Wedding Godparents At Our 30s? What do you think?

While we were one of maybe not too many who selected our wedding Godparents by the friendship and level of comfort back in 2015, I never thought we would have the same position this year. It is truly an honor to mark our 7th year of marriage by becoming wedding Godparents together. Grateful to the Sabordos for the honor. Praying for God’s guidance all the way!

Per, the typical Filipino wedding is characterized by the long line-up of ninongs and ninangs or the godparents. Their names appear in the invitation under the heading “principal sponsors.” According to Rita Neri’s The Essential Wedding Workbook for the Filipina, “ninongs and ninangs are senior men and women, preferably married, who are either family members or close friends of the couple’s parents.”

I have put emphasis on SENIOR because that’s what we obviously lack although we were not friends with the couple’s parents too but the couple. I truly admire the couple for breaking norms as well. When we decided for our “Principal Sponsors” in 2015, we were in a bind. There was a lengthy discussion how I preferred not to have anyone who would only be there because of their status. I wanted our principal sponsor to be couple we can reach out if we really need help on our marriage. For me, that’s what Godparenting should be. Despite the weirdness of having to ask 2 of our couple friends and 1 couple from our relatives who were young to be principal sponsors, we did.

7 years from that stepping out of the normal wedding norms, I just realized the benefit of what we have done. Godparenting a wedding should be done with care and not be tied with age.

For us, aside from the comfort preference, I don’t really have people who were my parent’s close friends. Now that I’m thinking about this, I can’t help but fast forward 25 years into the future when my 3 year old toddler will get to have the same choice. I will not pressure her into marriage of course, this is just hypothetical if she decides. It would be actually nice if one if not all of her wedding Godparents are her Christening’s Godparents too. But then again, it’s all up to Unyara to decide. Thinking about things like these makes me want to time travel. I’m very fascinated with growing old and spending it with the same people that I have now.

Godparenting a wedding on your 30s, compared to having it on your 60s does have some weirdness to it but not quite. It truly is an honor to be considered one. I’m truly blessed. Having it on our 7th wedding anniversary year make it more special as 7 is my favorite number.

7 might be short in marriage years but the hardwork to keep a marriage alive for 2 different people who are polar opposites in so many ways is worth noting. We may not have the age but the experience, I think we have a little. When we have God, the little things that we have will become big in His hands. If God is with us, then all is well even this Godparenting too. Right? What do you think?

It’s the 7th Sunday of 2022 But Still Stuck at “Clean Up”

2022 started into a “social” overhaul. I was so consumed with extending the konmari way into my digital world. It’s the 7th Sunday of 2022 and I’m still not done yet. Each Sunday, I would think of something to remove. I thought it’s all just “konmari” until I heard this “message” today. I forgot if I have listened to this when it aired last November 21, 2021. Somehow, it feels like I just heard it now. The feeling is so strong that the Lord wanted me to hear this today specifically. God knows that I’m more receptive to this message today as compared to how I am 2 months ago.

Having 2nd Thoughts of Continuing The Cleanup

Some days when thoughts bubble up, I would have the urge to share. My mind is occupied how the idea and the lessons could have helped my social circle. Then I would remember that I have decided to not share every little happenings of my life in the “clouds” already. My intention to share is good but I had no control over what other people think. Maturity has made me look at the way I have been carrying myself before. Most of the time, memories would made me cringed at my foolishness and immaturity. Social media has filled a void that should have been fixed at the root. Being able to share how “good” my life has been made me blind to the things that’s needed to be fixed. It took a while and a lot of conversations with God and stuffing myself with His words to come at a point of acceptance. Yet some days, I still go back to “this person”.

Bathing The Soul Should Be Done Everyday

Like how we bath our physical body each day, bathing our soul should be done everyday too. I am not wondering anymore why after almost 3 months, I’m still not done with “cleanup” yet. While I connected to God everyday, I only had enough to make it through the day. My connection to Him is only a vitamins to my soul. It’s a preventive measure. However, since my soul has been filthy and I had a “soul sickness”, the vitamins didn’t reach that part.

