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It took me a while to decide what to post but the first thought in mind was – the world needs more sincere people (but I want to blog about my newest craze too. Pardon the somewhat hi-jack).

Nowadays I feel that the world have shortage of it. But you can’t really forced people to be sincere. You have it in you to believe or discard their opinions about you. Sometimes, the sincerity of a person towards you is not a reflection of who you are. It is a mirror of what they are. 🙂

Maybe that’s why I like traveling and pictures so much because they gave me the most genuine feeling in the world. In travel, thanks to my big God, my paths has always been showered with sincere people. With pictures, everything is just unchanging. Once the picture is taken, it will be unchanged forever.

To end this post about sincerity, here’s a snaps of my latest craze from Photobook Philippines where my 2 loves meet (Travel and Pictures):

(1) _16 inch x 16 inch Couple Photo Pillows


(2) _Canvas Landscape 36 x 24 Inches


How I did it?
Step 1: Buy a voucher at Metrodeal. Stuffs from PhotobookPH is very expensive without a voucher. Better get one. See below my current vouchers.

(1) Canvas Landscape 36 x 24 Inches orig price at P6500. Voucher price at P1549.
(2) 16″ x 16″ Couple Photo Pillows orig price at P2000. Voucher price at P1099.
(3) 14×11 LL Imagewrap Lay Flat (24 Pages) orig price at P5600. Voucher price at P999.

Step 2: Go to PhotobookPH website and search for the desired product. There are lots of ready made templates to choose from. Unfortunately for these items, you can’t edit at Photobook Designer. Payment is at the web designer too. Let me know if you are interested. I’ll gladly help. 🙂

Step 3: All transactions are online so you will need a Credit Card to pay.

And ohh, Metrodeal and PhotobookPH is not paying me to advertise. This is just a personal post because I am just so happy with the result. Weeeeee!

My Sincerest apology for the hijack. If I didn’t tell you that it was, would you know about it? Hmmm!

Where should I go in Southeast Asia?

Where to go in Southeast Asia? – a question that has been nagging me since. I have always wanted to travel, explore the world and break free. But financial & other things prevented me from just packing my bag & pursue the dream. I had too many things on my mind but travelling at least in Asia remained on the list. Someday, sometime, I know the desire would burn brightly…

About to become Mr&Mrs. Julio. Preparation picture at Summit Circle, Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City!

Just last week, it finally hit me. It’s been almost 2 months since the wedding and we don’t have a plan for our honeymoon trip yet. Haha! The honeymoon is not mandatory but our 7th anniversary celebration is. We have to go somewhere. It’s a must for it to be outside the country and just the two of us. We already have countable trips with friends. This time, I want it to be just me and him.

Wanna see this in Cambodia. Pic from sheknows.com!

But considering our 7th anniversary is on June already (23 days from now to be exact), this trip might not be fitting at all. I can try but I feel I have already exhausted my super power efforts by organizing our DIY wedding in just 1.5 months. This trip will happen but not anytime soon.

Wanna photo shoot in Buddha park in Laos! I
Wanna photo shoot in Buddha park, Laos! Pic from visit-mekong.com!

Being the overly controlling me, I need to be prepared. And it always amazes me how things just fall into place. Yesterday, I bumped into an FB feed from We Are Sole Sisters of an eBook about travelling in Southeast Asia. Without a second thought, I emailed right away. 😀 Oh well, one thing about me, I am a person who always do things here & now. I don’t do tomorrows. I make it a point to do the things I can today…no tomorrows.

Wanna visit the floating market in Thailand. Pic from http://travel.allwomenstalk.com/
Wanna visit the floating market in Thailand. Pic from http://travel.allwomenstalk.com/

Lo and behold, I received the eBook today. I was too excited and browsed at it immediately. It was just wow. The eBook is enough to hype me up to continue my plan to travel and explore SEA.

