Resort is far from native. A modern basketball themed 2 story building with well manicured lawn and uniformed staffs greeted us.

Getting ready to dip! Unyara #OOTD!

The resort was fully booked. When the husband process the check-in, we waited in the car with our masks on. Upon entering the premises, our temperature was noted and names were entered into a logbook. I noticed how the last 3 guests were from Mandaue City. As Lanie’s pickup hasn’t arrived yet, after checking in, we proceeded to picture taking immediately while Lanie is still around noting how hard it is to take pictures without our official photographer.

Beach at last!

The Beach

Maravilla beach didn’t disappoint. The long beach line was free of structure. I always love Moalboal but somehow, I think I just found a new favorite. The sand and the water was awesome too. Unyara had so much fun playing in the sand. The water was child friendly as well, knee deep with soft sand and countable rocks beneath.

Moalboal & Alcoy were our go-to white sand beaches in Cebu which are both in the south part of Cebu. Due to the restrictions, we were forced to explore the north. And what an exploration it has been. I think Tabuelan is probably my favorite white sand beach now especially  with it’s long stretch of shallow part. I love it because it’s good for our toddler.

The Fun

When Lanie’s parents arrived, we quickly said hi and bid Lanie goodbye. As it was still 3PM,we decided to rest first before our main agenda – swimming. By 5PM, we were ready.

Twinning with our 23 month old!

After some photos, Unyara and I proceeded to swimming while the husband tried his luck on Octi – his 25 feet Octopus kite. Thankfully, he was able to put it on air, to his delight and the delight of those on the beach. Noticed some ooohs and aaahs and lots of photo shoots. Pretty sure it made the husband’s heart full as well.

Unyara with the husband and Octi in the background!

First Night Away from Home

After dinner, we proceeded to the beach. There were people still but not too many. You can really still do social distancing. Unyara really loves the sand and the water. After playing, the husband and I decided to walk to the end of the beach line with our very game toddler in tow. And as we were going back to where we came from with a thought to roam the opposite end of the beach line, Unyara was asleep. Her earliest so far as she normally sleeps when I do, mostly 12AM tops. Since it’s very hard to roam with a sleeping, we decided to call it a night and continued the fun at our room where the husband encouraged me to learn ukulele.

Breakfast in Bed

Before we retire for the night, we ordered our breakfast. The initial plan was to have it delivered at 7AM but later changed to 8AM. Thanks God that we did because even at 8AM, we were still too tired to wake up.

Funday Sunday

It was an extra lazy Sunday. If not for the thought that we would checkout at 12PM thus we need to maximise our time, we would still be in bed even if it’s almost 10AM. Good thing that at 9:30AM, we realized how we have to enjoy the beach while we still can. Unyara had so much fun as this time, it’s both the husband and I who were all eyes on her as she enjoys the water. We left our phones at the room so we can focus on swimming and have fun. Best decision ever!!!

The time quickly passed. We actually didn’t noticed it passing while swimming. It’s a good thing that we went back at 11AM just in time to take a bath and checkout at 12PM. Being Airbnb hosts, we know how important it is to checkout on time so the husband was already agitated when it’s about quarter to 12 and we weren’t outside already. Thankfully, we were really able to went out at 12PM.

Finding Lunch

We had our dinner and breakfast at Therrish so for lunch, we decided to roam the beach line for some restaurant. And just as we thought it was a bad idea after walking for quite some time because there wasn’t really any restaurant nearby, my roasted pic cravings kick-in. The husband laughed saying where to get “lechon” but as soon as we turned into a corner for our last stop before ruling out that “carenderia” hunting was a failure, a “lechon” vendor met my gaze. Another proof just how God’s favorite we really are.

Photoshoot for Unyara@2

When we decided that we would go to Tabuelan, I was also very excited for a DIY photoshoot. There’s really no problem with quarantine views but it would surely be awesome to be out of condo view as well.

Everything was set except for the fact that I want a family picture but our photographer was not around. While we were eating lunch, Migo mentioned that Lanie took a while and asked me if I considered the thought that Lanie would not come back. I didn’t. It wasn’t really on my mind but I told him we would manage still. I know friends who don’t have childminders. Fortunately, we didn’t have to face that problem as after a while Lanie text that she is back. We were happy to resume our photoshoot as well. We had it quick because the sun was high up already.