When You Have A Soul Sickness

Just like a physical illness like the common high blood pressure, diabetes and heart enlargement where at a point, we drink medicine to keep going. When we have soul sickness, we should be drinking medicine too. However, since this illness is not noticeable and can be hard to diagnose, most of us only realize it at a point of despair.

Knowing that you have a soul sickness can be hard but there was one thought that really make sense from our Pastor’s message. Check if you have a stinking attitude.

Let’s Clean Up

Each week, new ideas as to how I could clean up the clutter on my digital footprint comes up. The big vision is to have less social prints as possible when I search my name in Google.

Cleaning up my own clutter is hard but the exercise has really helped me to be intentional of what I will be sharing from now on.

Surface Pressure

Few days ago, we watched the movie “Encanto”. I love it but it didn’t really drove me to write a reflection until today when my 3-year-old toddler was singing a song. The lyrics were different but the tune is very familiar. She was even matching it with dance steps even if she is lying down as it was after our breastfeeding session.

I was so entertained that I kept asking her what it meant and she tries to explain it to me through repeating the performance. The husband who is just listening, after a while had a “eureka” moment. He said that Unyara is singing “Surface Pressure” from the movie encanto. When she heard what his Daddy had said, she got out of bed and requested to have it played.

I don’t know much about other 3 year olds as I try to stay away from comparison. However, I always check her skills against the expected age skills. She hit most of it but is acing the communication area. She is very expressive around us especially with me. It’s very different around other people though and as a child who grow up under so much pressure, I am intentional in raising Unyara differently.

I don’t know the reason why Unyara likes the song but it’s probably because of the catchy tune. However, I would like to think that like me she can connect to Luisa too. As an only child now, it wouldn’t feel right to call her the eldest yet. However, for sure, she can relate to “surface pressure”.

For me, everything happens for a reason. Today, after Unyara’s re-introduction of the song, I am reminded of all the “surface pressures” that I had growing up. Luisa looks out of the ordinary – masculine in a feminine attire. I remembered that there was a time in my life that I hated my size because it makes me look masculine. Haha! I guess having “Luisa” as a new “Disney Princess” makes me feel comfortable.

Going back to Unyara, I hope to one day share to her the meaning of the song with a prayer that she wouldn’t have to feel any “surface pressure”. However, as I am just human, I hope she will have the courage to remind me about what this song means! 🙂

We Got Covid in January 2022 (It’s Not What We Expect)

Here’s why:

  1. After 99 weeks of Pandemic, we thought we know what to do when Covid will hit us. However, we were still very clueless on what to do first.
  2. “What to expect when you’re covid positive in Philippines” returns generic results. As a person who learns from experience, I wanted to read testimonies from individuals who had covid. There was none or I didn’t searched enough.
  3. There was nothing written on the expectations for people who will be quarantined because of RT PCR positive result. I was expecting a long manual from LGU.
  4. We thought we have to inform the LGU on our own. We didn’t. We were surprised representative from DOH and LGU visited us on January 28, 3 days after my RT PCR test at a hospital in Cebu City. We didn’t received the result from the hospital itself. Weird.

That’s just some that stood out on the process. However, we were amazed by the experience as a whole. It’s nothing like what we imagined it would be. There’s maybe a big difference from having Covid in 2022 than having it in the previous years.

Contrary to what we thought, being infected with Covid in 2022 was not as bad. We assumed worst. Grateful to God for the favors all throughout. Praying that it would be the same for others too.

There’s no way of telling the type of Covid that we had but we assumed it’s probably the Omicron variant. It affected the entire household, which consisted of 3 adults (2 are vaccinated) and a 3-year-old toddler.

Below is a timeline of our experience. Note that we started our self-imposed isolation on January 18, as soon as we felt that something was up.

