Hey! Thanks for the interest. So I don’t actually know how you got here and why. But I do hope you find what you are looking for. When you do, I will be very happy if you drop me a comment of hello. 🙂

The Wanderfull Life
I have been blogging for a while now. My first blog was in 2003. This blog only started in 2013 when I knew I’d be traveling abroad and the want to share kind of grow. I have always love writing and documenting what I’m up to but solely for my own benefit. But in 2013, when I started this blog, I wanted it to help and inspire people to do exciting things like travel and trek. Just this year, I thought of adding in some of the other activities like playing board games, fitness pursuits like Zumba and Muay Thai, volunteering and a whole lot more activities that makes LIFE more exciting.

Blogging and Me
So technically I’ve been blabbering in the web for around 13 years now. Wew! Everything that you will read here is written by me unless I state otherwise. I don’t earn from this blog. It is quite exciting to know people who are earning from blogging but unfortunately, I find it too tedious. It needs commitment and hard work, I unfortunately don’t have the patience for it. Even joining blogging communities is too much for me. Anddd…learning how to blog effectively is not my game as well. I write whatever I want to write so pardon me if you find some grammatical error. Haha! You can however point that out to me though. Promise, I won’t cry.

Kring in a Nut Shell

Read it here!


10 Things About Me
1. i♥pictures. i♥memories. i make scrapbooks.
2. i♥people. i have groups of friends. i reachout.
3. i♥events.
4. i♥competition. i♥winning. i♥boardgames.
5. i♥to be known for something.
6. i♥adventure. i♥mountaineering.
7. i♥to share stories. i have blogs.
8. i♥to explore places. i travel.
9. i♥dresses. i dress up.
10 i♥stories. i watch movies, series and animes.

‘Cause this is my favorite of favorites!!! Besides I am just the blogger but all travels & trek wasn’t mine alone. In everything that I do, the husband has been the wind beneath my wings. 🙂

The Blogger – Kring is a girl whose high heeled fashion would make you question the validity of her stories in the mountains. She’s a software engineer by profession, a just converted financial literacy advocate, a host of their rental business, a self-proclaimed narcissist but with a big heart that easily aches for those in need. Her hobby includes writing, blogging, and scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking and volunteering. She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She loves (now married to) an introvert – July who understands her extrovert personality very well.

The Blog

This is her stories of the places she has been, the mountains she has climbed and the people she’s been with. 😀 But could be anything under “her” sun as well.

The Wanderfull Life is all about adventures…trips and climbs ON A BUDGET. It is about traveling and conquering mountains on the weekend and payday basis. It is written by a newbie in both travel and mountaineering with an aim to spread the word that travel need not be EXPENSIVE and mountaineering need not BE FEARED. Nothing is impossible when we have the WILL AND PASSION to fulfill what we WANT.

The Blogger’s View
“From glamour to adventure…”

Traveling and mountaineering is (believed to be) an expensive and dangerous excursion. This blog is here to prove that it is SLIGHTLY…not. We can all be travelers and mountaineers in our own time…pace and budget. It is here to remind us that anyone can travel and climb.


I used to hate the thought of wasting money on such a useless activity. Hearing travel stories are not that appealing.

So what if they’ve been to places?! Does that make them a better person compared to me who was able to send my siblings to school?!

So what if they were able to do white water rafting? I’m sure I’ve done something that they haven’t experience. Perhaps, even more adrenaline pumping and for FREE.

And more “So whats…”

Then an opportunity came…TRAVEL FOR FREE. I was like…should I go?! I’ve read that going to places are addictive – that’s what spark my interest. If there’s anything I love first before this wanderlust…it is a damn good CHALLENGE. I want to prove them wrong.

To whoever said “Travel is addictive”, you wait and see…I’ll prove you wrong!

Oh…well, you know I failed. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing stories about the places I’ve been. 😉


This came at about 3 years since I fell in love with travel. Compared to travel, mountaineering was an acquaintance. Travel and I were friends because I hailed from a mountainous place. I just didn’t take the time to focus on it. I was whisked into many things…one of that is glamour. Learn to live with glamour’s glamour. Wore high heels, dresses and make-ups. The mountainous girl was forgotten.

And so when an opportunity came to reunite with the former self, I was scared. Should I go? Can I really do it? What if it’s so tiring? And…ugh…I will look horrible in those attires.

I did GO.

Not because I have answered all my doubts but because I wanna give mountaineering a chance too…like travel. Everything deserves their own chances. And if I didn’t give travel and mountaineering their chances, I wonder if my life would be this WONDERFUL…and of course…WANDERFUL.

So why don’t you give travel and mountaineering a chance too?! Who knows you’ll also fall in love with them like I do. And when you do…give me a ring.

The more, the merrier…some day, I hope to see you in one of those places I planned to go…and in those mountains I planned to climb.


Let’s travel and climb together. 🙂

Cheering on YOU.

Want to know Kring more, visit her other spaces on the world wide web as well:
Personal Musing at justkring.wordpress.com!
kringjuly.wordpress.com started as a wedding memory blog that is now full of musings and tidbits of their new life together.
Kring is a frustrated writer so you can read some of that at kringwrote.wordpress.com.
She is also a frustrated journalist, read her sort-of-reporter blogging at lifeatncr.wordpress.com where she narrates some exciting activities at work.

And of course, the un-updated blogs that has been on the list of to-merge.

And when days of boredom struck me, I just look at this map to remind me that there are so many places that I wanna go and mountains to climb.

Latest update as of April 7, 2016:


22 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking one post. I don’t have any idea how you found my blog though. I am happy to know that there’s someone out there who shares the same sentiments with me about blogging.


  2. Oh my… I just realized we’re pretty much the same. Okay, except that I don’t wear heels, that is. I’m a software engineer, too, and the partner and I are climbing mountains/camping at beaches/travelling DIY. But – we also have a toddler in tow. Hahaha. Maybe we’ll see each other around. 🙂


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