Darna in Tabuelan
Home Sweet Home

The quick swimscape ended but our hearts are full of gratitude. Traveling is not as easy as it was before COVID but just thankful to God for making it happened as blessed as it have been.

So how about you? When are you planning to hit the beach if you haven’t already done so. If you have, where did you went and how was it?

H(e)aven in Hagnaya, Cebu

I’ve lived in Cebu all my life and have once aimed to visit each municipalities and cities and enjoy what they have to offer. Been to quite a handful but not in the north. If I were to choose, south is always the place to go. Yet last holy week for 3 days starting the Holy Thursday until Black Saturday, I was enjoying a little piece of h(e)aven in the north.

Hagnaya Beach Resort in Hagnaya, Cebu was the venue of the successful Citichurch’s Recharge Camp 2017. The resort is nice but below are reasons why you should add and checkout Hagnaya Resort for team building and summer getaway:

  • The place is huge with lots of amenities for team building activities like basketball, pingpong and billiards. With over 250+ participants, the resort was still surprisingly spacious.

  • The place is pretty and picture perfect. Upon entering the gates, the first view that you will see is the well-manicured park with 4 huge animal replicas surrounding the fountain. Across the park is the social hall that can accomodate maybe 200-500 seated guests. Walking toward the sea from the gate, you will pass by the pool, rooms and then the restaurant. There are about 20+ rooms in different sizes.

  • Beyond the restaurant where Recharge camp 2017 meals were served is a long stretch of baywalk – the perfect spot for sunrise and photo ops.

  • It is kid-friendly. Overlooking the baywalk is a mini-park with swings and seesaws that will make children happy and adult alike.

  • The food is awesome. The camp meals were served in buffet and not once did I feel unsatisfied.

So that’s the main reasons why you should check the resort plus if you are like me who fancies sleeping in the tent, they have a space for camping too. Who wouldn’t fall for that?

Aside from being recharged by the camp activities, the place has recharged me too even if I wasn’t able to swim. Walking in the baywalk at sunrise is the best part of staying in the resort. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? It’s summer friends. It’s the perfect time to getaway. When you do, put Hagnaya Resort on top of the list. You won’t regret it!!!

While at it, you could also check my learnings at the recently concluded recharge camp. It’s really not bad to enjoy but it’s more rewarding to enjoy with God’s presence. Hurray!!!

Cheering for your perfect escape,

One Trip and Tons of Fun in Moalboal, Cebu

We were on a self-imposed hiatus since our trip from Indochina from August 20 to September 1, 2016. The wife has been struggling with a lot of things and with it the desire to pursue wanders and adventures were put on hold. But since the start of the year, she realized that she was overdoing everything and was putting unwanted dent to our awesome life. 

Last weekend, we kicked off our wanders on a joy ride to Moalboal, a 5-hour drive to the South of Cebu with our 2 guy friends aboard #Punky, our 2-month old baby Celerio. It was a trip with tons of fun other than the beach.

The Itinerary 

Day 1:
08:00 Meetup
09:30 ETD to Moalboal
12:00 Lunch stop at Metro Carcar
13:30 Resume drive to Moalboal
15:30 ETA Nanay Terry’s
16:30 Magic Karaoke
17:00 Kite Flying
17:30 Dinner Preps
18:30 Dinner
19:30 Night Swimming
20:30 S’mores-ping Time
21:00 Board Games
02:00 Lights Off

Day 2:
07:30 Breakfast Preps
08:30 Kite Flying, Swimming
11:30 Going Home Preps
12:45 ETD to Moalboal Market
13:00 Lunch at Moalboal Market
15:00 Mantayupan Falls Barili
16:00 Milk Station Barili
19:00 ETA Cebu City

Where We Stayed:

Nanay Terry’s 09103618540 
Php 2000
Airconditioned room good for 4

What I like about staying at Nanay Terry’s is that it was at the laid back part of Bas Dako. You will still need to walk to the public beach which makes Nanay Terry’s front beach less crowded. 

What We Did?

  1. Karaoke on the car – it was so timely that the husband was able to discover “Magic Karaoke” – a bluetooth mic and speaker.

2. Kite flying – we bought Octi before our trip to Indochina but was only able to fly her once at SRP where we were told that we need to get a permit to fly. Haha! But only after we were done flying her. Lol When we return from our trip, we scouted other places to fly her but failed. 