  • January 18 (Tue) – I had sore throat, 39+ fever, chills & fatigue. I took a sick leave reluctantly as my body feels really heavy.
  • January 19 (Wed) – my fever was gone, cough and cold followed. Husband develops symptoms same with mine – sore throat, 39+ fever, chills & fatigue. Husband took a sick leave while I resumed with my work. Both of us have been working from home since March 2020.
  • January 20 (Thu) – cough & colds for both of us. Toddler and house help didn’t have symptoms yet.
  • January 21 (Fri) – I had a telemedicine checkup to be sure, as I am immune compromised having Psoriasis. The doctor suggested an RT PCR test to be taken.
  • January 22 (Sat) – toddler had fever the whole day. Managed it with a child approved paracetamol. Monitored her temperature, as well as oxygen thru oximeter.
  • January 23 (Sun) – toddler fever was gone. Had a telemedicine checkup to be sure as toddler has a congenital PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus).
  • January 24 (Mon) – house help had fever. Managed it with paracetamol, liquids and whole day rest. Family went out to have RT PCR test. Testing queue was long. Found out later that the LOA was for a different branch of the hospital. Decided to postpone and do it early the next day.
  • January 25 (Tue) – husband and I have cough still. Toddler and house help didn’t develop cough. My RT PCR test pushed through. We were the only one on the queue for the drive thru testing. Was advised that the results will be 5 to 7 days after. Surprised by the relatively long waiting time for the results but since it was just for peace of mind purpose, it was inconsequential.
  • January 26-27 (Wed & Thu) – Coughing still.
  • January 28 (Fri) – At around 6PM, we had unexpected visitors from DOH and LGU informing us that we have to be quarantined. Our details were collected. They advised us to be in quarantine until February 5, which is 10 days after my RT PCR test. We were given LGU contact number for grocery support and other questions. So far we haven’t reached out to them as we felt we’re sufficiently stocked.
  • January 29 (Sat) – At around 6PM, we were visited by LGU personnel again. They brought us a sack full of supplies and 2 10L mineral water. We were very touched by the gesture. When we opened it, there were groceries: 25kg+ rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, oil, coffee & toiletries. We were wondering if this is standard procedure. We felt very cared and blessed. Thank you so much Brgy Tipolo and Mandaue LGU. We received text info from at least 3 different teams to monitor our progress too. Awesome!!!
  • January 30 (Sun) – Today, our cough is completely gone. We received a text asking fo more details for the medical certificate. Since yesterday, we also started sending our temperature at 8AM and 8PM.

We still have 5 days until our last day of quarantine on Saturday, February 5. While we still don’t know of all the steps that will be done to make sure we are Covid free, we are at peace. To be cared like this is something that we didn’t expect. Having Covid has a bad feels until now! We still fear covid of course and don’t want to go through this all over again but knowing how our LGU cared for those who are sick is just heartwarming. Because of our experience, we realized that, there might be hope in the Philippines after all. And as a member of the regular tax paying population of the Philippines, we felt that our taxes has been used wisely. 😀

2021 Wander Recap – THE Treks or in BISAYA (Katkat)

Our last post was 2021’s opening camp with #PamilyaOutdoor extended at Manunggal, Cebu. I have been planning to write more, but YouTube videos have been easier than words. While I didn’t plan to focus more on videos it just becomes easier when my brother gave me an iPhone 11 last July 15. I started the year with less than 10 subscribers and as of this time, I have 188. I don’t really mind the subscription, but since 2022 is more about finding other income streams, I will probably take some of my time to focus on earning from what I love! Looking at how I could be paid to write and document my life. 😀 2021 in numbers – 19 Laag or trips to the beach & dinner outs. 4 Katkat or treks. 1 Duwa or playing board games.

THE Treks or in BISAYA (Katkat)

When we decided to pray for Unyara in 2017, I was ready to leave our adventurous life behind. Parenting is not easy and I have felt that adventuring from 2011 until 2017 is already enough. However, we were just blessed that despite the adjustment, we still have time to insert adventure. This time with a toddler in tow. Praise God! Here are our 4 trek activities in 2021.

(January) Annual camp at Manunggal!
(May) Mother’s Day trek to Uling Top View!
(May) Summit to Sea at Catmon, Cebu.
(November) Yearend Camp at Sirao.

Up next is the LAAGS! What do you think of our treks this 2021?