Wanna feel the water of Pongua Waterfall in Vietnam! Pic from http://www.worldvisitingplaces.com/
Wanna feel the water of Pongua Waterfall in Vietnam! Pic from http://www.worldvisitingplaces.com/

From it, I realized that since I cannot afford to travel for more than 2 weeks, I may need to focus my itinerary on Indochina (comprising Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, and West Malaysia). It was short but very concise. At once, I was able to pickup the things that I needed to do on each country…where to stay & eat.

Can’t wait to have my own version. Hopefully, Indochina in 10 days. Crossing fingers. Interested? Go grab a copy of SEA ebook from We Are Sole Sisters.

Go GRAB a copy NOW!

Sirao Peak Funtrek With Office Ladies

It’s more fun…trekking with more friends indeed. 🙂 The weather was perfect for a climb, and everyone honored the agreed assembly time before 9 AM. For the first time, the boyfie and I arrived in Gaisano Talamban 15 minutes before 9. Haha!
Having fun playing 7Ate9 – card game in mathematics. 😛
 While waiting for the others to be done with breakfast, some played card games. By 9:45, we had our group picture, prayed for a good weather and a no injury climb, then walk to Sunny Hills for a motorbike ride to the jump off in Baogo.
Group pic before leaving the assembly area.
 At 10, we were ready to trek but not before we had the “family” portraits per group. Since we were many, I decided to divide the groups into 3 manageable groups w/ OICs in each group. The head group headed by the trail lead, the boyfie Migo. Middle group by me, the self-proclaimed photographer of the event. The tail group headed by Liz and swept by Angel.
 Our phase was relaxed but since it’s been six months since our last visit, the boyfie and I didn’t know that some of the trail’s difficuty got worse. Good thing, no one was injured while trying their best to trek on 3 major challenging parts where we need extra care in crossing.
On the trails before the arduous parts. 😀

The Challenging Parts

On the way to the river. The first hard part where the group take turns in trekking with extra care. Pic 6 shows Te Noela and Biboy supporting Xyna across the slippery slope.
After the first challenging part, comes a more challenging part. Another slope with an even slippery trail that ends in an orchard. While waiting for the others to cross, pic 6 shows the triumphant trekkers who just had their share of crawls. 😀
Another challenging trail after the orchard! This is on the way to the river!
Lunch stop at the clearing after crossing the river
We reached the falls at 11:30 but since some opt not to see it, it has been decided to have lunch at “The Manggahan”. We were there at 12:15. We had lunch, some rested while others played. The group were divided while playing. The tail group coached by Van2x and Arsenio played Super Circles. Head and middle group coached by Analyn played 7Ate9 and Spot It. And then, the boyfie, keeping track of the time told me to announced it was time to go at 1:15. They suggested to have it at 1:30. By that time, some opt to rest for 15 minutes while those who were to energetic opt to play “The Resistance” where Nadia became the ultimate “Spy”. Haha!
Photo break in the orchard after braving the challenging part 2.
Lunch break at “The Manggahan”!
Crossing the river!
We finally left at 2:00 PM and was at “The Store” 15 minutes after enjoying the extra kick of cold soft drinks.
At 2:45, we were ready to conquer the mostly uphill trails. We had 4 major rest or picture breaks before starting the summit ascent; in the mango tree with the nice city view, the bamboo, at the plum tree then at and the grassy place just before starting the cogon laden pathways.
Other challenging tasks!
 During our visit in June, the cogons were high and green, yesterday it was brownish with specks of black ash indicating it has been burnt. No information was gathered why it became so but me thinks it’s because of the hot weather? Hmmm!


Group pic at Sirao Peak. Ladies. Gentlemen. Group pic at the clearing before Ayala heights. Waiting for the ride to JY!

Then finally, at 4 PM, we reached Sirao Peak as planned, indicated in our itinerary. Wew! That was some trek. And it wouldn’t have been that great if the trekkers, both seasoned and first timers, weren’t that great as well. It was everything I optimistically think it would be – a funtrek!