3. Banana  bed lounging

4. S’mores-phing – melting the marshmallows and putting in between hersheys and grahams crackers.

5. Photo Ops

It was a fun-filled weekend and a learning one too since we were able to produce our first ever #Xiaomi #Yi recorded videos. Haha! The wife compiled the videos while the husband did the final editing.

It was a gloomy Saturday but we were blessed with a sunny Sunday. It was an awesome come back indeed from our almost 4 months of break from wanders.

Till our next escape!!! But first, let us know what you think of the #CarpoolKaraoke, #BananaBed and #KiteFlying. Have you tried any of them? It’s awesome right?

Travelling to Ronda, Cebu For An Overnight Stay @ Les Maisons D’Itac

The Main House with the common sala, bar, kitchen & pool table.
The Main House with the common sala, bar, kitchen & pool table.

Last year, we went out of Cebu to the land of mystic, Siquijor, to celebrate our 6th anniversary as Migo & Miga. This weekend to celebrate our 7th year together, we just traveled 3 hours away from Cebu City to reached the less explored & visited municipality of Cebu – Ronda. Why less explored? Because when I googled Ronda, there were few to nothing written about it.

Bamboo house!!! Maison Ulysse!
Bamboo house!!! The bed of Maison Ulysse caught me first but unfortunately it was already booked! Good thing AirBNB suggested Studio Poseidon, our room for the night.

When I told the husband we were off to Ronda, he paused and crinkled his head with his usual where-the-hell-is-Ronda look and asked me where to ride a bus to Ronda. Silence followed. In my excitement to have found a place and being able to claim my AirBNB credits, I totally forgot the logistics.

The villa with it's own pool adorned with big shells plus a bamboo shower! Just wow!
Villa Penelope with private pool adorned with big shells plus a bamboo shower! Just wow!

The Room
I was very impressed & happy with how the room looked. The towel swans & the flowers on the bed were quite romantic. Despite being famished, I hurriedly took pictures. I think the husband was quite happy as well since he didn’t nag when I wanted to have more pics. 😀

Our room is beside the main house. The bed is amazing right? And they even had some Kalachuchi on it. Wew!
Our room(Studio Poseidon) is beside the main house. The bed is amazing right? And they even had some Kalachuchi on it. Wew!

Here’s how to get to Ronda:
Go to South Bus Terminal and ride a bus at Door 10. Ronda is the town before Moalboal. I just noticed that on the doors at the terminal have labels of the town that they can pass.

Go to Door 10 at South Bus Terminal!
Go to Door 10 at South Bus Terminal!

And yes, the husband does this EVERY TIME! Goofyy-ing! :P
And yes, the husband does this EVERY TIME! Goofyy-ing! 😛

Even the sink has flowers. :D The towel swan is just so sweet & of course, I love the shelled mirror and the shell decorations!!!
Even the sink has flowers. 😀 The towel swan is just so sweet & of course, I love the shelled mirror and the shell decorations!!!

Because of the wedding, we didn’t really plan anything nice but as usual, I just can’t let our anniversary pass without doing anything special. Good thing I was able to find Les Maison. It was priced at 103$, a little pricey but I just love the bed so much. The room looks very romantic too. It was love at first sight. Besides, I have a 50$ referral bonus to spend. Yay!

The husband was especially cute & goofy this time. He actually asked me to take this picture. I was sooo happy to oblige. But later on he realized, he's  change of mood. :P
The husband was especially cute & goofy this time. He actually asked me to take this picture. I was sooo happy to oblige. But later on he realized, his change of mood. 😛

Where did I get the 50$ AirBNB credit:
You see I just love AirBNB so much so when I learned about it, I shared it to friends. I was very fortunate cause two of them used the 25$ credit I gave them, which gave me a 25$ per person as reward. Isn’t it just amazing? I hope more people will use AirBNB when they travel cause it’s really very convenient plus you get to see places that aren’t usually known but very beautiful ones like Les Maison.

Ahh quite the model. And yes, he brought his trekking backs just to fit in 2 big board games...haha! Agricola & City of Iron! :P
The view of our room(Studio Poseidon) with the handsome model. And yes, he brought his trekking backpack just to fit in 2 big board games…haha! Agricola & City of Iron!

The full name of the place is Les Maison D’Itac. After dinner on Saturday, we were very fortunate to have spent a while talking to the manager of the place. We exchange stories of our hosting experiences and more of the place’s history.