Sirao Peak With A 13th Month Toddler

Proverbs 19:21 – Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Last weekend, after numerous attempt to take Unyara on her first peak, God finally made it happen. There were initial hesitations as the previous days were raining. Taking a toddler on a trek even if it’s a short 30 minute uphill hike on a rainy day would be a hassle. Good thing, God aligned everything to be awesome. Yay! We trekked uphill without a hitch even if I insisted on carrying my regular overnight load in my backpack plus an additional 8 kg baby weight on my front. I was a little worried going against the husband’s words but somehow, I know I need to check my limits. I wouldn’t be comfortable not knowing.

The Itinerary

Since we will take the short route to Sirao via Ayala Heights Busay, we target to leave at 3PM. Was aiming to be at the peak with enough lights but we arrived at the foot at 5:15 already. Started trekking at 5:20. 20 minutes and lots of breaths later, we were at the peak at around 5:50ish. I was quite surprise that we actually did the climb at 20-30 minutes. I was expecting more as it has been a while since our last trek and I have Unyara as an additional load. I guess you will never really know how strong you are until being strong is the only option.

After setting up our tents, we cooked rice and dined at 8PM with the manok from Snr. Pedro. While we were eating, it drizzled a little but thankfully, it didn’t rain. We continued our catch-up on our tent after our mandatory photo ops.

The crowd was very different from the last time that we camp. They were not rowdy. There were around 20+ tents but it was surprisingly rejuvenating. As I was drifting off to sleep at around 11PM, I was lulled to dreamland by the sound of Christian songs from one of our campmates.

I woke up at 5AM the next day. The weather was cold but it didn’t rain so our body heat and jacket was enough. We didn’t even used our sleeping bags. Unyara was comfortable throughout the night, feeding in between. I made sure to touch her hands and feel the expose parts of her body to check if she was cold. When I got up at 6AM, she did too. As we were preparing breakfast, she was busy as well.

We were the last to break the camp at 730AM. By 8AM, we were ready to go down. This time, I let Ate Lanie (Unyara’s Yaya) to bring my backpack. And yes, we brought Unyara’s Yaya on the camp for support and so she could explore as well.

An hour after, we were back at the police station where we left our car. We bid goodbye to our companion, Unyara’s Godmother, as I thank the Lord for blessing us with an awesome adventure.

What to Bring

When I thought of trekking with Unyara, I thought how hassle it would be to bring milk and extra water for her. Thank God she is still fully breastfeed. I only brought her clothing essentials: 1 overall for sleeping, 1 jacket for cold, 1 pair of TO GO outfit, 2 pair of socks, 2 bibs, 1 face towel, 5 diapers and wet wipes. I was very careful not to overpack. From the list of clothes, only the jacket was used.

For my personal things, I have sleeping bag, tent mat, cookset, slipper, 1 jacket, a pair of clothes and 800ml of water. The tent was with the husband. Ate Lanie has her tent on her bag as well.

Is Sirao Peak Good For A Toddler?

Yes it is but take my word with a grain of salt. Going up Sirao Peak on a rainy day is slippery. Please consider checking the weather when you schedule a trek with your toddler.

What’s next?

We are thinking of bringing Unyara to Osmena Peak or Kandungaw Peak but maybe next year. 🙂

Here’s our social posts from the trek:

Posted at my IG:

Posted at Unyara’s IG:

3D2N & a Bed of Board Games in Pinamungahan, Cebu

I used to think that summer and board games don’t mix well. Summer is outdoor while board games is indoor but for 3 years now, I have actually enjoyed both at the same time with the Cebu Board Gamers at our yearly summer board gaming escape. The fun started in 2016 at Eazy Vacation House in Sogod, north of Cebu. Last year, we went south to Badian, Cebu. Just last weekend, we went west to MonTeray Farm, west of Cebu. The directions and places are all coincidental like how we started in “Sogod” which means start in vernacular and travelled from north to south to west. If I were to plan the outing in 2019, I would surely pick somewhere in the city so it will be east. Haha! It’s too early to tell though and a whole year to change my mind. Besides, we have Unyara by then so things are bound to change.

Memory Monday

I have so many back logs and unposted itinerary on my Evernote but today I’ll make an exception and post timely. Lol But before the events last weekend and the superb hospitality of MonTeray Farm, let’s do a #MemoryMonday first.

