Osmeña Peak is GREEN Once More!

Less crowded Opeak. Perfect hike weather. No-hassle travel. I think can attribute these serendipitous conditions to 2 things. First, there was a typhoon brewing in Luzon that weekend. And second, there’s currently a moratorium for canyoneering activities, which is a large tourist draw. With these two combined, it might have repelled the usual weekend warriors away. This seems like a Schadenfreude moment, 2 unfortunate events led to my perfect weekend trek situation. hahaha

Last July 30-31, the husband went on an All Men trip to Osmeña Peak. And because of its perfect conditions, he felt like blogging the entire journey. This is his first time to write about an experience and I’m quite amazed at how well he writes. This was a first step but I’m not hoping for anything since he kept on saying blogging is not his thing. Oh well. =)

Last week’s trek trip to Opeak was almost perfect. That was my 7th (or 8th) time there, never missing since 2011, so it’s becoming like a yearly pilgrimage for my trekking “career”.

The campsite was not crowded, with just 7 groups camping (just around 20 tents in total in my guesstimate). At the registration, we were guest no. 170+, which is way down from their weekend norm of 450+ throng of visitors (with as high as 1.5k last summer. — this plus the unforgiving El Nino summer heat; no wonder Opeak looked ravaged on random people’s selfie pics at that time. And this sparked the ‪#‎saveOsmenaPeak‬ posts cropping up on trekkers’ statuses).

We experienced a sudden strong downpour at the early evening that made us scrambled for our tents. My 5 year old tent is showing it’s age, the leaks are getting worse. Good thing it just went by quickly. Had it rained all night, I would have been dozing in a damp sleeping bag. The winds were not roaring, which is the usual up there. But we camped in a somewhat sheltered area, so maybe we were shielded from the full brunt. Torrential rains and howling winds is to be expected up there, so overall, it was just pretty mild.

On the hike to Kawasan, the weather was so fine. The sun only showed up a few minutes in between hours. There was only very slight drizzles, no need to bring out the rain gear. It was mostly cloudy all throughout the trek, the perfect trekking weather. On a typical sunny day, I had to do water refills on the water source, but this time, I wasn’t able to fully consume the 2L water I carried for the trek. Less sweat mean less water loss so no need to constantly hydrate.

We started the traverse trek at 8:27AM and ended at 1:37PM. 5 hours and 10 minutes all-in-all, which is the fastest time in my 5 tries on the Opeak-Kawasan traverse trek (one time, we got lost and spent 7+ hours). Total rest time was just 30-40 minutes. We went the wrong way twice or thrice, but it was only a few meters though. It was my 1st time to be the head guide. The locals are quick to point out the right way, shouting “Diri agi o!”. We only encountered 4 other groups on the traverse, most of us merging at the Chapel/Buko rest area. One group did a reverse traverse, starting from Kawasan and going to Opeak. Another group, a couple, just the 2 of them, overtook us on a slippery trail. They were hike jogging like it was paved road (the girl only wearing Crocs slippers), while we carefully navigated it with our shaky sore knees. I admire their endurance.

After lunch chibog time and swim-relax in the river, we headed home at 4:10PM. I scheduled for us to leave at 3PM+ to avoid the wild scrambling for the bus which is a constant issue on these weekend trips. But I worried all for nothing. The 1st bus we hailed was a Ceres aircon bus, and believe it or not, it was almost empty! This never happened before! At 5PM, it’s always full and standing-only, but no, not this time around. Travelers was so light that day, that the seat beside me was empty until Carcar! Imagine that.

Less crowded Opeak. Perfect hike weather. No-hassle travel. I think can attribute these serendipitous conditions to 2 things. First, there was a typhoon brewing in Luzon that weekend. And second, there’s currently a moratorium for canyoneering activities, which is a large tourist draw. With these two combined, it might have repelled the usual weekend warriors away. This seems like a Schadenfreude moment, 2 unfortunate events led to my perfect weekend trek situation. hahaha

A green Osmeña Peak is <3. Taken on July 30-31, 2016.

OsKaTrav 3!

Last October 17-18, we visited Osmena Peak again. It was my 5th summit and my 3rd traverse to Kawasan. It was another trail compared to my other 2 traverses. It was the easiest & shortest but might be the harshest since my legs are still in muscle pains 3 days after.

We still have errands on the morning of Saturday so we decided to just left in the afternoon aboard the 1:15 PM bus bound directly to Mantalongon, Dalaguete. We went with 1 other couple, Elijah & Ads. 3 hours after, we were at Mantalongon Market. The others who were already at the peak said the wind was so strong and asked us to buy straws or small ropes.

Because we were told to hurry, we just decided to take habal2 to the foot of Osmena. It was a first. Now I have an understanding of the people who rides them. It was quick and sweat free but very uncomfortable. Walking is still the best.

The wind was indeed strong when we finally arrive at the peak. We were having a hard time setting up our tent. Yet despite the winds, there were no rains. We were able to cook, have dinner and socialize with the group.