The cottage in front of the pool. It was so tempting to lounge but we still have lots of spots to see & camwhore. Next time! We'll surely do it next time!
The cottage in front of the pool. It was so tempting to lounge but we still have lots of spots to see & camwhore. Next time! We’ll surely do it next time!

The room we occupied was a duplex type accommodation. The entire place was big with 2 other rooms (the one beside us & the bamboo room) and 2 very beautiful villas with 3 rooms on each villas. When we arrived, we were picked up by a mini-van. The place is around 10-15 minutes ride from the main road. We passed by some local dwellings and a tourist destination Kasadya Aqua Park.

Chillin like a boss!
Chillin like a boss!

Upon arrival, we were ushered to the main house where our lunch was prepared. The bamboo furniture, the wood floor and the shell decorations of the main house caught my attention almost immediately. We were greeted by the manager Bryan and the help, Ate Rose. We are then told to settle to our room first.

The husband admiring the framed shell decorations both inside & outside the houses. These ones are found at the back of the main house.
The husband admiring the framed shell decorations both inside & outside the houses. These ones are found at the back of the main house.

The Entire Place

The common pool beside the main house.
The common pool beside the main house with hammocks & cottages to lounge around!

We had fried chickens & egg plants for lunch. I love the egg plants so much, I had to ask the husband’s share. After the meal, we went to roam the entire place. We visited the 2 villas but only had a peek of Villa Penelope since the other villa was occupied. Later at the after dinner chat, we learned that Ms. Joy from AirBNB was the one renting the villa. We knew her from last year’s meetup at Anzani. What a coincidence. AirBNB is making the world small indeed. Ms. Joy saw us the while we were playing Agricola after breakfast the next day. We had a quick chat & she gave us AirBNB trinkets. Yay!!!

View of the villa! It has its own pool, big grounds & relaxing tables & sala sets.

The husband was quite impressed with the place and so was I of course. He even mentioned how I got so lucky being able to find it. The villas have 3 rooms, their own pool and grounds. We kept repeating how it was a perfect place for team building & outings. The place was very ideal for relaxing, talking & chilling with friends. It has this vacationey & relaxed vibe. After a while of roaming and checking each and every nook, the husband commented that this wasn’t a resort. The place feels like some rich man’s vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. He then gave me an assignment to ask Bryan about its history.

But of course, our mandatory timed shot. 😀

This cottage beside the villa is just so nice. I could see myself lying in here just doing nothing. 😛 Feeling senyorita, eh!

I just so love the villa!

When each and every stones are turned & camwhored, we decided that it’s time to bath. Unfortunately, the sea was on low tide. He teased me again for not being able to bath in the sea. I retaliated by saying that it’s OK ’cause being at such a beautiful place is more than enough. Les Maison topped my expectations indeed.

This was supposed to be our accommodation but was already booked. The room is on the 2nd floor with common area  below.
This was supposed to be our accommodation but was already booked. The room is on the 2nd floor with common area below.

Playing with the coconut in front of the bamboo house.
Playing with the coconut in front of the bamboo house.

POOL TIME!!! Used our water camera this time. It has been unused for so long!

Dinner Time
After swimming, we went for a nap and told the house help to serve dinner @ 8 PM. And yes, we were really on a somewhat feeling rich mode there. Haha! It was a happy weekend where we just camwhored, chatted, played board games & swam. Ahhhhh! Gotta have more weekends like that. 😀 I had a whole fish for dinner. It was so yummy I took my time eating. Suddenly, the wind got stronger & then rain followed. It was very cold so we opt to stay inside the bar where our desserts were served. If the husband and I were drinkers it would have been the best time to drink. While we are eating, Bryan accompanied us. Time to do my assignment. 😀

The beach. See the dog in the picture, thats Itac. He was accompanying us as we roam the beach.
The beach. See the dog in the picture, thats Itac. He was accompanying us as we roam the beach.

Les Maison D’Itac
The place was named after the Dog, Itac. I wasn’t able to mention it but while we are roaming the place, the dog went with us. Maybe he was trying to make us feel welcomed as well. And the husband was right. It was not a resort but a french vacation house. Until 2013, the place was only receiving guests who were friends with the owner. When he died sometime in 2013 from complications of his many ailments, it was then that the 2 children decided to have the place rented, but only enough to support the maintenance of Les Maison. No wonder the place was spotless & very well maintained.