(1) Eazy Vacation House – this was our first overnight trip together. It felt awkward at first to be spending the weekend with them gamers but it actually opened new door of friendships. The house was huge too!!!

(2) Badian, Cebu – Like the first I’m just a mere joiner. With the board gamers, I don’t really like to plan things. Since most of them are introverts, I don’t connect to them as much.

MonTeray Farm

Last weekend, there wasn’t really much to plan since I’ve been to MonTeray already. The staffs & management were really kind and accommodating. Most of our inquiries were answered timely.

Last year, there were 12 attendees. The number was consistent but there were 5 new joiners. Verne, Kyle, Paul, Nina & Ina were turned into Jeff, Lui, Lukas, Kim & Ian. Consistent attendees were me, the husband, Victor, Ana, Je, JP & Lem.

Below is a recap of the activities in pictures:

Itinerary & other details:

Room/night: Php500/night (Dorm room – minimum pax – 12 up to 16)


Friday, June 15
  • 1000AM – Cebu City Departure
  • 1100AM – Lunch in Jollibee, Naga
  • 0230PM – Checkin
  • 0330PM – Chill & Tour
  • 0400PM – Games
    • Azul (Kring, Ian1GW, Jeff, Ana2GW)
    • Carcassone (Victor, JulyW, Lukas, Lui, Je)
    • Dixit Pairs (KJ, KI, JV-W, LL-W,Lem)
  • 0630PM – Dinner (Php1570)
  • 0800PM – Game Time
    • Nations (JeW, July, Lem, Victor)
    • Party (Kim, Ian, Lui, Lukas, Ana, Jeff)
  • 1100PM – Heavy Game Time
    • Scythe (Kim, Ian, Lukas, Ana, JeffW)
    • Power Grid (Je, JulyW, Lem, Victor, Kim)
  • 0330AM – Light’s Off
Saturday, June 16
  • 0800AM – Breakfast – individual
  • 10AM – Games
    • Glassroad (KringW, Ian, Victor, July)
  • 1100AM – Lunch (Php2800)
  • 0100PM – Games
    • Keyflower (VictorW, Lui, Jeff, Lukas, Ian)
    • Empires of the void (Kring, Lem, Je, Kim, JulyW)
    • Splendor (Ian, Victor, Jeff)
  • 0400PM – Swim Time/Game Time
    • Swimming (Kim, Ian, Kring, Victor, July)
    • Carcassone (LemW, Ana, JP, Lui, Jeff)
  • 0600PM – Game Time
    • Celestia (IanW, Kim, Ana, Victor, Lem)
  • 0630PM – Dinner (Php1610)
  • 0800PM – Game Time
    • Terraforming Mars (Je, Jeff, Lui, Ian)
    • Pandemic (July, Kring, Victor, Kim) – August WIN
  • 1000PM – Chill Time
  • 1030PM – Bonfire
  • 1200AM – Time’s Up
    • NiggaW (Lui, Lukas, Victor, Jeff, Kim, Lem)
    • Chinese ( Kring, July, Ana, Je, Ian, JP)
  • 0130AM – Dixshots
Sunday, June 17
  • 0900AM Breakfast – individual
    • Azul (AnaW, Jeff, Victor, July)
  • 1100AM – Checkout
  • 1130AM – Farm Tour
  • 0100PM – Departure
  • 0147PM – Lunch (Fresh Ocean Restaurant)
  • 0320PM – Departure
  • 0530PM – Cebu City
Attendees by Car:
  • July – Kring, Je, JP
  • Victor – Lui, Lukas, Lem
  • Ian – Kim, Ana, Jeff
  • Cancelled – Verne, Paul, Nina, JV, Roel
  • No food and drinks corkage
Played Games:
  • Azul (Kring, Ian1GW, Jeff, Ana2GW)
  • Carcassone (Victor, JulyW, Lukas, Lui, Je)
  • Dixit Pairs (KJ, KI, JV-W, LL-W,Lem)
  • Nations (JeW, July, Lem, Victor)
  • Party (Kim, Ian, Lui, Lukas, Ana, Jeff)
  • Scythe (Kim, Ian, Lukas, Ana, JeffW)
  • Power Grid (Je, JulyW, Lem, Victor, Kim)
  • Glassroad (KringW, Ian, Victor, July)
  • Keyflower (VictorW, Lui, Jeff, Lukas, Ian)
  • Empires of the Void (Kring, Lem, Je, Kim, JulyW)
  • Splendor (Ian, Victor, Jeff)
  • Carcassone (LemW, Ana, JP, Lui, Jeff)
  • Celestia (IanW, Kim, Ana, Victor, Lem)
  • Terraforming Mars (Je, Jeff, Lui, Ian)
  • Pandemic (July, Kring, Victor, Kim) – August WIN
  • Dixshots (Lem, Jeff, Je, Victor, Kim, Ian)
  • Azul (AnaW, Jeff, Victor, July)
  • Dinner – Php1570 (131/pax for 12pax)
    • Pork BBQ (80/order) – 240
    • Utan Bisaya (120/order) – 240
    • Garlic Chicken (210/order) – 420
    • Pancit Canton (185/order) – 370
    • Rice Platter (100/order) – 300
  • Brunch – Php2800 (255/pax for 11pax)
    • Crispy Pata (450/order) – 900
    • Tinolang Manok (500/order) – 1500
    • Rice Platter (100/order) – 400
  • Dinner – Php1610 (135/pax for 12pax)
    • Chicken Inasal (12 pcs) – 460
    • Pork Bellyy (3 orders) – 510
    • Utan Bisaya (2 orders) – 240
    • Rice Platter (4 orders) – 400
  • Lunch – Php3450 (190/pax for 12pax)
    • 3 Calamares – 675
    • 2 Sizzling Squid – 450
    • Clam Tinola – 470
    • 2 Chop Suey – 510
    • 2 Grilled Ribs – 510
    • 1 Shrimp Garlic – 235
    • 4 Platter Rice – 600
  • Room 12,000
  • Food 9430
  • Total: Php12,940 (1786/pax approx.)

