Daily Prompt: Sincere

via Daily Prompt: Sincere It took me a while to decide what to post but the first thought in mind was - the world needs more sincere people (but I want to blog about my newest craze too. Pardon the somewhat hi-jack). Nowadays I feel that the world have shortage of it. But you can't… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sincere


Where should I go in Southeast Asia?

Where to go in Southeast Asia? - a question that has been nagging me since. I have always wanted to travel, explore the world and break free. But financial & other things prevented me from just packing my bag & pursue the dream. I had too many things on my mind but travelling at least in Asia remained on… Continue reading Where should I go in Southeast Asia?

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Sirao Peak Funtrek With Office Ladies

It's more fun...trekking with more friends indeed. 🙂 The weather was perfect for a climb, and everyone honored the agreed assembly time before 9 AM. For the first time, the boyfie and I arrived in Gaisano Talamban 15 minutes before 9. Haha!  While waiting for the others to be done with breakfast, some played card… Continue reading Sirao Peak Funtrek With Office Ladies

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A Novice’s Journey to A 6K Feet Mountain

At about 6, 243 ft above sea level, conquering Mount Cuernos de Negros (Talinis Peak) was no easy feat for a neophyte mountaineer.  But what push me to pursue such a venture? The reasons were forgotten...what remains is a sweet triumph of being able to endure an almost 18 hours walk in the rain, the… Continue reading A Novice’s Journey to A 6K Feet Mountain