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It took me a while to decide what to post but the first thought in mind was – the world needs more sincere people (but I want to blog about my newest craze too. Pardon the somewhat hi-jack).

Nowadays I feel that the world have shortage of it. But you can’t really forced people to be sincere. You have it in you to believe or discard their opinions about you. Sometimes, the sincerity of a person towards you is not a reflection of who you are. It is a mirror of what they are. 🙂

Maybe that’s why I like traveling and pictures so much because they gave me the most genuine feeling in the world. In travel, thanks to my big God, my paths has always been showered with sincere people. With pictures, everything is just unchanging. Once the picture is taken, it will be unchanged forever.

To end this post about sincerity, here’s a snaps of my latest craze from Photobook Philippines where my 2 loves meet (Travel and Pictures):

(1) _16 inch x 16 inch Couple Photo Pillows


(2) _Canvas Landscape 36 x 24 Inches


How I did it?
Step 1: Buy a voucher at Metrodeal. Stuffs from PhotobookPH is very expensive without a voucher. Better get one. See below my current vouchers.

(1) Canvas Landscape 36 x 24 Inches orig price at P6500. Voucher price at P1549.
(2) 16″ x 16″ Couple Photo Pillows orig price at P2000. Voucher price at P1099.
(3) 14×11 LL Imagewrap Lay Flat (24 Pages) orig price at P5600. Voucher price at P999.

Step 2: Go to PhotobookPH website and search for the desired product. There are lots of ready made templates to choose from. Unfortunately for these items, you can’t edit at Photobook Designer. Payment is at the web designer too. Let me know if you are interested. I’ll gladly help. 🙂

Step 3: All transactions are online so you will need a Credit Card to pay.

And ohh, Metrodeal and PhotobookPH is not paying me to advertise. This is just a personal post because I am just so happy with the result. Weeeeee!

My Sincerest apology for the hijack. If I didn’t tell you that it was, would you know about it? Hmmm!

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Action

I’m a reluctant photographer because I’m still confused whether I want to be the one in or behind a beautiful photograph. But ever since the boyfie had this signature craze pose in every places we went and mountains we climbed, I just had to get better.

These jump shots were taken from our last trip in Bicol Philippines. I still can’t get the perfect angle in all pictures though. But I’m determined to be. 

Cagsawa Ruins in Legazpi City, Albay.
CWC Wakeboarding Complex in Camarines Sur.
Matukad Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur.
Cotivas Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur.
Lava Ground from the eruption of Mt. Mayon, Legazpi, Albay.
Lignon Hill, Legazpi, Albay

Jump shots are tricky. Even if I did it countless of times already, I still can’t get the hang of it. The boyfie is also very strict so I just had to take the shot he would approve. Sometimes, it would take up to 5 jumps. 😦 Anyhoo, I’m happy to be learning things. And though I still don’t own the camera I’m using now, I’m considering to have one. Cheers to photography!

The bottom picture was the first shot. We decided it was cool to have a series shot so the other 2 were done. Taken at Cotivas Island in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

PS: This is my first post from Sue’s “A Word A Week Photo Challenge”. I have this monthly goal…for the month of March, I aimed to improve my travel blog. Along with that goal, I promise to grab everything in the blogger web that would help me get better.

This is a good starting month for me. I’m thankful to all the new friends I’ve known as seen in my Community widget. I was still not able to know and connect to all of them yet but one day, I will.

Hang in there friends. 🙂 Thank you for all the inspirations. It gives me the energy to blog more…but this time…BETTER!

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