National Cleanup Day 2/3 Climbing Mt. Kapayas, Catmon, Cebu

Different pose points at the peak!
Kapayas peak is very big compared to Mauyog with the same rock peak. I was actually worried that all 24 of us wouldn’t fit in. But I think it can accommodate 30. But tourism only allows 20 in the peak. 🙂

The beauty of Mt. Kapayas’s peak is famous so are tales that scares neophytes from wanting it on their “to climb” list. Last Sunday, I must have been thinking too much about how hard it is that I was a little disappointed. Contrary to how I thought it would be, Kapayas was just perfect. It’s harder compared to other peaks in Cebu but it was tolerable. There were parts where you will need to crawl or rock climb but that’s just it. 🙂

The other half of the camp was awake at 3 AM preparing breakfast because the call time was too early, our group had to improvised. We cooked the rice at night so that we could focus on cooking what’s on the menu. We had spam & misua. By 4:00 AM, we were ready for breakfast.

The plan was to leave the camp for assault at 5:00 AM. Going to Kapayas peak was estimated to be 4 hours back and forth on a leisurely pace. We needed to be at the camp by 9:00 AM, and back at Kan-ampao by 11. Lunch would be at Macaas before the coastal cleanup.

When we left the camp 40 minutes late from the schedule, I started to be especially attentive of the time. It would not feel good to have the other group waiting too much. Unfortunately, I was enjoying the ascent I totally forgot about it. Good thing we were not that delayed. We reached Kapayas Peak at 7:15 and stayed until 8:00 enjoying the view and camwhoring.

As we were walking to the jump-off, the rain started. It must have been the reason why we reached the jump-off earlier than expected. By 11:55, we were on our way to Macaas with a growling stomach and on a roller coaster ride at the mini-dam. And as if the balancing and tree slapping weren’t enough to make our lives more challenging, the rain that has stopped when we reached the jump-off returned. Lucky for me, I was able to take cover immediately but not for the ones who were at the end of the mini-dam. Soaking wet and hungry. What a combination!!!

We were famished when we reached Macaas and was very happy with what we found. 🙂

01 cooking
Very early breakfast of Spam and Misua.
02 warm-up
Because we were having some muscle pains ’cause we skip this part the other day, we had to make amends! Warmp-up!!!
Group picture before climbing up the peak!
04 trails
15 minutes away from the camp, we got lost. This was us chilling while waiting for the guide who thought we were actually following him. Hahaha! When he got back, he was very sweaty and it makes us all laugh. Poor him!
05 foot
Girls vs Boys picture before assault!
06 peak
Emote views overlooking the beauty around the peak!
06 peak2
Group pic!
06 peak3
To the left. To the right.
06 peak4
More posessss!
06 to the foot
Climbing up and crawling!!!
07 breakcamp
Leaving the peak at a different trail, breaking up camp in a hurry but picture taking is non-negotiable.
08 rain
Our rides and the lucky ones who got wet…and wild!!!

But that’s for the next post. Lunch & the coastal cleanup – the reason why we were having this ultra amazing experiences. Stay with me alright? Rock ‘n roll…to the world!!!

Some pics are courtesy of Mr. Wandering Soul Camper.

4:15 NCR All In
5:30 ETD Capitol via Pink Kalunasan Bus
7:00 Catmon Municipal Hall
7:15 Police Station Registration
8:15 ETD Agsuwao
9:15 ETA Kan-ampao, Agsuwao
9:45 Trek to camp
10:45 Water stop at Sitio Lumanoy
11:30 Rest stop at Chapel
11:45 Lunch at the house before the camp
13:30 Setup Camp
14:00 Trek to Lumanoy Cave (15 mins away from camp)
14:30 Start to get inside the cave
15:30 Back at the camp
17:00 Dinner Preparation
18:00 Dinner Feast
18:15 Game Time
21:00 Lights off (early schedule to the peak)
Day 02
03:00 AM Breakfast Preparation
04:15 Breakfast
05:45 Start ascent to Kapayas
06:45 Foot of Kapayas
07:15 Kapayas Peak
08:00 Start descent (other trail)
08:15 Foot of Kapayas
09:30 Break Camp
10:00 Start descent to Kan-ampao, Agsuwao
11:45 ETA Kan-ampao, Agsuwao
11:55 ETD to Macaas, Catmon
13:00 Lunch at Macaas, Catmon
14:00 Coastal Cleanup
17:00 ETD to Cebu City
19:00 Cebu City

Author: Kresia Julio

Kring is a woman of style whose fashion would make you doubt the validity of her stories in conquering mountains. A software engineer by profession, financial literacy advocate, fitness buff, DIY fan, AirBNB host (stopped in March 2020 due to leave and cleave) and a big promoter of self-turn-God confidence with a big heart to those in need. Her hobby includes blogging, scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking, volunteering, cooking (new in quarantine) & podcasting (new in quarantine). She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She is married to an introvert who understands and supports her OVERLY extrovert personality.

15 thoughts on “National Cleanup Day 2/3 Climbing Mt. Kapayas, Catmon, Cebu”

  1. Very informative teh. Hoping to read more of your posts soon. Btw teh, I’ve noticed that some photos are smaller compare to the others..:) The size of the pictures in the other posts looked pretty normal.


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