If we stayed longer, this hammock beside the pool would surely be my favorite spot.
If we stayed longer, this hammock beside the pool would surely be my favorite spot.

These foot path to the main house is just very cool with the stones!
This foot path to the main house is just very cool with the stones!

For 2 years, Les Maison has been receiving guests but mostly recommendations and from trip advisor. They are an AirBNB newbie as well. Bryan talked about hosting horrors of which we were very happy to listen.

By July, we would have our anniversary in AirBNB hosting our M&M Condo. It was quite fun and we are very thankful to God that we were given mostly nice guests. Happy to be serving our 18th as of now. 🙂 And of course, thankful to Mye for sharing AirBNB to us. I’m extending the favor by sharing to more of of my friends. AirBNB rocks!!! Hosting with AirBNB helps us fund our wedding last March.

Why Visit Les Maison?
If you ever feel like taking a day off with your monotonous routine, take some time away from the city, and splurge on a romantic room & prepared meal, and experience how the rich relax, visit Les Maison. This is not a resort but a vacation house where you can swim at your own pool, enjoy the sea and taking things slowly. That and more. Visit now to know more. 🙂

Spending our anniversary in Les Maison was a blast. Thankful to have paid 37$ only in AirBNB booking and another 50$ for our meals. Weeeee! All expense paid by our dwindling condo funds. Lol Ahhhh! Loving the wanderfull life!!!

Played City of Iron after dinner chat & Agricola after breakfast!
Played City of Iron after dinner chat & Agricola after breakfast!

Finally, the beachhhhh!!!
Finally, the beachhhhh!!!

After Dinner & Chat
When the wind subsided & the rains turned to drizzle, the husband and I decided that it’s board game time. We played City of Iron in the main house. The big tables were very tempting. It would be a pity not to use its beauty. Halfway through the game, we noticed a commotion. A guy was ushered by the guard into one of the cottages. Bryan was quick to give us some update when he ran to get some change of clothes for him. Because the husband kept on reprimanding me for being nosy, I totally forgot about asking Bryan what happened to the guy when we left. 😦 Hope he was alright. Due to the strong winds, he was swept to Ronda from Negros. Good thing he was alright and was carried by the current to Les Maisons.

Foot way to the villa with guests!

Sunday Morning
Despite the husband’s protest, we slept at around 2 AM. He was sulking ’cause he still wanted to play Agricola. But I was very sleepy already. I spent all my energy thinking of how to win in City of Iron, of which I did. Haha! We woke up at 10 AM. While waiting for our breakfast to be prepared, we started playing Agricola. We finished playing around 12 with me losing at my favorite game.

Enjoying the hammock with Negros on the background!
Enjoying the hammock with Negros on the background!

The pool was inviting but the sea was more fun!
The pool was inviting but the sea was more fun!

We then changed into our swimming attires, ready for the pool only to be surprised that the sea was high tide. Yay!!! I was finally able to taste sea water after almost a year. Weeee!

When we had our fill, we prepared and was ready to end our most relaxing weekend EVER at 3 PM! 3 hours after, we were back in Cebu City with more love than we had the day before. Cheers to more years of being Migo & Miga! We might had become Mister & Misis already yet still we are always and forever will be, Migo & Miga! 🙂

Want to visit? Click on the link to see AirBNB listing.
Studio Poseidon (where we stayed)
Studio Calypso (our neighboring room)
Maison Ulysse (the room that I wanted first)
Villa Pénélope (the villa where we had our pictures)
Villa Télémac (the occupied villa)

Itac looking at the house!
Itac looking at the house!

Hello, Itac! Thank you for being very friendly!!!
Hello, Itac! Thank you for being very friendly!!!

Why I’ve Been On A Hiatus?

My last adventure post was exactly 2 months ago today – the last of the Apo series. After that was a new adventure that I didn’t get to finish. Haha! Oh well, it’s maybe meant for another time…another down time perhaps ’cause right now, I’m on yet another adventure. A different one! Something that I’ve been dreaming my whole life. Because of that I’ll once again go on a hiatus…for a long while. I’m hoping that you’ll still be here when I return. But before that let me take you to the 2 places I’ve visited and enjoyed last month Sirao Peak and Siquijor.

