OsKaTrav 3!

Last October 17-18, we visited Osmena Peak again. It was my 5th summit and my 3rd traverse to Kawasan. It was another trail compared to my other 2 traverses. It was the easiest & shortest but might be the harshest since my legs are still in muscle pains 3 days after.

We still have errands on the morning of Saturday so we decided to just left in the afternoon aboard the 1:15 PM bus bound directly to Mantalongon, Dalaguete. We went with 1 other couple, Elijah & Ads. 3 hours after, we were at Mantalongon Market. The others who were already at the peak said the wind was so strong and asked us to buy straws or small ropes.

Because we were told to hurry, we just decided to take habal2 to the foot of Osmena. It was a first. Now I have an understanding of the people who rides them. It was quick and sweat free but very uncomfortable. Walking is still the best.

The wind was indeed strong when we finally arrive at the peak. We were having a hard time setting up our tent. Yet despite the winds, there were no rains. We were able to cook, have dinner and socialize with the group.

We were 14 in all. 4 new guests. Almost half of the group were first timers in Osmena but that didn’t hinder us from reaching the chapel before Kawasan at 12 PM on Sunday. We were able to cook, have lunch & enjoy Buko at the chapel. Our meals were yummy too, courtesy of Analyn of Simple Life I Live, the official meal planner of the trek. Yay!

Our trail was short with no super steep ascent. Some of the path downhill was rather slippery but tolerable. Our long stops were countable as well. And most of all, we weren’t lost. Thanks a lot to our very enigmatic guide & father of the trek, AJ of Wandering Souls Camper. It was another happy and enjoyable trek with NCR Trekkers. Yayyyy!

One of the many reasons why I love to trek! Migo & I can practice being somebody elses. Haha! We are “cookers” here. Just so happy he got out of his tent and decide to help. Million thumbs up, my migo my lab so sweetestttttt! +Migo&Miga back in Osmeña.+ October 17-18, 2015. Migo’s 6th & Miga’s 5th camping in Osmeña. Thanks for the pic Wandering Souls Camper!!!
Taking our group pictures before leaving the foggy Osmena!
Foggy or not…POSE!
From L – R: Cooking on the fog. Holding our tents in place due to the winds. Dinner time!
From L – R: Posing at the pic. Leaving Osmena. The crowd!
Finally, our group picture with NCR Trekker banner!
What you can see on the trail…
Coke stop at the store!
Migo&Miga time!
More picsss!
Lunch time at the chapel!
Ligo time!
Kawasan time!

Pics from me but more from Wandering Souls Camper!


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