Where should I go in Southeast Asia?

Where to go in Southeast Asia? – a question that has been nagging me since. I have always wanted to travel, explore the world and break free. But financial & other things prevented me from just packing my bag & pursue the dream. I had too many things on my mind but travelling at least in Asia remained on the list. Someday, sometime, I know the desire would burn brightly…

About to become Mr&Mrs. Julio. Preparation picture at Summit Circle, Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City!

Just last week, it finally hit me. It’s been almost 2 months since the wedding and we don’t have a plan for our honeymoon trip yet. Haha! The honeymoon is not mandatory but our 7th anniversary celebration is. We have to go somewhere. It’s a must for it to be outside the country and just the two of us. We already have countable trips with friends. This time, I want it to be just me and him.

Wanna see this in Cambodia. Pic from!

But considering our 7th anniversary is on June already (23 days from now to be exact), this trip might not be fitting at all. I can try but I feel I have already exhausted my super power efforts by organizing our DIY wedding in just 1.5 months. This trip will happen but not anytime soon.

Wanna photo shoot in Buddha park in Laos! I
Wanna photo shoot in Buddha park, Laos! Pic from!

Being the overly controlling me, I need to be prepared. And it always amazes me how things just fall into place. Yesterday, I bumped into an FB feed from We Are Sole Sisters of an eBook about travelling in Southeast Asia. Without a second thought, I emailed right away. 😀 Oh well, one thing about me, I am a person who always do things here & now. I don’t do tomorrows. I make it a point to do the things I can today…no tomorrows.

Wanna visit the floating market in Thailand. Pic from
Wanna visit the floating market in Thailand. Pic from

Lo and behold, I received the eBook today. I was too excited and browsed at it immediately. It was just wow. The eBook is enough to hype me up to continue my plan to travel and explore SEA.

Wanna feel the water of Pongua Waterfall in Vietnam! Pic from
Wanna feel the water of Pongua Waterfall in Vietnam! Pic from

From it, I realized that since I cannot afford to travel for more than 2 weeks, I may need to focus my itinerary on Indochina (comprising Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, and West Malaysia). It was short but very concise. At once, I was able to pickup the things that I needed to do on each country…where to stay & eat.

Can’t wait to have my own version. Hopefully, Indochina in 10 days. Crossing fingers. Interested? Go grab a copy of SEA ebook from We Are Sole Sisters.

Go GRAB a copy NOW!

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