Trek to Sirao Peak
14 June 2014 

This was the boyfie and I’s 4th trek to Sirao but a first without our mountaineering friends, and the weekend before the 6th Anniversary. The trek was part of the whole week anniversary celebration featuring our activities over the years. We started in a movie date at our apartment, then trekking to Cebu City’s closest and most accessible mountain – Mt. Kan-irag.

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And Sirao will never be the same again. 🙂 The activity was supposedly my idea, I didn’t know the boyfie was cooking his own as well.

Trip to Siquijor
20-22 June 2014 

Siquijor has been on our travel list for a long while that got bumped too many times. Then one day, the boyfie said he’s planning the trip. Boy, you should have seen the look I had when he told me. That was before Sirao Peak, as I was thinking about it now, Siquijor must have been his decoy. I was too excited to finally be able to visit Siquijor that I didn’t notice his clues. I actually thought of not pursuing Sirao since a friend invited us to what I think a much more fun adventure in Osmena Peak. The boyfie lashed out for changing my mind. Glad I stayed put. Haha! I wonder what happened if Sirao didn’t happen. Hmmm!

Siquijor (Tagalog pronunciation: [sikiˈhor]CebuanoLalawigan sa SiquijorTagalogLalawigan ng Siquijor) is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayasregion. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. To the northwest of Siquijor are Cebu and Negros, to the northeast is Bohol and to the south, across the Bohol Sea, is the island of Mindanao.

Siquijor is the third smallest province in the country, in terms of population as well as land area (after Camiguin and Batanes). For a time it was part of Negros Oriental.

During the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, the Spaniards called the island as Island of Fire (SpanishIsla del Fuego). Siquijor is commonly associated with mystic traditions that the island’s growing tourism industry capitalizes on.

I knew beforehand that Siquijor is small but I only felt it when we actually motorbiked almost half of the island.


Migo and Miga’s 6th Anniversary Day 0 (20 June 2014)

0900 South Bus Terminal
0930 Dmgte bound via Aircon Ceres Bus (Fare:205/pax)
1330 Bato Arrival
– Snacks: Bingka
1345 Bato Departure via RORO (Fare:70/pax)
1430 Tampi, San Jose, Negros Or. Arrival
1500 Dumaguete Port Arrival
1515 Tricycle to downtown for lunch
– Lunch @ Foodnet
– Snacks
1600 Siquijor Bound via GL Shipping Lines (Fare:140/pax, TF:15/pax)
1715 Siquijor Arrival
– Rent motorbike (350/day) c/o Aipee Dongon 0927 263 3983
– 3 liters Gasoline (150)
18:15 ETA Lorna’s
19:00 BBQ Dinner (135)

We arrived in Siquijor via Cebu-Dumaguete-Siquijor route. For comfort, we opted to ride the Ceres bus from South Bus Terminal bound to Dumaguete then took a ferry to Siquijor. The boyfie already booked a place in San Juan, Lorna’s End Of The World. I actually laugh when he said the name of the place, thinking it was another one of his jokes.

When the ferry arrived at Siquijor port, I get the same aura when entering Bantayan Island. The port was almost the same. A crowd of tricycle drivers greeted us just when I caught a glimpsed of the church. I was pretending to have a closer look just so they won’t insist. We didn’t have a ride to San Juan but I didn’t want us to hop with anyone and then regret for paying too much. I saw a somewhat trustworthy looking guy. Later I would know that his name is “Aipee Dongon (0927 263 3983)”. He showed us a cardboard with tricycle rates. We were surprised that a trip to San Juan cost Php 250. He must have seen our faces so he offered an alternative. Renting a motorbike would only cost Php350/day, I was all in for the cost but waited for the boyfie to react. We owned a motorbike at home but it’s been a while since his last drive. I saw him nod with reluctance. When I asked him again, his answer was already with confidence. Wew! It was my turn to shy away.

“Safe ra gyud kaayo mag-drive diri sa Siquijor, Mam.” Kuya Aipee said then did a quick run through of the roads and states of the entire province. I was sold.

He had the boyfie tried his motorbike and when it was all good, he asked us to wait to get a new bike. The boyfie tried the new bike as well but in the end, Kuya Aipee lets us take his own motorbike saying it was new compared to the other one. Thanks, Kuya Aipee. 🙂

Renting the motorbike was probably the best decision, we learned later. Siquijor’s spots were really just within the road plus there were signs and everything to lead you from place to place. We were more mobile and free because we had our own ride.