We were 14 in all. 4 new guests. Almost half of the group were first timers in Osmena but that didn’t hinder us from reaching the chapel before Kawasan at 12 PM on Sunday. We were able to cook, have lunch & enjoy Buko at the chapel. Our meals were yummy too, courtesy of Analyn of Simple Life I Live, the official meal planner of the trek. Yay!

Our trail was short with no super steep ascent. Some of the path downhill was rather slippery but tolerable. Our long stops were countable as well. And most of all, we weren’t lost. Thanks a lot to our very enigmatic guide & father of the trek, AJ of Wandering Souls Camper. It was another happy and enjoyable trek with NCR Trekkers. Yayyyy!

One of the many reasons why I love to trek! Migo & I can practice being somebody elses. Haha! We are “cookers” here. Just so happy he got out of his tent and decide to help. Million thumbs up, my migo my lab so sweetestttttt! +Migo&Miga back in Osmeña.+ October 17-18, 2015. Migo’s 6th & Miga’s 5th camping in Osmeña. Thanks for the pic Wandering Souls Camper!!!
Taking our group pictures before leaving the foggy Osmena!
Foggy or not…POSE!
From L – R: Cooking on the fog. Holding our tents in place due to the winds. Dinner time!
From L – R: Posing at the pic. Leaving Osmena. The crowd!
Finally, our group picture with NCR Trekker banner!
What you can see on the trail…
Coke stop at the store!
Migo&Miga time!
More picsss!
Lunch time at the chapel!
Ligo time!
Kawasan time!

Pics from me but more from Wandering Souls Camper!

An Unexpected Body Pains From Kawasan Traverse

Unlike my previous Osmeña camp, that Saturday night was cold but no rains. It was so cold, I opt to miss the socials. While the boyfie played the “killer game” with the group, I watched “East of Eden”. Halfway through the movie, the boyfie went back to tell me he will teach them “The Resistance”. When he left, I dozed off. Despite the howling winds, I slept soundly. At 5:00 AM when the alarm sounded, I was already in high spirits. Because it was still cold, I chose to use Pong’s burner instead of waking up Liz. Turns out, she was just waiting for me as well. Haha! Liz and I prepared breakfast while the boyfie is still in dreamland.

Our breakfast is rice topped with yummy Adobo pre-cooked by Liz. And of course, coffee for the cold morning.

While the others are preparing to go, we went to the summit again with our packs. By 0830, we started our trek to Kawasan.

Break Camp. Liz posed while the others are still busy packing. Keith carried the group trash to the designated trash area.
Other trekkers on the way to Kawasan! View from the summit.

Keith and the boyfie have trekked to Kawasan but it didn’t saved us from getting lost still. Good thing, there were locals who eventually lead us to the right path.

This was my favorite part of the trail. It was like a setting from a horror movie. A house in a secluded area. You will not see it in the pic but the hill at the back of the house is towering and imposing. SUPER SCARY! I will not trek here at night. Awoooooo!

We got lost countless of times but the worst was our first,  just before reaching Bugtong Basketball Court. The wrong path was very slippery and dangerous. We were walking on a steep slope. When it finally ended, we had to climb up a hill side. Because I climb up first, I managed to take a video of the others as they go up the hill. It was quite an adventure, one worthy of a major applause.

Views just before leaving the camp site.
Views after the house seen in the summit. I will surely ask the name of the place next time. 😛 You can still see the summit from here.
The creepy part. Awoooooo!

The trail varies from roads, farmlands, forests and grasses. When we reached Candiis Barangay Hall, my feet is already sore. Good thing we were walking on a road already. 30 minutes after, we stopped at a waiting shed. Keith informed us that a water source was nearby. Turns out it’s still 10 minutes away from the shed. Haha! That was 1 hour passed lunch time already but nobody mentioned that their stomach is grumbling. Wew!

Candiis Brgy Hall, the shed and water source!

Another 30 minutes of walking on the road and finally we reached Sanlagan Brgy Hall. From here, the group was divided. The others went on the short trail while we continued on the somewhat hard core trail. Another “lost” moment again. We missed the exit for the road to Kawasan, we instead follow a road that, as the locals said, will lead us to Matutinao. Still in Badian but we’ll miss the Kawasan source. I don’t know how much time we spent on that because everybody was in haste. I was a little worried as well.

The “lost” look. Just before climbing to the right path. 😛
We are betting on the dirtiest! So who won?!
The view after we were lost. Was finally able to got a hold of the camera again. 😀
This was rather dangerous. The boyfie kept telling me to concentrate but I can’t. I just had to take a picture. The path was on a rocky slope.
And because I keep taking pictures, the others were very far ahead already. Haha!
The boyfie is descending slowly. Good thing he didn’t see me run. 😛
We were happy to be on this road…finally!

