I’m 30! Hurray! So How Did My 3030.5 Go?

So I actually couldn’t remember the exact date that I aimed for 3030.5, but I will look for it soon because I know I have written it somewhere in my “million” blogs. Haha But it has to be somewhere before 2012, maybe it’s in 2011. That time when I was having a quarter life crisis. To make the story short, I got OVER it because of wanders! Hurray!!!

Though it was just a spur of the moment aim to take my depression away, I was super amazed that I almost achieve it. WOW.

So what’s 3030.5 really? It’s an aim to visit 30 places in my hometown Cebu, 30 provinces in my home country Philippines and 5 countries. It might seem like a small achievement now but when I made this dream, it was BIG.

It’s just amazing how I have transformed when I stopped feeling like a victim of fate. When I started to embrace and be contented with what I have, everything falls into place. God really is amazing. It is true that everything happens for a reason. Right now, I’m seeing all the bad things in my life as something to be proud of.

If you are reading this and feeling like there’s no hope for a better future, trust me, there is. Just keep holding on and try to see the good in the bad. 🙂 And before I turn this post into one of my “Notes2Self” series, see below the progress of a dream.

Cebu Total Been To? To Travel % Traveled
Mun/Cities 53 35 18 66%
Philippines Total Been To? To Travel % Traveled
Luzon 39 10 29 26%
Visayas 16 7 9 44%
Mindanao 27 6 21 22%
82 23 59 28%
World Target Total Been To? To Travel % Traveled
Targets 30 7 23 23%

35.23.7 – Overachieved the Cebu and world. Yay! I lacked 7 provinces in the Philippines. 😀 Now I have a new target. =) Weeeeeeeeeee! #FeelingBlessed

How about you? What was your reason for traveling? Did you ever aimed for something about travel and achieved it without really thinking hard about it? Do share! After my epic Indochina adventure, a thought hit me. I wanted more from this blog. I want to share, inspire and know more like minded people. I still don’t know how but if you do, feel free to share it to me. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


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