The boyfie with the motorbike at Lorna’s entrance.

For 2 days, we rented the motorbike for Php600. We arrived at Lorna’s without a hitch. And was very amazed how silent the road to San Juan is. We just saw countable motorbikes and never saw any jeep at all. It seems Kuya Aipee was not saying what he said just so we would rent the bike after all. 😀

At the front of Lorna’s.

Sunset in San Juan, Siquijor!

The sun was about to set when we reached Lorna’s so the first thing we did was cam whoring on San Juan’s sunset with Talinis Peak in the background. We had dinner by the boulevard eating barbecue with the locals. We slept early opting to greet each other a happy anniversary earlier for the planned tour the next day.

Migo and Miga’s 6th Anniversary (21 June 2014)
Motorbiking around Siquijor

0800 Breakfast @ Lorna’s
0945 Begin Tour
Lazi Balete (10 donation)
1100 Lazi Convent, Museum entrance (20/pax)
1130 Cambuhagay Falls
– Parking (10), Snack (35)
1300 Lunch @ Lazi, Port, Noynoy Eatery
– Snack
1400 Salagdoong (15/pax)
– Motor Parking (10)
1700 Maria Souvenir Shop
1800 End Tour
2000 Anniversary dinner: Bubi’s Restaurant @ Royal Cliff (540)
2130 Game Time: RFTG, Carcassone
2400 Light’s Off

022 023
024 025
026 027
028 029
030 031
032 033
034 035
036 037


Migo and Miga’s 6th Anniversary Day 2 (22 June 2014)

0830 Breakfast @ Lorna’s
0930 Beach Swimming
1100 Bye Bye Lorna’s (1080)
– 2 days stay (300/day)
– 2 breakfast (360)
1130 Capilay (30 gas)
1200 Siquijor Port (Red Cross Donation 4)
1350 ETD Dumaguete via Ocean Jet (210/pax)
– Souvenir 100
– Lunch 105
1445 Dumaguete Port, ride to Ceres Terminal
– Tricycle to Sibulan
1515 Sibulan Port
1530 Cebu bound via Pump Boat (Fare:35/pax, TF:10/pax, TF: 2/pax)
1600 Santander Arrival, tricycle to hiway
1630 Cebu City Bound via Ceres Liner

038 039



We spent a total of Php 5298 for the entire trip so around Php 2600 per person. It was quite cheap compared to our other escapades. 🙂

Contacts and References:
Where we stayed:
Lorna’s End of the World
Owner: Lorna
Contact Number: 0927 381 6377
Lorna’s was a little different from the boyfie’s reference. Then I learned from talking to Ate Lorna that their home caught fire last 2012 that’s why it was different. Ate Lorna was very kind and accommodating. If we’re going back to Siquijor, I would surely still stay there. The room was supposed to cost Php 500 a night but the CR drainage was stuck so Ate Lorna gave it to us for Php 300. Yay! We didn’t mind taking a bath at the common CR at all.

Our Transportation:
Owner: Aipee Dongon
Contact Number: 0927 263 3983
See description’s above!

Around the web:

Overall Description of Siquijor:

Have you been to Siquijor or planning to go? Let me know on your comments below. Thanks!

Bicol Day3: More of Caramoan Islands

There are about 50 islands discovered out of more or less a hundred. Most of the discoveries were from the staffs of different “Survivor” reality franchise that had its home in the islands.

Cotivas Island

For this day, we covered 3 islands and a mountain. The day started in Bikal port. After a long boat ride we reached what we thought as sandbar. It’s not…just Cotivas island where we had a little taste of the great Pacific Ocean.

GirlsJump P3164628-vert

Unlike the islands visited the other day, this one didn’t have a rock view. We’re there for its cream colored sand and clear waters. We enjoyed doing jump shots. Despite the quick stop, most took the chance to dip in the blue green water. I wish I did.

Busy doing my stuff in the sand while the others are swimming.

Enjoying the water!

Manlawi Sandbar

It’s almost 11 am when we left Cotivas.  Next, Kuya Mike took us to the real sandbar in “Manlawi” island where we had our lunch in floating cottages.

Floating cottages on the background.

Cottages up-close!

Souvenir shells sold for Php 10 or Php 20.

Our cottage!