To sum everything up, the traverse to Kawasan was quite an adventure. I was tired but not too tired thus I was surprised of the muscle pains in my lower body. It was unexpected. Everything was aching. From my waist, butt, legs and torsos. But it could be because I haven’t been climbing as much since our Apo last year as well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
If asked if that trail was for beginner’s? Nope. I don’t think so. But I’m quite excited to come back. I think I just found a new “Sirao”. I’d love to memorize this trail. Everything about it is just exciting especially that it ends in a cool, cool swimming in Kawasan. Just my cup of tea! Yay! Hopefully, I wouldn’t be as battered next time. 🙂

Osmeña Peak Will Never Be The Same

Without the lost moments, it was still a long walk to Kawasan Falls and not an easy venture even for a somewhat seasoned trekker, much more to beginners. My heart goes out to the girls who had to endure that trail for their first adventure. 😦 Now I am more fired up to bring them to Sirao Peak. The beauty of the trail is comparable but surely not that arduous of a journey. Still, it’s up to them to erase the bad memory and try once again. 🙂

View of the camp from the rocky mountain.

Last last weekend’s adventure in Naupa pales in comparison with last weekend’s trek, January 30-February 1, 2015 in Osmeña Peak. It took us 6.5 hours to reached Kawasan Falls. We were lost, slipped, crawled and missed a meal yet despite that, everybody was still smiling and in high spirits. My estimate is that out of 17, there were only 7 who has prior trekking experience. Salute to them first timers!!! The boyfie and I started our hobby in Osmeña as well but without a traverse to Kawasan. I wonder if it made a difference if my first trek was a hard core. What you think?

Day 01 Camping At Osmeña Peak

7:00 Meetup At 7/11 Near USJR Main
8:30 At Mantalongon Minibus Terminal
– Travel time
12:00 Mantalongon Market Arrival
– Lunch, buy supplies
13:00 Start Trek
14:30 ETA Osmeña Peak Camp

Keith talks, we listen! 🙂
Warming up!!!
The drivers begged for a picture. LOL

The first day was easy and comfortable. Meetup was at 7/11 beside USJR Main. From there we walk to the gas station where the minibus bound to Mantalongon is parked. This was my 3rd(the boyfie says it’s 4th but I don’t have posts to remember so…) climb but I never knew there was a minibus that would take us to the market directly. It was convenience and savings at Php100, and definitely better than the motorbike.

3.5 hours has elapsed and was spent sleeping on the ride. It was exactly 12 when we reach the market. Just in time for lunch. Keith instructed us to find lunch and meet back in front of Erma’s store after 45 minutes. By 1, we were in our way.

Happy that Charm’s boyfie took a picture of us. 😀
Oh well, the only decent group picture I have. You see, I tend to be crowd shy. Hahaha!

Because we were somewhat a large group, it was divided. Keith and 5 others went ahead while the boyfie, Liz and I went with the big group. The sun was rather cooperative. It was sunny but not too hot. Just my favorite weather. I can skip, take a picture and pose. 😛

The boyfie looking grumpier! Haha
A little catching up our breath stop!
Wew! It’s maybe not the same bamboo bench from 2012 right?
Photo bombed by the dog. LOL
One of the changes. Cooler BRIDGE!
It was OK to walk faster since they can see us even if we are way ahead.
This is where I saw the log book…must be the log book house? 😀
Just me…being me!
Another one of the beautiful change. I couldn’t even get close to this rock before.

Despite the boyfie’s nagging for taking too much pictures when I’ve been there countless of times, I still took more pictures. LOL For me, no trek is the same even when you are in the same place.

There was some changes since I’ve been there. The way up was already paved and cleaned. The log book was new as well. We listed our names but no fees were collected. A friend tells that there was a Php10 entrance last time they were there. But maybe it was waived on that day because of the fiesta? Hmmm! Not sure. LOL

The sun was still up and shining after we set up camp so for the first time, I was able to go to the rocky mountain opposite the peak. The views were definitely cooler on that part. 🙂

The rocky mountain in my back!
And of course, no good view without a Migo and Miga pic. Thanks Lizzy!
My adventurer Migo! So handsome!!!
But of course, Lizzy and me had to take a selfie…er doufie. 😛
Shadow of the peak. It doesn’t look that “peaky” on the rocky mountain.

Then comes sunset. It was so cold that I opt to miss it but glad I change my mind. From the peak, I was able to capture some sunset views and the entire camp. There were 8 groups on that night.

So many campers! Wew!
Campers on the other side for a total of 8 groups. Wowww!
Waiting for the sun to set…
Heart2x c/o Lizzy!
This is life.
Did you see Migo jump?
Coz we can’t let a moment pass without a picture of us together 🙂

I was really planning on a single post but then it’s almost time for game night so Day 2 on the next post. See you. Let’s end this post with a somewhat prenup posts c/o of Lizzy.


Osmeña Peak: The 2nd Time Around

In preparation for the much-anticipated Mt. Talinis Climb, last June 15-16 I was able to visit Osmeña Peak again.

My attempt to create a long post failed. Not feeling chatty today. So I’ll just post my favorite Osmeña Pictures!

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