11 Days, 6 Cities, 4 Countries – The Wanderfull Life in IndoChina

Feeling artsy today so instead of putting it into words, I thought of making an info graphic. I’m rather pumped up with the detailed excel planning sheet too but will share it after the trip. 🙂

Here’s what’s inside our planning board:

  1. Plotted – You can see the sked in calendar type.
  2. Aug20_Aug24_CamVie – Detailed itinerary of Cambodia & Vietnam with the accommodation, transpo details and directions.  It’s basically our manual.
  3. Aug25_Aug28_Lao – Detailed itinerary of Laos (same template of #2).
  4. Aug29_Sep01_Tha – Detailed itinerary of Thailand  (same template of #2).
  5. Transpo – Plotted are the legs of our transpo and the amount per leg.
  6. Accommodation – All accommodation details are here.
  7. Reminders
  8. Preps&ToDos
  9. Clothes&Meals
  10. Checklist

What’s the best part of travel for me?

EVERYTHING. I love the planning and the execution but unlike before, I don’t obsess in following through everything. I have become flexible especially when it comes to travelling with the husband. I’m the researcher and the husband is the explorer. I have always wanted to travel alone but God wants me to do it with the husband instead. I couldn’t be more thankful because I’m SUPER BAD with directions.

So what makes us decide to travel to IndoChina?

Oh well, I have my own reasons, a whole lot of them. The husband is just game. He is the best husband in the whole universe so yeah, he just always supported me in everything that I wanted to do. 😀

So now, it’s 11 days to go. And I’ve been itching to pack my bags already. A countdown to travel and to your 30th birthday is an ultra amazing journey. Enjoying it everyday. =)

This is the “Plotted” sheet.

new-piktochart (1)


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