Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

Just last weekend, the Negros trilogy was finally complete when we experienced the leech-infested forest ascent to Tinagong Dagat. There are 3 popular mountains in Negros Island: Canlaon, Cuernos De Negros or Talinis and Mandalagan or Tinagong Dagat that are trekking must climbs.

While writing the adventure in Mt. Mandalagan, I realized that 2 of the mountains were trekked twice. Talinis in 2012 and then last Feb. Canlaon was last 2015 and then 2012. If it was just me, I wouldn’t want to go back. Once is enough and there’s still a lot of mountains to go so I’d want every major climbs to be different. But after 2 double takes, I realized that trekking a mountain twice is not all that bad.

Reasons Why You Should Re-Trek

  1. Every trekking experience is different. No trek is ever the same. 
    (2012) We missed Lake Yagumyum on our re-trek since we start at a different trail. It was raining when we started but the re-trek in 2017 was very humid.
    Entry point: Brgy. Bediao, Dauin | Exit point: Brgy. Apolong, Valencia City

    (2017) After lunch at Nug-as Rancho. We weren’t able to pass here in 2012.
    Entry point: Brgy. Malongcay Dacu, Dauin | Exit point: Brgy. Apolong, Valencia City
  2. You have the avenue to connect to more trekking friends. 
    (2012) Team BRB with only 3 girls.

    (2017) Team NCR Trekkers with 5 girls already! Hurray! More women trekkers please. By this time, the 2 girls I was with in 2012 is now busy with motherhood. Wondering how many of these women will be with us if there’s a re-trek years from now? Hehe
  3. You will be be able to check whether age has made you better in trekking or not.
    (2017) At Rancho camp but this time, it is part of the itinerary. In 2012, we were forced to camp here.

    (2012) Enjoying the Twin Lake after the emergency camp.
  4. Chance to experience a different trail and/or different weather conditions.
    (2012) A foggy Canlaon slopes. We weren’t able to summit due to heavy rains.

    (2015) A super clear view of Canlaon – super blessed after all the fogginess on our 1st trek.
  5. Trekking is not about how many peaks you’ve been to. It is about the experiences that you have accumulated in the journey.
    (2012) We walk away from the peak on the same path in 2015 but it still feels like I’ve been trekking on it for the first time.

    (2015) Now a pink rain cover for me. 🙂 Haha!
  6. The 2nd trek can be less strenuous because you now have a rough estimate of the distances. 
    (2012) Rainy Canlaon!!!

    (2015) Answered prayers!!!
  7. The more major treks you have regardless of the location are training ground for a bigger goal – say Guiting-Guiting or Mantalingajan or maybe, Everest. The more you do long distance and multi-day trek, the more you are equipped for more difficult trails.

That’s our 7 reasons why we re-trek. How about you? Do you want to re-trek? What are your reasons for re-trekking or not? Let us know of your re-trekking experience too in the comment below. 🙂

A Novice’s Journey to A 6K Feet Mountain

At about 6, 243 ft above sea level, conquering Mount Cuernos de Negros (Talinis Peak) was no easy feat for a neophyte mountaineer.  But what push me to pursue such a venture? The reasons were forgotten…what remains is a sweet triumph of being able to endure an almost 18 hours walk in the rain, the one day extension at the mountains and more hardships that (maybe) every mountaineer has to experience.

Mt Talinis

It was supposed 2 be just a 2 days and 1 night adventure. But in the mountains, time is always an enemy. On the way down at 4 hours away from the end of the trail, the sun was preparing to set, forcing us on a night trek. It was our first major climb and most were not prepared of the dangers of night trekking so when the guide suggest we set up camp, we agreed. The issues and concerns came after.

How do we survive another night? The foods were running out. What would we ate for dinner and breakfast the next day? Our families expects us to be home on a Sunday night, wouldn’t they panic if we’re not home as scheduled? More and more issues came…and then resolved. 

From that setback, we’ve learned how important it is to always have an extra. In the mountains, often assumed that the worst will happen. It is not being pessimistic. It is just a way to survive.

At the unexpected extension camp. Oh yeah, we were still in high spirits despite the setback. Be a PESSIMIST…but don’t let it control everything…a little OPTIMISM is always healthy!

This climb was an initiation to the mountaineering world. It was a first major climb so I didn’t know what to expect.  Didn’t want to be caught of guard so here are things I did to prepare myself. It might be worth a read if you are interested to be part of this world. 🙂

  1. READ what you are going into. There’s a whole world of information in WWW. You can’t just jumped into the water without knowing how deep it is right? Well, maybe you can if you know how to swim. But even so, knowing how to swim wouldn’t save you from the sharks that lurk in the water. Haha!


  1. PREPARE. If you read things about mountaineering, there are suggestion on what to do to prepare. Follow it. Be physically and mentally prepared. Schedule jogging sessions. Enroll in the gym. Do the yoga. Do everything that will make your body fit for the strenuous activity.exercise

  2. ANTICIPATE. Get excited. Get into the mood. Being excited at something radiates a good aura in you. The more you think that doing a climb is FUN, it will really be FUN. Think of the things you will see when you reached the top. Think of the views of the trail. Think of how nice it is to be with friends.

And aside from the 3 above…no matter what happens on the trail, accept it as part of the adventure. Also, don’t bring TOO MUCH stuffs. Bring only the once that you will need. No more lipsticks for me…and powder…and mirror. Haha! Even seemingly weightless things may weigh more than you think when you are going uphill.

So now…let me tell you the story with the collages I have of the climb…

Start of the climb
Start of the climb
Up...up and away!
Up…up and away!
Cramp stop. One of our friend got cramps.
Cramp stop. One of our friend got cramps.
The victim!
The victim!
View stop...and cramp stop laters.
View stop…and cramp stop laters.
Water source. Wish I didn't bring too much water.
Water source. Wish I didn’t bring too much water.
Lunch stop @ Lake Yagumyum.
Lunch stop @ Lake Yagumyum.
On the way to the camp site at Lake Nailig..
On the way to the camp site at Lake Nailig..
Porn stop?! See the de-formed tree...
Porn stop?! See the de-formed tree…
Another stop!
Another stop!
Just before the 80 degree descent...
Just before the 80 degree descent…
The 80 degree trail...SCARY!
The 80 degree trail…SCARY!
Setting up our first night camp!
Setting up our first night camp!
The yummy dinner! WOW!
The yummy dinner! WOW!
Climbmates and tentmates!
Climbmates and tentmates!
Breaking up camp to prepare for the summit.
Breaking up camp to prepare for the summit.
Bye bye Lake Nailig. We didn't have the chance to have our group picture taken at the summit because it was too small.
Bye bye Lake Nailig. We didn’t have the chance to have our group picture taken at the summit because it was too small.
River before the leech infested trail...
River before the leech infested trail…
The sulfuric river! Smelled AWFUL.
The sulfuric river! Smelled AWFUL.
The ranch. Our extended campsite.
The ranch. Our extended campsite.
The reward for extending one night...haha! A dip at the  twin falls. Not bad!
The reward for extending one night…haha! A dip at the twin falls. Not bad!
The day after! Getting ready for the real "leech" attack.
The day after! Getting ready for the real “leech” attack.
Taking a bath on the trail down...
Taking a bath on the trail down…

Please stay with me on my adventures towards conquering as many mountains as I can. Let me know your thoughts on the comments below. 🙂

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