Compared to the other escapades, this was the most relaxing so far because we didn’t prepare our own food. We just ordered from the restaurant. We even have off the menu requests. I highly recommend MonTeray farm in any activities especially team buildings and outings. Wilson and Kaye are very awesome hosts. We really felt loved and cared for. The staffs are superb too especially Cring2 & Herms. Would love to come back soon. 🙂

The Leechy Trek to Tinagong Dagat in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental Day 2/2

The morning in Tinagong Dagat was cold but dry. When we slept last night, there was a canopy of stars but I half expected the rain still. Thanks God, the ground was only wet from the morning dew. Yay!!!

Look how happy I was with these lights. 🙂

Dry Morning in Tinagong Dagat

We plan to wake up at 5 AM but the cold morning was just too nice to be wasted. At 6 AM, the camp was finally awake. The early risers were already preparing breakfast so we took our time cam-whoring and cleaning up our tents. It was our last cooking schedule so there were a lot to cook. As soon as I was free doing my personal stuffs, I volunteered to cook the eggs – scrambled ala Kring.

Photo ops with the breakfast squad.

Cooking and breaking up camp in progress…

I never cook at home but when trekking, I cook if given the chance. Haha! But I try not to. I like to wash the dishes more. 😀

Breakfast Time

It took us about 2 hours to get ready for breakfast. The sun had already shone brightly on our part of the camp so we moved to the shady area. After, eating and cleaning up, we continued breaking up the camp and was ready to go by around 9.

Bye Bye Tinagong Dagat

After the photo ops, we left the camp at 9:30 AM after prayer with no warm up still. Descent is my favorite part of the trek but I wasn’t prepared with the almost 30 minutes uphill trek at the start. I was out of breath when we reached the top but the guide’s assurance that the next parts will be down hills restored my energy.

Tribu Iskwatters & Friends

And the husband is back to his jumping spree!

Down to the Dam

There were hard parts in going down that it’s hard to imagine if we trekked it uphill. I was especially fascinated in the dam part of the descent. Following the dam canal was both fun and dangerous. When the guide told us that it’s gonna be an hour way following the dam, I was excited.