Manlawi’s sandbar was huge, but smaller than that of Bais’ and can be completely submerge in water unlike Camiguin’s White Island. It was high tide when we arrived so we had the chance to enjoy the knee deep water. We were not allowed to linger because we need to catch the high tide to be able to take the short cut to “Sabitang Laya” island.

We were not able to catch the high tide as planned. Our journey to the next island was therefore compromised.

Sabitang Laya

“Sabitang Laya” took forever. My butt started to get numbed of seating. Glad I’m not one of those people who can’t sleep on a boat. It made the journey bearable.

And finally, Sabitan Laya, our last island destination – the 7th wonder. We were given an hour to enjoy the island. But due to tide issues, the stay was extended. Lucky! We were able to camwhore at rock formations again. This time less jagged and sharp compared to that of Busdak’s.


When we left the island, we save our energy for the feared 587 steps to heaven.

And heaven it is. Despite shaky knees, short breath, and what was left of our energy, we were still able to reach the top and enjoy a magnificent view of some of Caramoan’s islands. Truly worth the climb.

After cooling down, we decided that it’s time to go thinking of the perils of night boat ride. We were back at Rex’s by 6:30 PM. Dinner was served 30 minutes after. And off we retired for the night…dreaming of the adventures we had. And sadly…bye, bye paradise the next day.

cats-bato1 cats-meh cats-migo&miga

Up next: Bicol Day 4 & 5: Mt. Mayon Adventures

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Bicol Day2: Hello Caramoan, Camarines Sur

From CWC, we travelled 2 hours by van to the port…and another 2 hours to the island aboard a ferry. In total we’re 6 hours away from Legaspi airport which means by Sunday most of our day will be spent on the van.

The views consisted mostly of farmlands lying infront of a giant Mt. Isarog. It reminded me of the dream house I had when I was in elementary…house in the corner of a field with a mountain on the back. It took me 27 years to see that it does exist.


Views to Guijalo Port




When we reached Guijalo port, we had to take another 30 minute ride  to our accommodation.

Our home for 2 nights.

Across the inn.

After lunch we had siesta in preparation for the Caramoan discovery at 12:30 PM.

Island Hopping Day 1 (Half Day)

Covered 4 islands Busdak, Matukad, Lahos and Nilaos.

Each island has its individual charm but the magnificent rock formations were common.

Busdak Island

A quick stop at Busdak island gave us the time to cam whore in the jagged and sharp rock formations. One wrong step and you’re own the way to the emergency room. But that didn’t stop us from climbing the rocks just to get the perfect view. 😀


Matukad Island

Our guide, Kuya Mike shared that most of the names of the islands were taken from their characteristic. Matukad (means steep) is best known for its lagoon hidden behind a steep rock. We had to climb for a glimpse.

On the way to the hidden lagoon of the lonely Bangus.

Once there lived a family of Bangus in the lagoon, Mother, Father and babies. The Mother was captured  and eaten by a fisherman who later died of an unknown cause. Now a lone Father Bangus was left in the lagoon because he ate all his babies. My friends were able to see it. I didn’t because the guide says there are snakes in the water. And snakes creep me out.

The 2 girls below were trying to get a good look at Father Bangus. The guy? Well…I don’t know what he’s up to. Hmmm!

The rock just above the lagoon. It was a scary climb but worth it.

The rock where the guy holding the camera has an awesome view. I climbed up there but was too scared to take a picture. Haha!


Aside from it’s steep rocks, Matukad island is also known for it’s powder-like fine white sands.

Enjoying the powder-like sand. I actually rolled over them. Haha!

Us enjoying the view, the sand and everything about the island. Feeling survivor eh?!


Lahos Island


Lahos in vernacular means “went through”. The 2 rock standing in the island looks like a gate in both sides where you can went through. In between the rocks are fine sands as smooth as sugar. The view in between is perfect for a “Survivor” shot. Kuya Mike says Survivor series had its opening there. Cool. And off we did our own shot too.

Nilaos Island

Since Nilaos island was our last stop, we spent most of our time swimming. It was conveniently situated between large boulders. The coastline was small. Glad we were the only group there. And since I was busy swimming…the pictures were forgotten. Haha! Will grab some pics from my companions soon.

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Gone to 3 islands (Cotivas, Manlawi, Sabitan Laya) and went up to Holy Rosary Church with almost 600 steps in Tabgon, Caramoan.

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