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The Leechy Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental Day 2/2

The morning in Tinagong Dagat was cold but dry. When we slept last night, there was a canopy of stars but I half expected the rain still. Thanks God, the ground was only wet from the morning dew. Yay!!! Dry Morning in Tinagong Dagat We plan to wake up at 5 AM but the cold… Continue reading The Leechy Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental Day 2/2

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Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

Just last weekend, the Negros trilogy was finally complete when we experienced the leech-infested forest ascent to Tinagong Dagat. There are 3 popular mountains in Negros Island: Canlaon, Cuernos De Negros or Talinis and Mandalagan or Tinagong Dagat that are trekking must climbs. While writing the adventure in Mt. Mandalagan, I realized that 2 of… Continue reading Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

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Backpacking IndoChina in 11 Days: What To See & Do in Cambodia

I need to remember how great our adventure was. The thought of just hopping from country to country alone was an adventure in itself especially the border crossings but the best adventure was being able to see the places that we've only seen in books or in pictures. So stay with me as I relived our 11 day adventure that started in Cambodia then Vietnam then Laos, and finally Thailand. Yay!!! You can do this too! Maybe even better than we did. 🙂

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2 Days in Bangkok, Thailand (Day 10-11/11)

We arrived in Bangkok at 5 AM via 4 transport transfers from Vang Vieng, Laos. The journey started with a VIP van to Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge where we processed the exit from Laos. As soon as we got off the van, we were ushered by a staff from Soutchai Travel. He gave us instructions on what… Continue reading 2 Days in Bangkok, Thailand (Day 10-11/11)

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Osmeña Peak is GREEN Once More!

Less crowded Opeak. Perfect hike weather. No-hassle travel. I think can attribute these serendipitous conditions to 2 things. First, there was a typhoon brewing in Luzon that weekend. And second, there's currently a moratorium for canyoneering activities, which is a large tourist draw. With these two combined, it might have repelled the usual weekend warriors away. This seems like a Schadenfreude moment, 2 unfortunate events led to my perfect weekend trek situation. hahaha

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Trekking Tips: What To Bring

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Trekking Tips: Rice Planning

Probably the hardest part for me in a trekapade is meal planning. For years, I've always wanted to be able to estimate properly. More often estimating just how much rice we need to bring is a headache. So today, I took my way out of my already jampacked sked to do what I have always… Continue reading Trekking Tips: Rice Planning

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A Peak & A Hot Spring in One Adventure

No trek is ever the same even if you've done it many times. This was my 3rd trek in Mt. Lanaya. Yet each and every time is a different experience. And if I were to pick the best, nah, I'll pass. Last Saturday, June 11-12 is as good as the first (2013 via Legazpi - Lumpan)… Continue reading A Peak & A Hot Spring in One Adventure

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Climbing With A Purpose @ Mt. Babag, Cebu

Mt. BABAG This was my 3rd day trek in Babag and the 2nd trek with a purpose. The first was an outreach climb in December 2014 where we made at least a hundred kids happy. The 2nd was a Sunday trek as a pre-climb for a major trek in Alto Peak. I heard a lot… Continue reading Climbing With A Purpose @ Mt. Babag, Cebu

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A Year of Adventure w/ NCR Trekker’s Club

The first with NCR Trekkers was a blast and every trek thereafter. Today I aged 1 with the club. It has been quite an amazing journey. I was able to scale most of Cebu's trekking destinations and learned a whole lot about mountains and people. Because today is my 1st anniversary, I will answer 10 questions for… Continue reading A Year of Adventure w/ NCR Trekker’s Club