More Reasons To Visit Lanigid, Liloan, Cebu

On my first visit in Lanigid, I have cited 10 reasons why you should. This February I’ve visited twice and find more reasons why it’s fast becoming my favorite. πŸ™‚

1. It can be day-trekked half-day.

Scouting group sans Mr. Pres, the photographer of Wandering Soul! Analyn of Simple Life, Xy-na, Marj of Dakilang Laagan & friends, Petrona and Ivah.

Last February 24, Cebu Charter Day Holiday, along with 2 other NTC officers and 3 friends, we went to Lanigid to check and give heads up to Mulao Brgy Hall that NCR trekkers and guests will trek on the weekend. The registrants reached 90, 60 of which were to camp so we had to make sure that we can all be accommodated.Β It was a fun day made more memorable by knowing new friends and enjoying despite some setbacks.

2. The camp can accommodate 22 tents and more.

Setting up camp!
Setting up camp!

Just as we had estimated, 22 tents were pitched comfortably last February 27-28 at NCR Trekkers monthly trekking. From the estimated 60 campers, we were down to 42 so we had ample space to move around.

Overnight groups! Group 1 led by Analyn, group 2 by Barbie, group 3 by Kring & group 4 by AJ.

The 42 campers were divided into 4 groups. Each of the group tents were pitched together and had space where they can cook and eat.

3. The camp is big enough to leave a space for socials. And contrary to what we’ve feared, we were left with an ample space to get to know each other.

Everyone is busy doubting each other while playing “Werewolves”!
Games & socials.

Out of the 42 campers, only 23 were NCR employees. Out of the 23, there were 3 who joined for the first time. Sans the wine or the alcoholic tea, it was still a ruckus. Everyone was animated and getting comfortable with each other.

After socials, we introduced a new game “Werewolves”. There were 22 players. It was quite a way to get to know each other more amidst the intrigued of being the villagers or the werewolves.

4. Walking from Mulao sign or climbing to Lanigid Hill directly is just as fun whether you are a pro or a newbie.

1 Group
Group pic at Mulao Sign!
Prayer and warm-up after!

We were a big group last February 27-28. There were day trekkers so to lengthen the fun, we decided to start the trek at Mulao sign.

Like usual, we started with a prayer led by a first time joiner Alvin. Group warm-up followed, now led by 2 NTC members, Elijah and Phi Pi. After the mandatory group picture, we were off to Mulao Brgy Hall where we had a quick stop to register.

To the right lane pleaseee!
Quick stop!


5. It can be jeepney-ed!

Transportation teams group picture. πŸ™‚

One of the biggest problem faced when organizing a big group for trekking is transportation. From Liloan church, the usual mode of transportation to Mulao are motorcycles.

On our Charter Day scout visit, we were just 7 but we waited a while for the motorcycles. It was then we had to forced ourselves to secure transports that would take the group from the church to Mulao sign.

We were blessed because we didn’t only find transports from Liloan church to Mulao sign but they agreed to picked us at Sun Gold SM. The total fare round trip on commute is Php146 – jeepney to Liloan at Php18 then motorcycle to Mulao at Php100/motorcycle. With the transport, we shelled an additional Php34 more for comfort. At Php180/pax, the jeepneys brought us to Liloan church where we had an hour stop to have lunch and buy additional stuffs then finally to the start of the trek. The hassles of not leaving together at the assembly was eliminated as well.Β 2 jeepneys waited for the day trekkers and 2 came back to picked us the next day.

6. Going down from the peak is a breeze.

Despite our number, we went down comfortably. We arrived at Mulao Brgy Hall by 9:00 AM. We plan to do the river trek but since we only had 2 hours before the pick-up time, we just decided to miss the river and spend it playing.


So there.That’s all in my list…for now! πŸ™‚ Since it’s fast becoming my favorite, you might be hearing from Lanigid again anytime soon. I hope by that time you have gone and experience its beauty by yourself already. Yay!

Day Trekkers and overnight teams!


Till the next mountains lovelies!!! And ohhh, please don’t forget to say hi after reading. I would be ultra happy if you do. πŸ™‚

You want more? Drop by at our Life@NCR blog for the shorter version. Get to know the comments of our happy campers at our newsletter too. Yip, yip! Trekking is pretty much THIS serious with us. πŸ˜€


Author: Kresia Julio

Kring is a woman of style whose fashion would make you doubt the validity of her stories in conquering mountains. A software engineer by profession, financial literacy advocate, fitness buff, DIY fan, AirBNB host (stopped in March 2020 due to leave and cleave) and a big promoter of self-turn-God confidence with a big heart to those in need. Her hobby includes blogging, scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking, volunteering, cooking (new in quarantine) & podcasting (new in quarantine). She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She is married to an introvert who understands and supports her OVERLY extrovert personality.

18 thoughts on “More Reasons To Visit Lanigid, Liloan, Cebu”

  1. πŸ™‚ Hi! I’m Emz from Side by Side. I’m so glad I came across your blog. You have pretty and great adventures. And I’m looking forward to hear more from here.

    I want to ask, how’s the trail going to Lanigid Hill, is it pretty established? Is it okay not to have a guide? I would appreciate your feedback. πŸ™‚ Thanks.


  2. Hello I haven’t had much trekking experience yet but would love to have more. Would like to join group trekking how can we be a member. Hope I can have that chance too! If My schedule permits I would love to Join! Enjoy reading your posts – Ladell , Mandaue , Cebu


    1. Hi Hana! πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you posted! You can add me in FB as well so that I could easily contact you on our skeds. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by!


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