We stayed in the peak for almost an hour, taking in the views, enjoying the air and mostly cam whoring! And then it was time to say bye-bye. Some suggested we’d wait for the other trekkers in our company before leaving but the sun was threatening to set already. So we opt to leave according to plan but as we were about to, we saw some office mates arriving. We had a quick picture then catch up with the others who went ahead. By 5:15, we saw the clearing. Another group picture and merry making then off we resume walking in the road to Ayala Heights with an extra excitement for the buko and sweet corn in a nearby store.

And then…heartache at 6:00 PM. No more buko and sweet corn. Huhu! When asked, the vendor told me that on non-Sundays, they usually don’t cook corns 30 minutes before 6 anymore. Huwaaaaaaah! Imagine the disappointed look on my face. When the disappointment settled down, I realized I have another problem. How do I get us out of there? We were 23. We need 11 motorbikes and I don’t see any jeepney around. Hmmm! And then I thought of walking down to the nearby house in the road. When I pass by the house just before reaching my target, a lady asked me where I’m off to. I told her my problem. And…viola! She offered her 2 rides. I am so blessed and lucky indeed.

I wish I took a picture of us in the ride but it was in the boyfie’s pocket already. Haha! For a motorbike price of Php50/person, we hailed 2 multicabs. 11 in the other cab, and 12 in our cab. Me thinks it’s more comfortable than the motorbike since I was able to talk to them on the long ride to JY square. Special thanks to Ate Tessie for the offer. Hoping to have that ride again when we come back next time. 😀 Unfortunately, I opt not to get the contact. LOL

And then it was time to go home and rest. The others who were famished went to dinner at AA’s – our last stop for the day that started in Jollibee in Gaisano Talamban.
I still have more thoughts but keeping it in as a beautiful reminder for our next funtrek to be scheduled. Hopefully, most will still enjoy nature as much as I enjoyed it. There is no greater happiness than to be able to share something that you love to your friends. 🙂

Group pics at stops. The store. Manggahan. Plum Tree.
Special thanks to the following people for being a real backbone on this event. In no particular order after #4:
1. July – Migo, the boyfie, who despite being a pessimistic nagger still supports me in a somewhat scary undertaking. Haha! I have always been a girl who believes that everything will turn out the way I planned it and the goodness of people. Still he insists, things could happen so he have me prepare that waiver. LOL Anyways, that was good too. 🙂
2. Liz-zy – For everything. 😛
3. Maria – For everything and coming despite the celebrity-hectic schedules as well. Haha!
4. Angel – For being one of the optimistic supporter and going with us despite her group’s event as well. 😀
5-7. Analyn, Charina (& Ricco) – these gengs who have always been with me since Ganisiya days. 🙂
8-9. Nadia (& Randy) – the ultra active couple who expresses their support no matter what. LOL
10-13. Camia, Fredelyn, Kathleen, Nikka
14-16. Te Noela, Xy-na (& Biboy)
17-20. Power couples Ebeb (& Charlie), Newly weds Meriam (& Way2)
21-22. Vanessa (& Arsenio)
16 ladies (2 non-NCR), 6 lads (2 NCRs)

Special Note: There’s an NCR organization “Women In NCR” or WIN but this event is not organized through it. Haha! I just find it unsettling even if we are still NCR Women but unfortunately only some of us are WINs so…I hope you get the message.

This is an event brought about by a love for trekking and just sharing it with others. 🙂 Freelance but picky since we trek with FUN only. Hahaha! If you want a more competitive and contest-like trekking, this is not for you. 😛

A Novice’s Journey to A 6K Feet Mountain

At about 6, 243 ft above sea level, conquering Mount Cuernos de Negros (Talinis Peak) was no easy feat for a neophyte mountaineer.  But what push me to pursue such a venture? The reasons were forgotten…what remains is a sweet triumph of being able to endure an almost 18 hours walk in the rain, the one day extension at the mountains and more hardships that (maybe) every mountaineer has to experience.

