Apo Day 3: Lake Venado’s Grandeur

From the start, sunsets and sunrises are not really that appealing. It was maybe because I had other things to marvel about. Everything in the entire journey is already beautiful. What more would I ask for?  And then Pulag. Oh yeah, Pulag again. Who would forget Pulag?! Certainly not me, when most of my outlook on mountaineering were crushed and gone with the wind upon it’s slopes. After this Apo series, I’ll definitely dig into the abyss and relive the biggest adventure that I thought I’d had – Pulag. Now back to Apo.

Sunrise in Apo’s Davao Peak.

Only 6 of us were able to experience Sunset at Kidapawan peak but Sunrise at Davao peak was different. Although we went in separate batches, only 2 missed the spectacle. Despite the numbing cold of around 8 degrees, we indulged in the beauty that only the top of the mountain has to offer – an unobstructed view of the sun’s majesty. We cam-whored on the lights, the sunrise itself and the daylight. And when every angle and pose were caught, we descended to prepare breakfast. Eating was the only definite activity of the day since on our itinerary, we were supposed to stay on the peak for 2 nights but there were voices of concerns.

BRB’s 4th Major climb along side Talinis, Canlaon and Pulag in order.

ApoDay303 ApoDay305

After breakfast, it was confirmed that the group would no longer stay at the base camp, the last night of the journey will be Lake Venado – estimated to be 4 hours away. The boyfie and I was kinda excited so we finished packing ahead of the others. While waiting we fill our almost battery dead cameras with more stress. It was then that I noticed Kuya Tindero on the sides.

Break Camp.
Say hello to Kuya Tindero. Took a picture of him and his goods. I wasn’t very chatty so I just managed to ask him how much the cost of the coke and liquor. Both were Php 200. The price was not a disappointment, just about right knowing how far they’ve come from. 😛

When everyone was done packing, we took our BRB Shirt picture. I was happy we were able to do this. Although I was kinda hoping we’d have the group picture in the peak. Next time I’ll impose. For now, ain’t it grand? Our first picture with the same shirt on a climb. Hooray!!!

BRB’s first uniformed group picture. 😛

And…it was time to go. I looked up at the peaks again. Smiled, feeling very proud of myself. I did it without a hitch. Thankful, because I have the most supportive and understanding team of all. Excited for the next trail was mostly downhill – my favorite.


Photo Ops stop along the way.
One of Venado’s Grandeur.

I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve paused, mesmerized by the beauty of the lake a far. Each stride brings me more excitement to gaze upon it’s beauty…no longer in bird’s eye view. It must have been the reason why we reached the lake around 2 hours or less from the estimated. Had I known that a bottle of coke and banana cues were waiting for me when I arrived, it would have been much faster.

And ohhhh…the sweetest smile of all!!!
Lake Venado: Setup Camp

And because Lake Venado didn’t disappoint, I hurriedly took my team for a stroll and picture taking.

Team picture with the grand Apo on the background. And of course…Lake Venado!
Our last dinner of the journey.

We ended the night eating together with non-canned or pouched goods courtesy of Team Musni. Yay! Camp Venado wasn’t that cold compared to the base camp and to this day, I still wondered why we didn’t play together after dinner. I’m sure it wasn’t because of fatigue. We reached Venado at 2 PM, we’ve been resting the hours after that. Hmmm! I’ll ask them on our next climb. 😀

And as for you…hold on to the last part of the series! I hope to tell a great tale about Kidapawan river. Also, may I ask a favor? Let me know if you want to know more or you’ve been overflowed with too much information alright?!

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Bicol Day5: Mayon Encounter

Ever since we arrived in Bicol Region, to see Mayon with all her naked glory was on everybody’s list. Unfortunately, she was too shy on our 1st day. Thus the anticipation to see her up close grew even more. Everyone has been waiting for this day.

First ever pose with Mayon’s beauty. Had to asked the van driver to stop. 😀

Things You Shouldn’t Miss To Do in Legazpi, Albay

  1. Don’t go home without a Mayon background. She is a little tease so having a picture without a cloud mask covering her tip is truly worth a thousand words.
Despite the grogginess from the almost 5 hours travel since Caramoan, we never let this view go. It’s one of those rare moment when you got to see Mayon’s perfect cone.
  1. Take a leap of faith and try the ATV ride to Mayon’s lava ground. The looks maybe deceiving but it’s really just a piece of cake. Nothing bad will happen if you’ll just follow the rules…and OF COURSE…enjoy the ride.
Just meters away from where we started Ate Malot said “If only I’d known that this is part of the trip…”. I just smiled. After the ATV journey, I asked her how she is. What she answered completely astound me. Oh yeah! It was not only me who’s been changed by the ride. COOL!
While waiting for the others to take their post on the group picture!

We availed the Php 1800 per person Basic ATV Tour from Your Brother. Their service van pick us at the apartelle by 6 AM. Few minutes passed and we were at their office where our extreme journey started.

The trail is around 13 KM back and forth consisting of rivers, roads, coconut fields and dark sands. The whole tour was estimated at 2 hours. We finished it with an hour extension. The delay was just okay considering it wasn’t peak season. It would be a different scenario otherwise.

  1. Give in to your natural ability to pose by cam whoring at Legazpi’s tourist spots.

Lignon Hill is a place atop a hill much like Cebu’s Mountain View. Yet this time, the view is not just mountains but some fields, city view and Mayon.

LignonHillMe LignonHill LignonHillWaiting LignonHillJump

After the ATV, the service van dropped us there. We were supposed to have a free zip line ride each. Nobody did. We just had snacks and picture taking. It has an awesome view of Mayon. We walked downhill to the highway after where we hired a tricycle to Cagsawa Ruins.

Cagsawa Ruins are the remnants of an 18th century Franciscan church, the Cagsawa church, built in 1724 and destroyed by the 1814 eruption of the Mayon Volcano.

page4 page1 page2

At Cagsawa, Mayon shied away. We didn’t get a view so we had our time playing with the tower ruin. When we had our fill, the focused change to pasalubongs.

We didn’t have much time so we just hit 2 spots. You could do better. 🙂

  1. Eat somewhere not from your home world…err I mean home province. As for us, tried 1st Colonnial Grill for our dinner on our first night in Legazpi, Bigg’s Diner for our lunch after the ATV ride, then finally Gilian’s Seafood at Embarcadero for our last supper.

We were always hungry that I often forgot to take pictures of our food. Next time, I will! 😀

And this is the last of the day series- my pre-summer escapade 6D/5N in Bicol Philippines. Till the next adventure!

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Bicol Day1: Hello Legaspi City, Albay


Hello Mayon! Touchdown Legaspi Airport in a very sunny thursday morning! May this weather continue till the 5th day! Yay!

After an estimated 2 hours of travel and Php 3500 for a van, our journey has finally begun at CWC.


But before that here’s Asta’s( is my smartphone) first taste of capturing views…








Till the next stop…

Bicol Posts:
Day 1 Hello Legaspi City, Albay
Bucketlist: Wakeboarding at CWC Facility!
Day 2 Hello Caramoan, Camarines Sur
Day 3 More of Caramoan Islands
Day 4 Travel from Caramoan to Mayon Accommodation
Bucketlist: ATV Ride in Mayon
Migo’s Jumping Shots
Day 5 Mayon Encounter
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