When we stopped at the river at the start of the dam, the husband borrowed a powerbank to continue his GPS to record the trail. Instead of waiting, I went ahead thinking there would be a space where I could wait for him. Unfortunately, beyond the river was the canal trail. There wasn’t any space for waiting. As I was concentrating on my steps balancing over the canal, I kept thinking of the husband. It would have been awesome if he was with me. I regretted why I went ahead.

Hello Civ!!!

As I was about to cross a dead creek, I heard the husband calling my name. Relief washed over me. Yes, I’m brave and all but I’m braver when I’m with Migo. It was a sweet reunion and my energy was replenished. I suddenly had the energy to take pictures again. 🙂

Found my lucky charmer back. 😀 Adik lang. Low energy dayon if di magsunod ug lakaw. Hahaha

We continued the trek after a quick stop at a low lying dam canal where I wet my hair. After around 30-45 minutes, we were out of the forest at 1:30 PM. Yay! Civilization at last!!!

The Wait, the Ruins and Home Sweet Home

While waiting for our ride, we had snacks. To freshen up, I plan to just change clothes but one of our trekmates mentioned that we could actually take a bath at a nearby house for free. Yay! I wasted no time and got ready for the bath as I feel really icky for trekking on my period. T_T

Feeling fresh and free!!!

Everyone got busy chilling on the wait. 2 of our trekmates went to check Campuestohan. If not for my period, I would have gone swimming with them too. Maybe next time.

At around 3 PM, our ride arrived. But before leaving, we walked to the entrance of Campuestohan to have our souvenir pic.

Talaba for Late Lunch

I have been craving Talaba for the longest time but the husband wouldn’t drive me to Liloan. There wasn’t any fresh talaba restaurant in Cebu that I know of too. Sad, sad story but thankfully, we were able to visit Mercy’s Talabahan before proceeding to our side trip – The Ruins. A bowlful of Talaba is only Php 50 to my amazement. I really had my fill and even wanted to add but the husband forbade me as he thought I had more than enough. Huhu!

The Ruins

Our last stop was the Ruins so we were once again carrying our  big packs as we checked it out. Good thing, it wasn’t that big and despite the number of people, we were still able to find a place to chill. There wasn’t really much to do at The Ruins but there are tons of places to take pictures. The views are very instagrammable.

This guy’s so in love with me gurl!!! ❤

DIY photo ops around the ruins!

The Ride Back Home

At 7 PM, we left the Ruins and rode a trike to Ceres Terminal where we waited for our ride back to Cebu at 9 PM. The bus was via Tabuelan. As the bus left the terminal, there was happiness in my heart. It was another awesome experience for the books. Just thankful for Tribu Iskwatters for the company. Looking forward to more treks with them.

And…I don’t mind going back to Tinagong Dagat as we missed the Solfatara. 😀 Besides, we’ve trekked the other 2 mountains in Negros twice so it’s only fair to climb Mt. Mandalagan again. Right?

Thank you so much for your time. I hope you had fun reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I might have missed some details but I’m leaving it out for you to discover. 🙂

Mind-stretching Monday @ Dice Kong Board Game Cafe

Looking for an idea to spice up your 1st night of the working week? Why don’t you join the Cebu Board Gaming Society(CBGS) Game Night at Dice Kong Board Game Cafe in Axis Vibo Place, Escario, at the back of Burger King and on top of Senor Kimchi. Gaming starts at 8 PM.

So what will you play?

Dice Kong Board Game Cafe has a lot of games to choose in the game library but sometimes CBGS gamers bring some too. As a start you might wanna get your mind energize by playing Spot It and other dexterity games. Then get your mind blown on a little strategy with Splendor and Ticket to Ride. 

[Played inside NCR Cebu Game Room] Women In NCR playing Splendor. This game is good for 4 only so the ladies played in pairs. 2 heads are better than one style.

Game library at Dice Kong. Taken on Table Top Day 2017.

Why board gaming is fun?

There are tons of reasons why board gaming is fun. Try a game of Splendor, Ticket to Ride and Survive with your friends to discover. 🙂  If Yoga is for the body, church services for the soul, board gaming is an activity for the brain. It is also an awesome way to bond with friends.