Mt Talinis

It was supposed 2 be just a 2 days and 1 night adventure. But in the mountains, time is always an enemy. On the way down at 4 hours away from the end of the trail, the sun was preparing to set, forcing us on a night trek. It was our first major climb and most were not prepared of the dangers of night trekking so when the guide suggest we set up camp, we agreed. The issues and concerns came after.

How do we survive another night? The foods were running out. What would we ate for dinner and breakfast the next day? Our families expects us to be home on a Sunday night, wouldn’t they panic if we’re not home as scheduled? More and more issues came…and then resolved. 

From that setback, we’ve learned how important it is to always have an extra. In the mountains, often assumed that the worst will happen. It is not being pessimistic. It is just a way to survive.

At the unexpected extension camp. Oh yeah, we were still in high spirits despite the setback. Be a PESSIMIST…but don’t let it control everything…a little OPTIMISM is always healthy!

This climb was an initiation to the mountaineering world. It was a first major climb so I didn’t know what to expect.  Didn’t want to be caught of guard so here are things I did to prepare myself. It might be worth a read if you are interested to be part of this world. 🙂

  1. READ what you are going into. There’s a whole world of information in WWW. You can’t just jumped into the water without knowing how deep it is right? Well, maybe you can if you know how to swim. But even so, knowing how to swim wouldn’t save you from the sharks that lurk in the water. Haha!


  1. PREPARE. If you read things about mountaineering, there are suggestion on what to do to prepare. Follow it. Be physically and mentally prepared. Schedule jogging sessions. Enroll in the gym. Do the yoga. Do everything that will make your body fit for the strenuous activity.exercise

  2. ANTICIPATE. Get excited. Get into the mood. Being excited at something radiates a good aura in you. The more you think that doing a climb is FUN, it will really be FUN. Think of the things you will see when you reached the top. Think of the views of the trail. Think of how nice it is to be with friends.

And aside from the 3 above…no matter what happens on the trail, accept it as part of the adventure. Also, don’t bring TOO MUCH stuffs. Bring only the once that you will need. No more lipsticks for me…and powder…and mirror. Haha! Even seemingly weightless things may weigh more than you think when you are going uphill.

So now…let me tell you the story with the collages I have of the climb…

Start of the climb
Start of the climb
Up...up and away!
Up…up and away!
Cramp stop. One of our friend got cramps.
Cramp stop. One of our friend got cramps.
The victim!
The victim!
View stop...and cramp stop laters.
View stop…and cramp stop laters.
Water source. Wish I didn't bring too much water.
Water source. Wish I didn’t bring too much water.
Lunch stop @ Lake Yagumyum.
Lunch stop @ Lake Yagumyum.
On the way to the camp site at Lake Nailig..
On the way to the camp site at Lake Nailig..
Porn stop?! See the de-formed tree...
Porn stop?! See the de-formed tree…
Another stop!
Another stop!
Just before the 80 degree descent...
Just before the 80 degree descent…
The 80 degree trail...SCARY!
The 80 degree trail…SCARY!
Setting up our first night camp!
Setting up our first night camp!
The yummy dinner! WOW!
The yummy dinner! WOW!
Climbmates and tentmates!
Climbmates and tentmates!
Breaking up camp to prepare for the summit.
Breaking up camp to prepare for the summit.
Bye bye Lake Nailig. We didn't have the chance to have our group picture taken at the summit because it was too small.
Bye bye Lake Nailig. We didn’t have the chance to have our group picture taken at the summit because it was too small.
River before the leech infested trail...
River before the leech infested trail…
The sulfuric river! Smelled AWFUL.
The sulfuric river! Smelled AWFUL.
The ranch. Our extended campsite.
The ranch. Our extended campsite.
The reward for extending one night...haha! A dip at the  twin falls. Not bad!
The reward for extending one night…haha! A dip at the twin falls. Not bad!
The day after! Getting ready for the real "leech" attack.
The day after! Getting ready for the real “leech” attack.
Taking a bath on the trail down...
Taking a bath on the trail down…

Please stay with me on my adventures towards conquering as many mountains as I can. Let me know your thoughts on the comments below. 🙂

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