What can you do at DK Cafe?

Aside from playing board games, you can also mingle with other people who enjoys stretching their mind. The cafe also serves yummy foods for snacks or meals so you don’t have to worry anything except your wallet.

Image may contain: food and text
Photo grabbed from DK FB Page.

What is Cebu Board Gaming Society?

It’s a group of people who shares the same love for board gaming. They are a regular group of gamers who frequently meetup and play at Dice Kong every Mondays & Fridays.

CBGS gamers @ Table Top 2016.

CBGS gamers in black w/ the reversed logo print @ Table Top Day 2017.

How can I be a member of CBGS?

Just be bold enough to be the first to say Hi and express interest to join the regular game night. Once we warm up and enjoy playing with you, then that’s it. 🙂

What else can you do at the game night? 

Aside from playing with CBGS gamers, you can also aim to finish the Dice Kong Journal. It is a small booklet in which you can collect stamps once you are able to finish a quest. You get rewards once you complete a quest category.

Start with the easy list. You can target 1A, 1B and 1K first. 😀

So what are you waiting for? See youuuuu soon! If you see me, please don’t be a stranger. I will be happy to welcome and teach you a game if I can. 🙂

For questions and concerns, drop a comment below and I’ll answer you as soon as I can.

Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

Just last weekend, the Negros trilogy was finally complete when we experienced the leech-infested forest ascent to Tinagong Dagat. There are 3 popular mountains in Negros Island: Canlaon, Cuernos De Negros or Talinis and Mandalagan or Tinagong Dagat that are trekking must climbs.

While writing the adventure in Mt. Mandalagan, I realized that 2 of the mountains were trekked twice. Talinis in 2012 and then last Feb. Canlaon was last 2015 and then 2012. If it was just me, I wouldn’t want to go back. Once is enough and there’s still a lot of mountains to go so I’d want every major climbs to be different. But after 2 double takes, I realized that trekking a mountain twice is not all that bad.

Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

  1. Every trekking experience is different. No trek is ever the same. 
    (2012) We missed Lake Yagumyum on our re-trek since we start at a different trail. It was raining when we started but the re-trek in 2017 was very humid.
    Entry point: Brgy. Bediao, Dauin | Exit point: Brgy. Apolong, Valencia City

    (2017) After lunch at Nug-as Rancho. We weren’t able to pass here in 2012.
    Entry point: Brgy. Malongcay Dacu, Dauin | Exit point: Brgy. Apolong, Valencia City
  2. You have the avenue to connect to more trekking friends. 
    (2012) Team BRB with only 3 girls.

    (2017) Team NCR Trekkers with 5 girls already! Hurray! More women trekkers please. By this time, the 2 girls I was with in 2012 is now busy with motherhood. Wondering how many of these women will be with us if there’s a re-trek years from now? Hehe
  3. You will be be able to check whether age has made you better in trekking or not.
    (2017) At Rancho camp but this time, it is part of the itinerary. In 2012, we were forced to camp here.

    (2012) Enjoying the Twin Lake after the emergency camp.
  4. Chance to experience a different trail and/or different weather conditions.
    (2012) A foggy Canlaon slopes. We weren’t able to summit due to heavy rains.

    (2015) A super clear view of Canlaon – super blessed after all the fogginess on our 1st trek.
  5. Trekking is not about how many peaks you’ve been to. It is about the experiences that you have accumulated in the journey.
    (2012) We walk away from the peak on the same path in 2015 but it still feels like I’ve been trekking on it for the first time.

    (2015) Now a pink rain cover for me. 🙂 Haha!
  6. The 2nd trek can be less strenuous because you now have a rough estimate of the distances. 
    (2012) Rainy Canlaon!!!

    (2015) Answered prayers!!!
  7. The more major treks you have regardless of the location are training ground for a bigger goal – say Guiting-Guiting or Mantalingajan or maybe, Everest. The more you do long distance and multi-day trek, the more you are equipped for more difficult trails.

That’s our 7 reasons why we re-trek. How about you? Do you want to re-trek? What are your reasons for re-trekking or not? Let us know of your re-trekking experience too in the comment below. 🙂

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